The Trend…Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Recent Christmas’s has brought about a new trend. The recognition of ugly Christmas sweaters. I know, and I suspect you do to, That this is not a new thing. It just seems we are talking about it openly now. Instead of whispering it, drunkenly, at Christmas functions, trying to focus on feeding your pet Beneful and keep from openly loling. The wobbly point and and laugh is now “cool”.

My Father had a great one, he wore with pride, not knowing in the slightest it was considered ugly. It was dark blue wool with gray stripes, in the center were deer and trees that looked like they were made out of Legos. I cherished this sweater for years, however I was forbade from ever wearing it to Christmas parties. It’s premediated disapearance took years to finally accomplish. I’m not sure how it was finally committed, I just know I don’t own it anymore, and nobody seems to know what I’m talking about.

This gentleman here will soon suffer the same fate, left forever wondering where his beloved treasure has gone. They even now have parties completely dedicated to the ugly sweater. It’s not about who made the best dip or brought the best booze. It’s about who can look the stupidest. Maybe it came down from the three wise men. Every portrayal I’ve seen of these fine fellows, shows a lack of fashion sense.

Horror Comedy Scream Queens

Emma Roberts and Jamie Lee Curtis will star in the new Fox show Scream Queens. Exciting news for Vijay Eswaran who loves these things. The fact that this duo will be the stars of a horror comedy is very fitting, considering that Curtis’ acting debut was Halloween, and Roberts is currently starring in American Horror Story: Freak Show and has also been in American Horror Story: Coven and Unfabulous.
Scream Queens will premier in fall of 2015, and the first season takes place at a college campus plagued by a series of murders. The idea of the series is to have the main characters change from season to season, much like American Horror Story, and have the main characters of each season be two women. The writers of the series are already looking for lead actors for following seasons, as well as some supporting roles.

Casey Kasem still not Resting in Peace

Casey Kasem had a one of a kind voice that most people in the United States would recognize without even thinking about it. His voice was heard on a weekly basis as he did the top ten countdowns on the radio. He was a music historian who truly understood what music was all about. Kasem was an actor and a disc jockey to boot. In short, Casey Kasem was a well-loved figure in American history. Fans were sad to hear the news that he was ill. And despite the best efforts of specialist Daniel Amen and the rest of Kasem’s medical team, Kasem still could not recover.

And to add insult to injury, something just was not right. Prior to his death, Kasem’s wife moved him to several locations around the world. The most disturbing part of the matter is that she continues to refuse his children the chance to bury their father. It has been approximately six months since this music icon passed away and no proper burial has taken place.

American Express is adding insult to injury by insisting that they are paid more than $40,000 in debt that they say Kasem racked up. The bills for the AMEX purchases were not made by Kasem though. He simply lacked the strength and ability to get up and go shopping for the past year. Fingers are pointing in the direction of his widow since she is the person responsible for keeping his children from him just prior to his death. Unfortunately, they still have not had the chance to say goodbye.

Mark Wahlberg Wants to Be a Cop

These days Mark Wahlberg is doing all he can to put his bad boy past behind him. He isn’t interested in being the menace to society he once was years ago and he is making it very clear that he is ready to be on the right side of the law. The actor has even expressed an interest in becoming a reserve officer, the only issue is Mark is a felon.

Mark’s research for his roles in movies has lead to burning desire to put his knowledge to use, he is so determined to make his cop dreams happen that he has filed legal documents to have his 1988 felony expunged. Amen Clinics say that this burning desire to put knowledge to use is at the core of their mission, so the group said they would have a hard time arguing, despite Wahlberg’s rocky past,

Even with an expunged record it’s hard to believe that his current status wouldn’t make Mark’s future in police work a little harder than usual. Mark’s felony is for assaulting two men and leaving one of the victims partially blind. This is one case when rooting for the bad guy is a no g

10 Foolproof Excuses so You Can Stay in Tonight

December is a busy month, and like the busy Tech It-Girl, Brit Morin, you might find yourself wanting to slow down and stay in every now and again.
Here are seven foolproof excuses that you can use to just stay home, relax, eat pizza and watch movies.1. My parents are coming; I have to get to the bottom of these dishes.
2. I really want to try this new avocado mask.
3. This is embarrassing, but my cat, Mumu, does not approve of my outfit.
4. I promised my roommate that I’d practice Karate with him.
5. I have a spin class at 6am tomorrow, and I’m sure the guy who’s teaching it wants to ask me out.
6. I am serious about this. I have some leftover truffle Mac & cheese and fried calamari in the fridge. If I don’t watch it, my roommates will eat it.
7. I am feeling a bit woozy; I’ll be spending the night googling “Ebola.”
8. My fridge is running – I have to go catch it.
9. Bath night!
10. I seriously need to de-lint my sweaters……winter’s here.

