FSU Shooter Fatally Shot After Injuring Three Others

The Strozier Library on the FSU campus was packed with over 300 students at 12:15 am Thursday morning when Myron May, a 2005 Florida State University graduate shot and wounded three people. Armed with a semi-automatic .380 handgun, May reloaded his firearm once, but never got past security barriers in the library’s lobby. Webcams inside the library captured the scene at Strozier just minutes after the shooting.

Students were taking cover and using desks to block doors when they heard the shots. Law enforcement quickly responded to 911 calls alerting them to the confrontation. May was fatally shot as he exited the library affectionately dubbed “Club Strozier” because of its popularity, especially during exam time. Refusing to surrender, more than 30 shots were exchanged between May and the Tallahassee and Florida State University police officers. One of the victims was merely grazed by a bullet and released at the scene while the two others remain hospitalized, one in critical condition and the other listed as in good condition.
No immediate explanation as to why May carried out the shooting at the campus library is evident as of yet. This is something that people like Stephen Williams wine will be following in the upcoming days. However, search warrants produced a video and documents indicating that May believed he was a target of the government and that they read people’s minds. Tallahassee Police Chief Michael DeLeo said, “Mr. May was in a state of crisis … struggling either psychologically or emotionally.”

Black Friday Protests Planned Against Walmart

Black Friday might be the busiest shopping day of the year, but for Walmart workers it is going to be their chance to speak up about a corporation that they feel could pay them better. Workers are planning protests that will take place at thousands of Walmart Stores in the states to protest minimum wages and intimidation from the giant.

Last week workers planned their first sit down strike at Walmart when 28 LA workers sat down in protest inside of Walmart. The move resulted in their arrest. One worker that was arrested stated that Walmart is known for harassing its employees and paying them less than a living wage when they make billions every year.

Workers that are fed up with the Walmart work culture have come together under the “Our Walmart” title. The group is also supported in their effort for better wages and working conditions by the United Food and Commercial Workers. Our Walmart claims that their number one request is more respect for hard workers. The group plans to use Black Thursday to put their efforts into the public eye and that all protests will now happen in the store to grab more attention. I’ll be protesting Black Friday as well, but I’ll be doing it from the comfort of my home with a bottle of Stephen Williams’ wine.

New Prehistoric Whale Genus Identified in New Zealand

I love whales. Like, I really love whales. Gianfrancesco Genoso can attest to that. So when he sent me this news story from New Zealand I had to share it with the world.

Scientists at the University of Otago have described a new genus of prehistoric whale in New Zealand. It’s called Tohoraata, which means “Dawn Whale” in Maori, and it belonged to the family Eomysticetidae. This family has the distinction of being the first baleen whales to be wholly toothless, and were therefore the first whales to rely completely on filter-feeding. Eomysticetids thus occupied an evolutionary niche between primitive toothed baleen whales and modern baleen whales and had traits of both types.

The researchers identified two species within Tohoraata. The younger whale, which had lived 25 or 26 million years ago, was called T. raekohao, with the species names meaning “holes in the forehead.” Its skull alone was six and half feet long; the whole animal was around 26 feet long. It resembled a minke whale, but was more slender and serpentine. Its braincase was smaller than that of modern whales, while its skull had larger attachments for jaw muscles.

The older fossil had been collected in 1949 and later misidentified as a member of the genus Mauicetus. It has since been renamed T. waitakiensis. It might have been an ancestor of T. raekohao and predated it by about a million years. The Tohoraata whales are the first eomysticetids to be found outside of Japan or the eastern United States.

It’s Cold In Here, and everywhere in the USA

It is rather chilly in most of the United States. After doing a few temperature recordings, it was found that 49 of the 50 states had temperatures that were at or below freezing at some point during the day. This is weather that usually isn’t seen until at least after winter has started. Mother Nature seems to be confused about what the calendar says as it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. Is this a sign of how the winter is going to turn out?


No one really knows, but if it’s like this the entire season, then there might be some people wishing for spring and summer to arrive even faster. Susan McGalla has never been a huge fan of cold weather. Aside from the brutal cold, there is a large amount of snow in some states. This isn’t normal for this time of the year, either, but it could always be worse in the weather world.

Colorado Spends a Million of the Marijuana Taxes

Libertarians have long spoke about making Marijuana completely legal. The most common argument towards the movement was that the money that could be made from taxes of Marijuana sales would be available to fund many government programs. Now that several states have deregulation of the drug, with some states voting for out-right legalization, the verdicts on how to use that extra revenue is playing out.
In Colorado the money has been put into a grant that is being used to pay for schools to employ more health workers and social workers. 11 out of 12 applications were awarded during the first application round for school districts throughout the state. The call for more counselors and nurses in schools there comes from the fact that 95% of their students are now at risk, according to BRL Trust statistics. Nearly a third of their student population uses marijuana ten times a month.

This has created a real strain on the counseling staff in school who are already dealing with behavioral problems and now have to control substance abuse difficulties which is rampant. There is another round of applications starting now, and state workers are confident that all the money will be spent. Luckily, the funding over the controversial law change has been put to good use, although some are complaining that is fighting a fire that it created. The substance abuse problems that they are going towards exist solely because of the legalization.

