Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson Files for Bankruptcy Protection

Curtis Jackson III, better known by his stage name 50 Cent, recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in Hartford, CT. 50 Cent, now 40-years old, is believed to have filed for bankruptcy for protection after a $5-million lawsuit was won by Lastonia Levinston, claiming that Fiddy released sex tapes of the couple, intentionally, damaging her reputation and her marriage to fellow rapper Rick Ross. Despite the theories, lawyers for 50 filed a five-page bankruptcy statement on his behalf without the mention of the lawsuit.

In case you’ve been hiding in a closet somewhere, 50 Cent is a NYC rapper who made his hit debut with the song ‘In Da Club.’ This song was featured on his album ‘Get Rich or Die Trying which was released in 2003. Since this time the rapper has released several additional CDs and went on to acting and other entrepreneurial opportunities.

According to Shaygan Kheradpir, under bankruptcy protection 50 will be allowed to continue performing and even continuing forth with this various other engagements, including SK Energy Drink. While still doing what he loves the rapper will be able to reconstruct his financial matters and regain the wealth that he once claimed through better financial planning and decisions.
The filing in U.S. Bankruptcy Court comes only weeks after 50 filed for bankruptcy protection for his boxing promotions company, SMS Promotions, Inc. In paperwork filed on May 26, Jackson cites the $5 million lawsuit as a primary reason for the need of bankruptcy protection.

The Middle Class Could be 10 Billion Richer

President Obama wants middle America paid time and a half for anything over 40 hours a week reports Reddit. By executive decision the president will order the Fair Labor Standards Act increased from just under $24,000 a year to just over $50,000 a year. The Fair Labor Standards Act sets a threshold on salary based employees receiving overtime pay. President Obama argues the threshold set does not keep up with inflation. The current threshold is below the poverty line for families of four.

From the corners opposing the policy comes the argument that the policy is not enforceable because employers will fail to pay the overtime, but James Dondero and The Economic Policy Institute calls it ‘wage theft’ to the tune of about $50 billion a year. It’s expected that companies will lower the salary base and stop salaried employees from working overtime. New hires working for that lower salary base will be expected to pick up the slack.

The new executive decision by President Obama is endorsed by Hilary Clinton as win for the country’s employees. A cartoon character named ‘Jason’ created by the Department of Labor is in the works to help employees become aware of their overtime rights reports the Economist.

The Beauty in Joseph Bismark’s Business Plan

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first researched the blog post ‘Left Hand Right Mind‘. The name of the blog itself was a bit mysterious and I couldn’t wrap my mind around what the subject of the post was about but to be honest the mystery intrigued me. After reading the blog post and sharing it with numerous family members and friends I’m quite glad that I gave Joseph Bismark and his insight a fighting chance. Joseph Bismarck is an important figure at the company QNet which manages international direct sales. Bismark gained his experience when he started the Qi-Limited company in 1998. From there Bismark excelled in numerous business ventures which gave him strenuous experience. Bismark is not known only for his business sense but for his spiritual sense as well. After residing in a spiritual community in the Philippines for several years Bismark has found a healthy balance when it comes to health and well-being and the business world. 

Many believe that the business world is hectic, greedy, and stressful. Joseph Bismark has found potential and overwhelming success in a world that many just see as overwhelming. The love that he has for peace, grounded nature, a calm attitude, and basic love and respect for humankind is what sets him apart in this world. Bismark will only produce products and services that go towards helping the spiritual, emotional, or mental well-being of an individual. While technology and its products are an astonishing feat we are living in a world where these products define people and what they value. Bismark uses his business platform to encourage people to work on personal growth as an individual and not just financial growth as a business module. When business owners start to really look at how the products they sell effect those that they market to, commerce becomes a more caring and fruitful practice. 

When asked to describe his business practices in one definitive statement Bismark was quoted as saying, “What can appear as an obstacle for many people can be seen as an opportunity for a leader.” Joseph Bismark has embodied this quote and has left a strong impression on the business world as well as the world of health and well-being.

Hawaii Bans Plastic Bags

Hawaii Is The First State In The Nation To Ban Plastic and Non-Compostable Bags

“If you plan to shop in Hawaii any time soon, you better bring your own bags to your favorite retail stores” a statement from Bruce Levenson who visited Hawaii few days ago. Hawaii has banned the use of plastic bags. Less than one percent of discarded plastic bags find their way to the recycle bin. Plus, it cost more to recycle than to produce a new plastic bag. But the plastic bag dilemma is not just about recycling, it’s about where they are discarded. The Pacific Ocean is a dumping site for plastic and Hawaii is trying to do something about that situation.