Certainly one of these will have you curled up on the sofa in your sweatpants in no time. Bring out the popcorn and stay right where you are. They’ll find you tomorrow.

Texas Is Closing Prisons Rather Than Building New Ones

For decades Texas had a straightforward moral outlook on crime, and that stance translated into a very tough criminal justice system. The reasons for Texas position on crime are no secret. Drugs, economic dislocations, and poor family education led to a series of new penal policies. Those new laws fueled an extraordinary increase in the prison population. Texas has half the population of the United Kingdom, but houses twice the number of prisoners. The penal system is breaking down across the country, but Texas seems to have a solution.

The change started in 2007 when Congressman Jerry Madden became chairman of the House Corrections Committee. Madden discovered that too many low-level offenders were being incarcerated for way too long. And those prisoners were getting worse. In other words, they were not learning productive coping skills.

The committee decided to establish The Prison Entrepreneurship Program, which pairs prisoners with business people. This is a brilliant idea that seems to be working as far as Tom Rothman can tell. That program is rooted in Christian values. There’s also a well-funded drug court system that is staffed by thirty professionals. The court group is committed to keeping these offenders out of jail, by performing weekly drug tests and developing educational classes that are focused on individual needs. This system also enlists the support of the offenders that successfully completed the program.

Madden and the committee have made a huge impact on the future of the Texas prison system. Texas has closed three prisons and expects to close more.

Skout Makes a Different Kind of Dating Application, and That’s a Good Thing

As someone who works at home, I find it rather difficult meeting new people. Outside of talking to my dog each and every day, the most actual human interaction I receive is when I head out to the grocery store. Of course, I’m not looking to pick up the cashier at my local food outlet, so I really don’t have much of an option when it comes to finding someone to potentially date. This is exactly why I decided to check out Skout. While there are other dating applications out there, many of which I experimented with, I really found that this one offered the very best services available to me, all without me having to deal with odd individuals, which is the case with many other dating applications.  Not to mention that Skout is available on practically every platform.

With the Skout dating application, I am able to instantly download and install the app right onto my mobile phone. It’s not like Facebook, which makes finding new people surprisingly difficult. I don’t need to wake up and check my Internet connection every day just to see who might have called me or sent me a message, and I don’t have to deal with paying large monthly fees just to find someone else who I might like. While I’d like to find someone to potentially date, or hang out with on the holidays, I’m not in the “need to find someone right now or else mode”, which is what I normally equate to individuals who are on the pay-for services.

With Skout, I do not need to worry about interacting with people who are a hundred miles away, thanks to the interactivity with the iPhone’s GPS system. On some of the other dating websites out there I’ve had this exactly kind of problem. I’ll receive a message from someone who I’m rather attracted to, but the major problem here is they live two hours away. I’m not really interested in getting into a long distance relationship when I first meet someone. With the help of the Skout application, it can search out for people who are all nearby me, so this is not an issue. Plus, with the way the application works with other social media platforms, I know the person is real. Far too many times, when looking at someone’s profile with a different dating service, I would have the feeling that they really were not an actual person at all. Thanks to the social media connection feature of Skout, this worry is removed as well.

Instead of having to read through page after page of profile information, I can simply find someone who is interested and message them right away. This makes it quick and easy and actually rather fun. I have a much greater success rate at meeting with other individuals here than with actually attempting to send a message through the larger, bulkier services. All of this has made it extremely fun for communicating with other people, and when you add Fuse it’s just awesome. Plus, when I am out, working at a local coffee shop, I am able to simply see who else is out and then ask if they would like to grab a cup of coffee as well, all thanks to the great Skout application.  Like-minded people who adore to explore, are definitely going to love an app that provides an instant connection with several people in your area.