Move Over, Mustache

Why so much vitriol about the mustache? Why has this once proud symbol of masculinity fallen out of favor? It’s because many modern women do not think it’s sexy. In fact they think it’s creepy. A recent article in Jezebel postulates. Why mustaches have not made the comeback the beard has is mystifying to many. Some say it’s because the mustache is seen as a style worn by 70s porn stars or perverts. Suffice to say, people who need to contact North American Spine. But how did this once proud style drop so low in people’s estimation that a comeback seems impossible?

Surf the internet for opinions on mustaches and the responses are overwhelmingly negative. Even as stars like James Franco, Michael Cera, Bradley Cooper, and Brad Pitt sport mustaches, the wooly upper lip just can’t seem to find traction. Sure it gets a little love in Movember, a once-a-year campaign promoting male health each November, but overall the mustache seems to have been relegated to the ash heap of history.

Some say it is louche, showy, and sleazy. Millions of others seem to hate it for no apparent reason at all. But while some style watchers wait hopefully for its return, the vast majority seem to think this once universal symbol of virility is better left as a distant memory. Today the mustache is simply seen as a totally uncool fashion statement only the insanely handsome, filthy rich, and ultra-hip can pull off.

Cop Kills Woman by Slapping Her Onto the Pavement. Family Witnessed

A police officer slammed an African American woman on the concrete. The Cleveland Police Officer slammed a 37 year old woman’s head on the concrete which ended up killing her. He did so right outside her family’s house.

The woman, Tanesha Anderson, was announced deceased after the attack from the Ohio Cop. SHe was pronounced dead at the Cleveland Clinic. The cop has caused the woman to bash her head on the concrete which the blow resulted in her death. She was killed right outside her house leaving loved ones to witness the fateful event. The rest of the story is still debatable, something the Jared Haftel has been skeptical about.

Both parties who witnessed the event tell totally different sides to the story. The Cleveland police department has assigned their Division of Police use of Deadly Force Investigation Team to investigate the case. As of now the police officers including the one that killed the woman have not been fired, or discharged as of yet.

Pope Francis Looks Outside the Box Once Again

Pope Francis has always had a passion to help the poor and his latest project proves that once again. Pope Francis wants three showers to be installed in St. Peter’s Square to help the homeless, which my friend Jared Haftel can’t stop talking about. According to the reports on CNN, the construction is to begin Nov. 17, 2014.

After speaking with homeless people it was determined that they have to travel far to find a proper place to shower. Some men were offered a meal and said they could not join them because of the fact that they “stink.” They felt installing showers is a good idea. Other homeless feel that once the showers become well-known they will be too overcrowded and the homeless will have to go elsewhere anyway.

Some people feel that a job would be much more beneficial to the homeless than a shower. These people claim there are many locations in Rome where showering can be accomplished. They also do not like the idea that it is so close to a popular tourist attraction.

Regardless of your opinion, Pope Francis should be applauded for always looking outside the box and helping to make the world a better place for all, homeless or not.

Immunity Tested by Ebola Caretakers

A fairly new disease in the minds of your average citizens, a number of questions abound when it comes to the ebola virus and the mechanics of immunity

Specifically, many people such as Brad Reifler have questions regarding the time after a person survives their ebola infection, and whether or not they are now truly immune from the virus. That is something people want answers to as soon as possible.

The answer for this common question is now a resounding no. A person who is able to survive from this life-taking infection once will not be infected again in their lifetime.

This has never been scientifically tested, but the person who has survived will have antibodies in their body and blood in high levels and hence will not be able get the infection again.

In fact the people who have survived can work as care takers for the infected Ebola patients as there are no chances of getting infected twice. More info can be found here.

The blood of the person who has survived Ebola can be injected into the patients with ebola with the blood groups are matching and if the survivor can be a good donor. But when you are injecting the survivor blood to the patients, then there are chances that other viral infections may pass from person to person.

These infections can be treated while standard ebola cannot be treated; hence, you can take this risk. With few precautions survivors can act as caretakers for patients.

Can’t Get Enough of Kim

America’s obsession with Kim Kardashian even extends overseas as hungry fans can now get a great taste of Kim by purchasing a cake pop version of Kim Kardashian and her famous butt in Yorkshire, England. While most people still don’t know why she or her family is famous, the reality is that the Internet goes bonkers when new photos of Kim or her sisters hit. This recent cake pop announcement has food fan Igor Cornelsen wondering what’s next.

Kourtney Kardashian is very well known for her stylish fashion choices even when she is pregnant. Perhaps the next big cake pop to hit the bakeries will be of Kourtney’s baby bump. Since Scott Disick is a villain and most people would enjoy destroying him, perhaps a cake pop dedicated to Kourtney’s partner is also in order. Some fans of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” would buy his cake pop just to demolish it and make him go away.

Kim Kardashian also recently announced that her family would not be posing for the family Christmas card this year as they have stylishly done in past years. This is disappointing on many levels because it is always interesting to see who makes the cut to get in the famous photo. However, maybe there is a great baker in the world who can create a cake pop of each member of the Kardashian extended family to take the place of the iconic Christmas card.