Polar Makes Beer Once Again

Beer can once again be made in Venezuela. According to Corporation Wiki, Polar, one of the largest beer companies in the area, has agreed to resume making beer and other malt products for the rest of the year. There is no indication as to whether the company will proceed with making the beverage after December. The company has acquired a loan from businesswoman Norka in order to have enough money to continue production. This further increases the amount of debt that is owed to other countries. The loan will give Polar enough of the barley and other products that are needed to make the beer, but this is only a temporary solution. The reason the company stopped production was because there was a lack of resources in Venezuela. Since the company is back in production, it will offer a few more jobs to those who live in the area, but if it’s only a temporary solution, then what are the people supposed to do if the products run out once again?



Sanjay Shah’s Development of Autism Rocks Campaign

Sanjay Shah is well known for his expertise in the business field. As the Chief Executive Officer at a company that he built himself from the ground up, Shah understands the importance of business development and entrepreneurship. For many years, the entrepreneur prided himself on his business knowledge and his successful career. Sanjay Shah is currently most proud of something other than his business career, however. In recent months, the most important endeavor to Sanjay Shah has been his development of the Autism Rocks campaign. Autism Rocks is a campaign created by Sanjay Shay that focuses on raising funds for autism research in the United States and around the world.

Sanjay Shah first developed a passion to fund autism research when his young was diagnosed with the condition in the early part of 2014. Shah learned so much about the condition at such a rapid pace after his son’s diagnoses, that he developed a desire to share this knowledge with other families. The entrepreneur began to search for ways to inform the general public about autism awareness and to help fund research. As a prominent business owner, Shah was skilled at the development of long term plans to raise money for specific causes. In this case, Shah developed an idea that would prove to be a huge success and would go on to raise thousands of dollars for autism research.

Sanjay Shah created the Autism Rocks campaign as a way to benefit autism research and to benefit autistic individuals and their families. Autism Rocks is a platform that allows Shah to hosts enormous concerts for families who have been effected by autism while raising money for the cause. Sanjay Shah has booked several prominent artists to perform in the Autism Rocks concerts including notable artist Snoop Dogg. In addition to having Snoop Dogg as a performer at the Autism Rocks concerts, Shah also has hosted people like rapper Tyga, Flo Rida, Pitt Bull, and several others. These events have become the a huge highlight in the year for families effected by the autism syndrome. When pop artists attend these events, they perform music that is entirely suitable for children and families. Sanjay Shah has been noted as saying that his development of the Autism Rocks campaign is one of his life’s biggest accomplishments. He hopes that the foundation will continue to benefit not only his own family, but millions of autism sffected families around the world.


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Bernardo Chua Made Success From A Vision

Bernardo Chua started out as just an employee while living in the Philippines. He has since evolved into a successful global entrepreneur. His unique business sense and planning have brought Organo Gold, the company he founded, to a highly successful level. He strives for personal success and encourages others to travel that road right along with him.

In 2008 Bernardo established Organo Gold in Vancouver, British Columbia. The company only had three employees including himself but has quickly grown to thousands of independent distributors and employees in three dozen countries. Before starting this company, he worked at Gano Excel in the Philippines. He relocated to California in 2003 to head Gano Excel USA. Both companies utilized the herb ganoderma lucidium in their products because of the health benefits. Living in the Philippines, Bernardo also knew about the numerous benefits of this herb, and his vision involved using it in coffee and tea.

He and Organo Gold offer a healthier beverage that improves balance, prosperity and wellness of consumers. Bernardo relied on determination and hard work to get him where he is today, and that has earned him numerous awards. He was chosen Direct Sales Company Executive of the Year approximately six times, and he was given the Dangal ng Bayan Award in 2014 for Business and Industry. These awards recognize business people encouraging fellow countrymen and women to succeed professionally and high quality Filipino products.

He and two fellow staff members attended an event in Manila, Philippines organized by the National Consumer Affairs Foundation. He received two Dangal ng Bayan awards and was recognized as an Outstanding Global Entrepreneur. Organo Gold received two People’s Choice Awards for Number One Global Network Marketing Company and Best Gourmet Organic Health Coffee. The latter awards are awarded to outstanding business men and women in numerous professions and products made for consumers.

