Video Visitation – The Securus Technologies Advantage

Securus Technologies is promoting video visitations for a 30-day time period. They are publicizing it by putting commercials on the television, so that other people can see how it benefit everyone’s safety to have the visitation videos.

The holidays are an important time for all people. Even the inmates in correction facilities need to be able to touch base with their loved ones, and share in the holiday season. The video visitations allow them to do so, and they are much happier, making the facility safer for everyone. It also saves a lot of money for people that usually come in person to visit their loved one. Having this technology has helped in so many ways, and many of the facilities across the nation are using it too. It makes sense, and everyone is happier, especially during the holidays. Securus Technologies wants people to know that it is a positive move in the right direction, and more technology will be coming soon.

Securus Technologies is a leader in their industry. They are all about the safety of all people. They work in both the criminal and civil sectors, and they are always in demand across the county, and even the world respects what they do. They deal with over one million prisoners every day in facilities all across the country. They have incident reports, investigations, videos and more that keep everyone safe in the correction facilities. The future looks just as promising for Securus Technologies that wants to make the world a safer place for everyone. On a weekly basis, they create even more technology that will assist in this mission. Their workers are dedicated to the mission, and they are experts at what they do, stopping at nothing in order to get a job done that they have been contracted for.


Fabletics: More Than A Brand

Having a healthy lifestyle is one of the best ways to go as it increases your life span drastically. Unfortunately we as a people don’t know our exact fates while on earth, but being as healthy as possible helps to fight off illnesses and disease. Many of today’s sickness comes from poor health conditions. Technology plays a crucial role as it allows us to become lazy and incompetent. Women’s lifestyle tends to be less active than most men’s. Guys seem to always be on the move whether it’s working, playing sports, or doing household maintenance chores. Women are active, but not to the same degree as men. Females naturally have higher body fat percentages which is great for natural reasons, but also is a destructive force if it’s not kept in check.

Are you familiar with the brand Fabletics? This brand is changing women’s lives for the better through healthy living intervention. With a line of exclusive activewear products, Fabletics is inspiring and motiving millions of women to take their health back. Fabletics is co-founded by Actress Kate Hudson and began operating back in 2013. Over the past few years Fabletics has become a powerhouse in female health and fitness. This is a membership community of like-minded individuals who all share the same goals and beliefs. Hudson epitomizes the name it self from her actual healthy living standards and has become the spokesperson and face of the brand.

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Popularity has grown dramatically as well thanks to social media. Thousands of women are now consistent followers of the brand on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Fabletics has had numerous spreads in prominent publications such as OK, Elle, SELF, USA Today, Shape, and InStyle. There are numerous items on the product line to choose from which helps you achieve your training goals and are versatile enough to wear on a daily basis. Fabletics is expanding more into physical locations as well. Forbes reported that the brand will be opening up to 100 new stores over the next five years. These are huge numbers when you take into consideration of the amount of construction and planning that’s needed.

Even many of the internet’s most popular bloggers have given positive reports and opinions of this inspirational brand. Fabletics is the future of women’s healthy living standard and Kate Hudson is spearheading the movement with her strong passion. As of March 2016, the brand has come out with swimsuits and dress’ and men’s products are already on the drawing board. Fabletics does a great job with it’s high quality activewear products, inspiration, and support which will take the brand above and beyond all of it’s competitors in the future.

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Finding a Good Business Lawyer in Brazil

Are you looking for a business litigation lawyer in Brazil? Dealing with a complex business matter that requires litigation? Business disputes can be stressful and those involved in disputes are often desperately searching for ways to arrive at a resolution for their conflict.


If you are facing a business litigation issue in Brazil, there are many lawyers to choose from. But you need to be sure you get a lawyer who has an established history of obtaining great results for clients.


Find out if the lawyer you are considering normally handles cases like yours. It is also important to find out if the lawyer seems familiar with the area of law pertaining to your case. Find out how many cases like yours the lawyer has handled and how successful he or she has been. You also want to know how long has the lawyer has been in practice.