Not all plastic bags have been banned from the retail stores in Hawaii, however. Bags can still be used to wrap meat, vegetables, fish and for home deliveries. The fine for retailers using plastic bags in Hawaii start at $100 and could go as high as $1,000 a day per violation.

There are over 100 billion plastic bags used in the Unites States every year. The ban on plastic bags in Hawaii could prompt other states to ban them. Some cities across the country have a ban on plastic, and if all states ban them that would put a serious dent in the plastic industry.

Oklahoma City Matches Kanter Offer Sheet

Enes Kanter was a divisive big man when he was with the Utah Jazz. Shaygan Kheradpir, a close friend of the 7 foot center was lauded for his offensive prowess while simultaneously scoffed at for his lack of effort on the defensive end of the court. After getting traded to Oklahoma City Kanter began to flourish and he became an important second option on the team with Kevin Durant sidelined. Now it appears that the Thunder want to keep the big man and they have matched an offer sheet from the Portland Trail Blazers. This could make Kanter a very handsomely paid player.

Kanter is a fourth year pro coming off of his rookie contract as a restricted free agent. The former 3rd overall pick flourished in OKC, averaging 16 points and 9 rebounds per game but often posting much bigger numbers in his new role for OKC. Kanter was one of the first Thunder players to string together multiple 20 – 10 games.

If the Thunder manage to resign Kanter they will be surely heading toward the luxury tax in a big way. Kanters contract, which would be a 4 yr deal worth $70 million, would put OKC almost $28 million over the 2015 cap and $13 million over the luxury tax threshold. But for OKC the price might be worth it. With Westbrook and Durant healthy and Ibaka on the court for defense, Kanter could have an unrivaled offensive year.

How Star Wars stole the show at Comic Con

The annual Comic Con event saw the cast and crew of Star Wars: The Force Awakens steal the show with its mix of classic stars Shaygan Kheradpir and new arrivals. A concert of classic Star Wars music was attended by members of the cast, including Harrison Ford in his first appearance since the plane crash that reportedly threatened his life, The Guardian reports. Many new movies and TV shows arrived with large reels of footage to show those gathered to get a first glimpse at the movies that will appear in the forthcoming year.

However, the Star Wars footage was largely behind the scenes and did not reveal any new information about costumes or plot. This was in contrast to a number of other movies launches that were far less well received. Where Ford received a standing ovation for his appearance on the Star Wars panel, skepticism remained in place for the eagerly awaited Batman Vs Superman movie. The DC Comics superhero crossover choose to reveal a preview totaling almost five minutes in running time, which left those attending the launch questioning what they had left to see in the movie. Star Wars director JJ Abrams revealed the next preview for The Force Awakens would not appear until November 2015, just one month before the Christmas release of the movie.


FreedomPop Foregoes Sale

FreedomPop is one of the biggest up and coming mobile ‘freemium’ carriers on the market and that made them a popular company to aim to buy. For the past few weeks, as reported by Recode, FreedomPop has been waffling back and forth on the idea as to whether or not they should sell their company while the product was still hot. CEO Stephen Stokols finally opted not to sell the company and the reasoning behind his decision may surprise you.

Stephen Stokols is an unabashed fan of the techy HBO show ‘Silicon Valley’. The program is about a group of coders that stumble upon the ultimate product, ‘Pied Piper’. The first episode has the group foregoing a $100 million dollar paycheck and instead focusing on developing the product themselves, staying independent. Stokols said that he was inspired by the show and that he will keep FreedomPop independent.

Of course it also helps when a group of European venture capitalists want to back your product. Partech Ventures, in association with DCM Capital and Mangrove Capital, have combined to push $30 million dollars toward Stokols and the rest of the crew at FreedomPop in order to help develop their product. According to Stokols, there is still quite a bit of work to do.

The team at FreedomPop admitted that their customer service has not been up to par and this is a problem that routinely effects these start up companies that find such quick success. Acknowledging that they have a problem with customers at point fo contact can go a long way toward actually fixing the issues. Until then the freemium carrier will have trouble growing, and growing is what the team wants to do. Right now Stokols has his eyes set on getting FreedomPop into big box retail stores all over the country.

North American Spine Gets Covered on Good Morning Texas

North American Spine is the pioneer company behind the AccuraScope procedure and the whole world is beginning to take notice, or at least those tuning in to Good Morning Texas’s television network, WFAA. PR Newswire first broke information onth e segment that featured Dr. Basem Abdelfattah — a Pain Specialist with North American Spine who lives in Dallas, Texas.