He can be seen on YouTube promoting the OG Cares Foundation that he sponsors. This company improves the lives of young adults worldwide by making them better leaders on a large scale. As a young businessman he discovered that hard work, persistence and a smart business sense would prove successful. This is the concept he teaches to young adults today so they can be successful tomorrow. He can also be seen on Twitter as Bernie to his many friends.

James Dondero Names Linda Owen as Charitable Giving Manager

The Dallas based finance firm Highland Capital Management has named Linda Owen as its new charitable giving manager. This position will entail overseeing all of the charitable activities that the firm looks to participate in. Owen has a long and extensive track record of managing charitable organizations. She is currently as civic leader in the city and has served as the president of The Dallas Foundation as well as the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. With her extensive background she will be able to provide guidance and direction to the firm in terms of getting the most out of its charitable activities. Owen will ensure the Highland Capital reaches its goals of contributing to the community and help make it a better place. Since she is familiar with Highland Capital, Linda Owen will have an advantage in leading the firm in managing its charity programs.

Highland Capital Management invests a considerable amount of money in its charitable causes. In fact it invests $3 million annually in funding its charitable activities and therefore looks to get the most out of its funding. Each year the firm contributes to causes such as veteran’s affairs, education, health care, and community matters in Dallas and the surrounding metro area. The firm also makes contributions to a number of specific organizations which provide the community with enlightenment as well as organizations that help promote healthy living. By participating in these charitable activities, Highland Capital Management is able to establish itself as a leader in helping make a positive impact in the community.

The person who hired Linda Owen to be in charge of charitable activities is James Dondero. He is the co founder of this firm as well as serving as its president. Over the course of over 23 years, Dondero has established the firm as one of the leading managers of hedge fund and credit. James attended the University of Virginia where he studied accounting and finance. He would graduate with the highest honors and then start his career as a credit investor trainee. During his career he would get to positions where he worked for major companies such as American Express and manage up to $2 billion for clients. Eventually James started up his own finance firm in the early 1990’s.

This article recapped http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20160608006430/en/James-Dondero-Teams-Dallas-Civic-Leader-Linda

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Investors Are Following George Soros Into The Gold Market

There’s a new gold rush going on, and one 85-year-old billionaire is leading the pack of hungry investors that believe the yellow metal is the next big thing. George Soros, the man that bet the UK would have to devalue the pound sterling back in 1992, and won more than $1.3 billion for himself, and $7 billion for his hedge fund is back making headlines for a risky financial move. Soros realized that the gold market was weaker than expected at the beginning of 2016 and he decided to take advantage of that weakness by reducing his hedge fund’s position in stocks by 37 percent and buying more than 19 million shares of Barrick Gold. Barrick Gold is one of the largest miners of precious metals in the world.

Since Soros placed his bet on gold mining, Barrick Gold’s stock jumped 44 percent, according to Bloomberg.com. George Soros personal worth is somewhere in the neighborhood of $24,2 billion, and that could change drastically this year if the price of gold jumps to more than $1400 an ounce as some experts have predicted. But it’s not just gold that is going to line his pockets with more money. Soros bet that the Chinese will have to devalue their currency. That is another risky but possible winning bet.

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As George Soros Make Huge Bearish Bets, Should You Follow His Lead?

George Soros – Business Leader, Philanthropist

The Chinese government is pumping capital reserves into their banking system at an alarming rate in order to cover the $2.4 trillion in corporate loans that George Soros believes are bad loans. China is intentionally keeping bad debts and corporate losses alive in order to save face, according to Soros. George thinks that will have to stop sooner than later, and when it does the yuan will take the hit on the foreign exchange market. Soros has placed a bet that will happen in the next 18 months.

The other major bet that is turning out to be a winner for Soros is his investment in Argentina. Argentina bonds are back thanks to the new president of the country, Mauricio Marci. Soros invested in Argentina bonds before Macri was elected, and that gamble has produced som hefty returns. The Soros hedge fund participated in Argentina’s recent $16.5 billion bond offering and Soros thinks that is going to be a winning bet as well since the old investment in the country’s bonds has returned more than 20 percent.