Costs and legal adviser contracts are also important issues that may influence your decision when you are trying to find the best business enterprise litigation legal adviser. Some lawyers allow you to pay in installments, so you may be able to set up a payment with the lawyer or attorney if you do not have a large budget for paying legal fees.


If you decide to have a payment arrangement set up for you, then let the lawyer know during your first consultation with them. Make sure you go through the arrangement details and other documents before signing in agreement.


Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is one of Brazil’s premier litigation lawyers, specializing in business and corporate law. Ricardo Tosto litigates, mediates, and arbitrates client disputes, always ready for an ultimate court trail. When complex matters are involved, rights are being trampled, or major money is at stake, Ricardo Tosto helps clients cut through complexity, address the issue appropriately, and obtain a desirable outcome.


Mr Ricardo Tosto takes pride in providing efficient and effective legal services to help both businesses and individual clients succeed in their endeavors. He is well recognized around the world due to his outstanding services and representation.


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A Welcome App to Make Cleaning Your Home Simpler

Handy is a new home cleaning service that used to operate under the name Handybook. The service works much like Lyft and Uber. Users download the app to their smartphones and order a housekeeper to come to their home or place of business.

Customers agree on pricing and scheduling via the app; and most users also pay their worker through the app as well.

In addition to house cleaning services, offers a variety of other services that include handyman work and IKEA style furniture assembly. In fact, for your convenience, you can buy the furniture right off the Handy app and have it delivered to your home and assembled in just a few hours.

Handy has only been around for just a few years. However, its founders Umang Dua and Oisin Hanrahan are enjoying incredible success. These young professionals have surely chosen a startup whose time has come. Many people lead busy professional lives and just don’t have the time to clean their homes the way they would like. In addition, they don’t have time to interview cleaning people to work on a regular schedule.

Handy Cleaners Work for You, On Your Schedule

Perhaps, you just need someone to clean once a month. Perhaps you’d like someone to come in every week, but sometimes you want an evening cleaner and sometimes you want a morning cleaner. With Handy, you can hire 2 or 3 workers to meet the needs of your household or business. Your schedule and pay structure is up to you and you’re not bound by any contracts. Neither are the hundreds of happy independent contractors the company now has available to work in most major metropolitan areas and even some suburban ones.

For any sort of housekeeping needs, Handy has you covered.


Avi Weisfogel is a man with many talents

Avi Weisfogel is a popular dentist. His career started with him working for Old Bridge Dental Care in New Jersey. Avi Weisfogel was well respected and has been been honored as best dentist multiple times. He spent time studying at Rutgers University with a focus in biology and psychology. Weisfogel got his dentist degree in New York. In addition to collge studies, he has participated in several seminars learnign about how dentist techniques and sedation methods impact the body.


In 2011, Weisfogel started a campaign called “Healthy Heart Sleep” to help doctors learn how to better treat people with sleeping disorders. He developed a project to teach doctors when to recognize sleep apnea and the problems people will have. Weisfogel created a GoFundMe page for charity-Operation Smile to help raise money for less fortunate kids with deformed facial features. The donations help pay for surgeries. Almost half a million kids in eighty countries have been blessed with the help that they need.


Avi Weisfogel is on just about every social media platform. On Twitter he shares a ton of articles about denistry and various political news. Weisfogel also shares many of his soundcloud links. Pinned to his profile is the link to his GoFundMe page which is kindly accepting any donations to help pay for surgeries of less fortunate kids. He mostly lives and operates in the New Jersey area.


Beyond denistry, Weisfogel has shown in intesterst in music (specifically hip-hop). He joined the music industry a little late because he was more focused on growing his dentistry knowledge as well as teach others about sleep apnea. Weisfogel likes the beats and motivational sounds that come from hip-hop music. He greated a soundcloud that anyone can listen to some of his works. He already has a following and is growing day by day. Weisfogel has not posted much yet, but there will be more to come.