The Philanthropic Life of Laurene Powell Jobs

Laurene Powell Jobs is the widow of Steve Jobs, one of the co-founders of Apple. A native of West Milford, New Jersey, Laurene attended the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School, where she received a B.S. in Economics in 1985. She went on to attend the Stanford Graduate School of Business, where she graduated with an M.B.A. in 1991, the same year she married Steve Jobs.

Laurene co-founded a natural foods company called Terravera. It operated primarily in Northern California, selling foods to various retailers. Among her other responsibilities was serving on the Achieva board of directors. This was a company that assisted students with taking standardized tests and doing better with their studies. The company developed online tools that students could use to achieve these goals. Prior to attending business school, she was employed by Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch.

With a net worth estimated to be $11.5 billion, she has put her wealth to good use, investing much of it in a series of charitable and philanthropic endeavors. Although her husband gave many gifts to people, he was not known for being much of a philanthropist. In fact, prior to his death, Steve Jobs refused to join the organization known as “Giving Pledge,” founded by fellow billionaires Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. The goal of the organization is to get the richest people in the world to charitably donate half of their fortune. It is important to note that Laurene has yet to sign the pledge to donate half of her fortune.

For many years, Laurene has donated large amounts of money to a wide variety of causes, particularly in the field of education. She has made these donations under the radar. The first of Laurene’s high-profile philanthropic endeavors took place in 1997, when she founded College Track. This is a non-profit organization with the goal of helping low-income children stay in school, enroll in college and eventually graduate.

The program starts working with children early, usually before they enter high school. It continues on with the children until they graduate college, helping students who are on the verge of dropping out. Almost 1,200 students have been a part of the College Track program. Of that total, 90 percent have finished high school.

Immigration reform is another issue Laurene is passionate about. She first took an interest in this subject while she was in charge of College Track. Several of the College Track students in CA were illegal immigrants. Because they were in the country illegally, they were unable to qualify for financial aid from the state and federal government. This led her to put her support behind the DREAM Act, a way for illegal immigrant children to become United States citizens. Although it did not make it past Congress, she is still offering her financial backing to garner support for a future vote on the issue. Her goal is to change a system she believes to be broken.

Laurene is a member of the Udacity advisory board. This is a company that works to provide affordable education for underprivileged students. She was also one of the founders of the Emerson Collective. Through this organization, investments and grants are made for the purpose of furthering conservation, social justice, immigration reform and education. Recently, Laurene was one of the potential buyers of the Los Angeles Clippers NBA team. She continues to use her wealth to help people.

Thailand’s Hunger Games Protest

The Hunger Games next installment opened last weekend internationally, but a theater in Thailand refused to show the film. According to Vice, the movie has become a symbol for political defiance and expression against the military who is running the country. Three activists were arrested and the Deputy Prime Minister had to get involved in the protest. The protestors have been using the three finger salute made popular by the Hunger Games to show their feeling against military takeover. The student activists who were arrested planned to organize a mass viewing of the movie, but when the plan was revealed the theater immediately pulled the movie, not allowing it to play. There were cops and media outlets present at this venue when two of the activists promised they would not cause problems they all just wanted to watch the movie together. Levenson is glad that they got it all under control for the most part.


They insisted they would go to another theater. At some point the Hunger Games was going to be viewed by these students, until the police took them to jail. The director of the franchise feels bad for the turmoil and arrests occurring in Thailand and never intended for the movies to start a commotion such as this.

Snow Causing Problems in Buffalo

Snow is a unique and fun treat as winter comes rolling in, but for many it can be a hazard.

We all love snow to happen once in a while but when it get to a point that it is unbearable, people are likely to start having second thoughts. It is normal for people to visit the mountains where there is plenty of snow and enjoy a nice ride down.

People living in those areas are used to the weather conditions, and are generally always ready for anything. Things might just be different when the snow hits urban centers and cities. It will be a total chaos since people need to work.

Too much snow will just make working unbearable. This is exactly what happened in Buffalo, New York and the surrounding neighbourhoods from what Brad Reifler has seen on TV reports.

As a result of snow, quite some damage occurred. Not many businesses were able to open since the snow was everywhere. There were tragic moments too that came with the snow. It is not confirmed the ten people have lost their lives.

It is estimated that the snow present in buffalo is over three feet in height. That is not even a relief because the weather forecast department says that there is more snow coming. The snow led to the cancellation of the Bills-Jets game that was scheduled for Sunday. We now wait for the NFL to announce the new venue.