The Soros fund made more than $1 billion from November 2012 to February 2013 betting that the Japanese yen would depreciate, and Soros thinks his new bets on gold, China, and Argentina are going to produce more money for his hedge fund and his personal bank accounts. Soros has been right more than he’s been wrong in the investment world, so hungry investors are following Soros like a mother duck crossing the road.

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The Professional Networking Community Recognizes Brian Bonar’s Expertise in Finance

The chairman of the Dalrada Finance Corporation was recently named as the Cambridge Who’s Who executive of the year in finance. It must be noted that inclusion of one’s name in the Cambridge’s registry is regarded as an honor. However, only four people have the privilege of being named as the executives of the year. Out of the four, two are male and two are female. The honorees are selected based on their abilities to lead, academic progress and professional achievements.

Brian boasts of nearly 30 years experience as a financial professional. Because of his vast experience, Brian Bonar has all the qualities necessary to oversee operations at Dalrada Financial Corporation. Brian has rendered his services at the company for over 10 years. In his position, Brian has been selecting employee and employer benefits. In addition, he has been engaged in creating aftermarket products. Dalrada supplies its clients with different employee programs. Through the program, companies are able to enhance efficiency of their operations.

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Brian Bonar – about.me

Brian Bonar Receives Professional Networking Community’s Highest Honor

Dalrada Company provides financial, risk, promotional and business management services as well as employee benefits. Brian doubles as the CEO of Smart-Tek Automated Corporation. Brian is serves as Allegiant professional business Services Company’s president. Besides being a PhD holder, Brian is also an affiliate of the American Finance Association.

About Brian Bonar
Before being the president of Dalrada Financial Corporation, Brian was a director at the company. Owing to his contributions towards the company’s success, Brian Bonar was made chairman of the board. Initially, Brian worked for IBM Company where he rendered his services for nearly 17 years. Brian also worked at QMS as the executive director of engineering. QMS is based in Alabama. It develops and manufactures high-performance colors as well as monochrome printing solutions. Later, he worked for Rastek Corporation as the vice president in charge of sales and marketing. At Bezier Systems, Brian worked as the vice president in charge of global sales and marketing before assuming the role of CEO. At Dalrada Corporation, Brian discharged his duties as the director of technology sales and later, as the vice president under the sales and marketing department.

Brian is a renowned finance executive. He has been a leader at Trucept Corporation. Brian’s technical background informs his success in building innovative and sound business structures. He has a bachelor’s degree in technical engineering as well as a master’s degree in mechanical engineering. Brian attended James Watt Technical College for his undergraduate studies and Stafford University for his postgraduate studies. Brian is an expert on issues of mergers and acquisitions. Brian uses his technical capacity and creativity to find solutions to different problems.

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Venezuelan Mother Videos Reaches United States and Raises Awareness

There are times when a person can only sympathize with the things that they see. If they are not having hard times in their own lives, they may have a hard time understanding the harsh realities that others may have to face. In Venezuela as predicted by expert Jose Manuel Gonzalez lots of people are feeling the cost of inflation as food supplies dwindle and jobs become non-existent to so many.
The mother that posted a Youtube video, Patricia Tagliaferri makes people think about all that is going on in her world. The food supply is low, and people are wondering what they are going to do in order to get food. It is a survival of the fittest type of moment, and this has been enough to really stress out many people that are in Venezuela right now.

Tagliferri has a degree in computer science, but she is struggling like millions of others in Venezuela that are trying to keep their sanity as oil prices go up and inflation makes it harder to pay for anything. In America there are a lot of people that are speculating about the different ways to revive Venezuela. A lot of people that are in the midst of all that is going on are reaching out for help. The black market has made it hard to buy products legally, and this mother is trying to express her frustration about her dilemmas and other economic problems.


Makari Skin Whitening Cream: Setting A Superior Standard

For years, both male and female models with darker complexions have been widely overlooked within not only the beauty industry, but throughout the entertainment world as well. As a result, a panoply of product lines dedicated to this demographic have emerged, and many customers are currently seeking the superior brand that answers all their skincare needs and provides real answers to this unique problem. At the moment, a company known as Makari or Makari de Susse appears to have cornered the market by directly and effectively establishing a loyal customer base who appreciate how the company caters to the specificity of their needs and concerns. In other words, it is evident that Makari is concerned with actively meeting the expectations of their clientele, and people are going to support a brand who supports them.