He is a man with many hobbies. When he is not working in a dentist office he is making music. When he is not making music he is watching sports on television. Specifically his favorite sports team, New York Giants.

White Shark Media – A Google AdWords™ Premier SMB Partner in the US

White Shark Media, a Miami based Digital Marketing Agency that specializes in providing outstanding online marketing solutions for both small and medium-sized enterprises. The company is a fast growing digital agency in North America. The secret behind their steady growth is – cost-effective search marketing campaigns and outstanding customer service at the same time.



Established in 2011, White Shark Media was founded by three Danish entrepreneurs who have years of experience in online and office marketing. The primary goal of the company is to provide outstanding digital marketing solutions to SMB market in Latin America and the US.


White Shark Media (WSM) has helped to grow thousands of companies across the Americas by using their online marketing techniques and bundles of proprietary marketing tools. Another effective solution of WSM for creating success is, tracking all online marketing efforts of the client in great details. They also ensure that competitive intelligence, Google Analytics integration, keyword-level call tracking, and proprietary reporting software are fully accountable and update them time to time according to the requirement of the client.


The main resource of this successful business is the pool of talented professionals who works remotely and locally in the organization. They have both offshore and domestic talents with the bilingual base. Everything they have learned over the years, they love to share it with their clients so that, the clients can get the most updated solutions. The clients benefit from the proven methods and process rather than experimenting from scratch by themselves.



According to a list of 9 fastest growing companies in Miami by, White Shark Media ranked number 6. It has gained $3.6 million in sales last year which is 622% compared to the establishment year since 2011.

White Shark Media maintains a great customer support and most of their clients are recurring, even the first customer of the company still using their service. They have over 150 employees in three countries who are mastered in Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Display Advertising and Bing Ads.


Google also identifies the rapid growth of the company in 2012. Google has invited WSM team to the Google Headquarter located in Mountain View, California. Google had assigned a dedicated team who assist them to boost their growth and meet customer need intensively. In July 2014, Google awarded White Shark Media as the Google AdWords™ Premier SMB. There are only 29 Google AdWords™ Premier SMB in US and WSM is one of them.

Managing Your Online Reputation Can Be Easy

We are all aware that online reputation management is important. With the online world, we can access information at our fingertips twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. This is fantastic when your brand is going good, but bad news when your brand isn’t doing so well. It’s of critical importance to pay attention to both the good and bad online about your brand.

Why is brand management so critical online? reveals that it is because we can access online information so easily these days, it’s easy to be the middle of a scandal and recovery from that scandal is tough. Here’s what NOT to do when you’re caught in a crisis management:

* Avoid the a situation. Times may be tough, but avoiding the situation may hurt your reputation worse.

* Dismiss the situation. Even if the other side has no claim you should still take the steps to address it. You should absolutely take time to respond to every review you get, or hire someone to manage your Yelp page.

* Hire someone to write a review. Don’t do it. They’re usually spotted by Yelp’s filtering system and look horribly phony.

What Should You Do To Manage Your Reputation Online?

* Be present. People rarely expect companies to be perfect, but they do expect them to be human.

* Be persistent. Don’t make online reputation something you only do halfway.

* Consider hiring a professional. A professional can manage your reputation and help you with your needs.

You can read more about how to handle online reputation management here.


Can An LED Light Be Pointed In Just The Right Place?

The small LED diodes that are used in Gooee lights are perfect for directional usage. Someone who is trying to make sure that they can get their lights programmed to do specific things needs to be sure that they have asked Gooee how they install their own lights. The LED lights fit easily into the fixtures that are used in homes and offices, and the LED lights will last a long time while providing more light than normal. The best thing that can happen to a business is they are able to install something new that will make it easier to see.