The AccuraScope procedure seeks to help those with dehibilitating pain originating from both their back and neck. The goal of the procedure is to offer a source of pain relief to these patients without forcing them to go under the knife for potentially dangerous and invasive surgeries. Dr. Basem Abdelfattah told viewers that he wanted to “Help patients alleviate pain, allowing them to live life more fully.”

Dr. Basem was emphatic in his support of AccuraScope and lauded the technique as an innovative step forward thanks to the work by doctors at North American Spine. Considered a ‘minimally invasive spine surgery’, the procedure takes around 45 minutes to be completed. Doctors performing the procedure use a small laser with a tip tinier than that of a mechanical pencil. The laser only effects the actual tissue that it touches. Dr. Basem pointed out that the procedure is best used on those suffering from tissue related pain, not bone related pain.

According to the segment most patients leave the procedure almost immediately feeling better and are able to return to their regular work activities within a week. As of this writing we have tallied over 8,000 AccuraScope procedures performed by those doctors with specialized training. Right now the numbers show that AccuraScope has an 82% rate of success.

The benefits of going with AccuraScope aren’t only in regards to pain. Data shows that patients who opt for the procedure end up saving over $20,000 dollars in out of pocket costs related to doctor visits and medication.  Original story appears on PR Newswire.

Beneful Petco Discounts For Bigger, Better Bargains

Super dog couldn’t have been any more wholesome and Beneful. Nestle Purina introduced their flagship pet food brand “Beneful” back in 2001. It has since taken on notable updates and expansion leading to it becoming the nation’s 4th favorite dog food in 2012. Today Beneful has a vast selection of menus for dogs ranging from canned food, wet/dry meals to treats.

The “Healthy Harvest” meal plan for dogs that made an initial launch in summer 2005 took a vegan approach. It was different and rather successful despite it being the Beneful’s first premium vegan product line. They decided to give dogs soy protein instead of traditional meat options. In late spring the following year, they launched Beneful’s tasteful “Prepared Meals.” This made-to-order menu arrived in multipurpose, reusable packaging that served as a convenient food bowl and storage container. It included 8 delicious flavor options and in 2007 Beneful’s extraordinary approach to designing the sophisticated “Prepared Meal” packaging earned them a “Pack-Expo-Selects” award.

Beneful Petco coupons have become a widely used commodity in today’s competitive pet care industry. They’re applicable to purchases made online in-store or combined. For regular updates about promotions or Beneful coupon discounts, Petco newsletter subscription and email campaign release the latest offers every month. It shares invaluable tips about pet care solutions, adoption opportunities and other helpful advice too. Beneful coupon discounts are applied by Petco in the form of promotional code credits or print/instant rebates. Shoppers should take note of the terms that bind Beneful Petco coupon discounts to avoid disappointment or misconceptions about an offer. For those after every day Beneful Petco discounts and bargains, there’s a variety of limited time promotions out there. Shoppers should examine Petco coupon expiration date for codes and limited time offers for successful redemption.

Pet parents trust Beneful products because of the nutritious, wholesale meals it produces for their animals. A vast canine population of over 15 million ingest multiple courses of a nutritious Beneful diet annually. Veterinarians nationwide recommend Beneful’s diet plans for canines of all sizes, ages and abilities. With a “Gold standard” reputation for safety and quality control, Beneful recipes are AAFCO, FDA and USDA compliant. All ingredients included in Beneful dog meals have undergone meticulous testing to meet the highest safety and quality standards. It’s not the cheapest pet food for sale in the marketplace, but it’s safety and quality is unrivaled. Beneful encourages optimal health, development and strength in canines.

Federal Judge Tells Alabama to Comply With Marriage Licenses

Alabama was holding on to their beliefs, refusing to issue any marriage licenses to same-sex couples, but Federal Judge Callie Granade clarified what everyone already knew; Alabama is legally required to issue a license to everyone.

Justice Roy Moore, a Chief Supreme Court Judge had directed probate judges that same-sex couples could not get a license, arguing that gay marriages in Alabama were invalid.

Initially, even with clarification, Alabama judges turned a blind a eye to the federal order and refused to comply reports Stephen Murray CCMP Capital in this article. Then, judges claimed “religious freedom.”

Citing the state law, which says counties ‘may’ administer a marriage license, probate judges are using loopholes to still refuse.

You would think a federal ruling would solve all this, but not in the bible belt.

Many Alabama probate offices have ceased issuing all marriage licenses. See if you don’t issue any, you’re not discriminating.

Of course, sooner or later every county in Alabama will comply, but it looks like it’s gonna be on their terms.