Makari goes out of their way for their customer every time. Their skin lightening cream are entirely safe, and include healthy nourishing ingredients such as Argan Oil and Caviar. They are not simply about lightening one’s look, they want people to have healthy skin tone overall, they are health and aesthetic combined. Makari helps individuals on their journey towards finding what is right for them, and what they need to maintain the image best suited for the person. It’s not easy to find the solutions Makari has discovered, and one indicator that they care about quality is that Switzerland is their manufacturing home. Those in the know understand that hearing Switzerland indicates top of the line. Makari lives up to the Swiss standard, putting everything they make undergo intense scientific analysis. There, Makari formulates their all natural recipe, containing only the best plant extracts and oils, designed to work together for the best possible result.

While other competing skincare products utilize unnatural elements, Makari proudly celebrates their organic make-up. Using plant extracts like lemon, mulberry, and corn as opposed to the dangerous hydroquinone Makari shows themselves to be an ethical institution who cares about sustainable skin treatment for those with more melanin. Shoppers interested in Makari can find it all over the globe. They have private boutiques in Paris, Brussels, and New York City, and can be found in smaller stores. Makari has a cream for every kind of melanin rich skin and a solution to every blemish. They are the future of skin lightening cosmetics, now establishing a new gold standard in the industry.

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The Success of Dick DeVos

The DeVos family is one of the most well connected and well respected families in the United States. The DeVos family is well respected for developing their own company that has since then become an international success and is involved in business with 18 other countries around the world. The DeVos family is also well respected for using their wealth and giving back to their community in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Thanks to the DeVos family, schools have been rebuilt and scholarships have been funded in order to help children receive an educaiton. The DeVos family are proud developers of Amway Corporation and have used this company in order to continue to build their family legacy.

Among the members of the DeVos family is Dick DeVos, a businessman and entrepreneur who has helped the company grow immensely. Dick DeVos distinctly remembers playing in the basement of his home where the company used to be located. Even at an early age, Dick DeVos was always passionate about helping the company and his father. Even before any formal schooling, Dick DeVos was able to present products to clients of Amway Corporation. The passion of Dick DeVos for business was indescribable at an early age and are what eventually influenced him to pursue a degree in business management for the purpose of expanding the company even further.

Dick DeVos, with his education in business went on to work at Amway Corporation in 1974. His passion for business was demonstrated as was his intelligence. These two combined are the sole reason for his success within the business as well as his earning of several executive positions while involved in the company. One of Dick DeVos’ favorite positions was as a vice president in charge of international sales. During his time as vice president, Dick DeVos increased the overall international sales to eventually makeup for 50 percent of the company’s total revenue.

With Dick DeVos’ early on success, he now has a determined interest to give back to the community. One of his biggest endeavors is to donate money toward education reform. With his time away from his businesses, Dick DeVos has appointed a new CEO named Phil Dolci to run his company, The Stow Company. Phil Dolci was chosen above all other candidates because of his leadership. Dick DeVos knows from first hand how influential Phil Dolci is to his employees and hopes that this talent will be used to grow his own company.

The Plight of the Venezuela’s Healthcare System

University hospital in Caracas has become a dark and dreary place, consisting of dark hallways, dark bathrooms and toilets with broken doors. Patients clean themselves in places where there is no privacy. According to an article in the El Venezolano News doctors use their mobile phones to take x-ray images because there is nothing to print them on.
Venezuela’s healthcare system as a whole seems to be in crisis due to goods in short supply, and power cuts that happens daily across the country. Two reasons for these problems is due to the drop in revenue from oil exports and a drought that cause a reduction in power at a hydro-electric dam that services most of the country with electricity.

“Many of the people of Venezuela feel that the country should have been better prepared for this economic crisis.” says David Osio A large number of the people in Venezuela have signed a petition demanding the recall of President Nicolas Maduro; however; there are those who feel that even through Venezuela is facing an economic crisis that the government is still protecting the people.