Everyone who is trying to make sure that they can get the right kind of lights for their situation. It is far easier to do this with LED lights than it is with any other, and the industry standard is now the LED light. LEDs will be used in all the commercial and residential fixtures because they provide a lot better results than any other kind of light. The LED lights that people are using come from Gooee designed to last for years at a time, and they should be sure that they have asked for the right colors.


There are a lot of color and design options when people are trying to find the right kinds of lights, and the only way to make this work is to be sure that they are using a Gooee fixture. Gooee makes life easier on everyone, and it helps people see clearly every day.

11-01-2016 Dr. Jennifer Walden

One of the 24 best aesthetic surgeons in the U.S., Dr. Jennifer Walden, has moved home. She is a recognized leader in her field and has spent her career training with the best surgeons available in her field, in New York City. She established a very successful practice of her own located in Manhattan before going back to her hometown of Austin, Texas.



Jennifer Walden is one of the very few women in history to have had an influential place on the board of the ASAPS (American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery). Aside from being an award-winning surgeon, she is also a published author. She has appeared regularly on many television programs and in many popular magazines.



She was born in Austin, Texas. Her parents had successful careers as a dentist and a surgical nurse. Dr. Walden had four siblings and they were all raised in a household where education was highly valued.



After high school, she sought her undergraduate degree at The University of Texas at Austin and after being put on a waiting list, was accepted into medical school. She was determined to show everyone she was not meant to be a “second-choice” and ultimately graduated Salutatorian of her medical school class.



She finally decided on plastic surgery as her expertise because she fell in love with the creativity and artistry of it. She felt empathy for the mostly female patients who wanted to look and feel better. She entered a plastic surgery program and was accepted into a very exclusive aesthetic surgery program at the Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital of Manhattan.



Walden immediately fell in love with Manhattan and made her home there for 8 years. She started her own practice alongside her mentor, Sherrell Aston. She learned the business aspect of the industry and built her successful practice from 2004 to 2011.



After having her twin boys, Dr. Walden knew she wanted to raise her boys around her family, just as she had been raised. She was forced to start her practice again when she came back to Austin. Behind the support of her hometown family, she moved back home and reestablished her successful business. She finds herself very fortunate to “have it all” and she works extremely hard to keep it.

Josh Verne: Business Practices for Successful Entrepreneurship


Josh Verne is a serial entrepreneur who has over two decades of substantial experience in founding and selling multi-million companies. In 2011, he founded Workplace, LLC. He served as its CEO. He was also appointed the president of the company after leading its most successful operations in retail stores. Josh Verne has successfully operated and owned numerous companies and sold them at over $200 million. He was chosen the leader of the family business after completion of his university education. He moved up in responsibility and positions earning success at every stage of his life. He has initiated many ventures concerning Workplays, LLC.


Key Factors

  1. Have a Balanced Life

Life is a basic balance of actions. A balanced life is the basis of success. You can own all the money in the world. However, you will not be happy if your health and life are out of order. For this reason, you can have a shredded body and a loving family but suffer at the end. A balanced life is not all about spending every single penny in your wallet. However, it is all about making following moves in every aspect of your life. When you talk about your health, you mean that you have the energy to work and gain wealth, personal growth, and relationships.


  1. Do What You are Passionate about

Always find something that gives you happiness to work. This is the best way to gain success unconditionally. While it remains true that many frustrated people have passion in whatever they do, few successful people lack passion in their endeavor. You should find something that makes you wake up early in the morning to keep you all-day-long working tirelessly. For this reason, your life will be a living hell if you engage in ordinary activities. You will have the key to success once you find your passion.


  1. Be a Leader not a Boss

There are two kinds of people in holding managerial positions. They are the bosses and leaders. The managers use their title and position to demand respect from their juniors. They also use their title to accomplish their goals using their teams. On the other hand, leaders earn respect by putting their subjects into their shoes. They do not force their teams. However, they encourage them to formulate a working solution and course of action. They put others before them. For this reason, they achieve more.

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