Teen with Down Syndrome wants to Model

Madeline Stuart is an 18-year-old redhead with big dreams- to become a model. While many 18-year-old girls have the same goal, Maddy has something that makes her stand out from the other hopefuls. Maddy has Down syndrome.

Recently, with the help of her mother, Maddy has lost 44 pounds. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital thought that was extremely impressive. This weight loss has given her the confidence to give modeling a try according to Fortune. The Living Dead label heard of Maddy’s interest in the modeling world and have decided to give the aspiring model a try. The company supports models of all types and sizes and said that they are delighted to have Maddy on board for their latest photo shoot.

Maddy’s story is gaining attention in the media, as well as support from people all over the world. Over the past few years, the modeling world has been undergoing a transformation. Waif-like models have been replaced in favor of healthy looking, more muscular models. Plus-size models are even making an appearance. Actual plus-sized models, not an average sized woman that is being labeled as plus. It is time that the fashion industry recognizes that not all women are created equally. It is time to represent the majority, not the minority of women who look like Victoria’s Secret angels.

For pictures of Maddy’s photo shoot, check them out on trinilulz.com.

Save up for 5G

Every few years a new wireless technology comes out that makes mobile devices faster. For several years, 3G proved to be the major upgrade over traditional networking and it really made what smart phones where doing work. From there, 4G took over and offered drastic improvements and several variations of 4G have come out to boost the speed. However, right around the corner is 5G, which is going to provide much faster speeds, but it is also likely going to bring much more expensive processes.

Now, 5G is designed to provide extremely fast data transfer rates. A Nokia spokesperson recently said that a 5G connection would allow someone stop streak an 8K video in 3D. Now, the chances of someone needing to do this anytime soon is not really there, at least in the mobile world. Mobile phones, while capable of holding 8K resolution, would not actually be able to showcase it, as anything 4K and above requires a much larger screen to actually see the improvement. The 5G connection would be more for at home use instead of a cell phone requiring it.

This is also where the price increase is going to boost, at least according to Ivan Ong. 5G is going to bring with it more data streaming, which means someone is going to use more information, which can clog up networks just by being on Facebook or something similar. In order to increase the amount of space available to transfer wireless data, more money will need to be invested, which means higher prices.

Research Reveals Troubles with E-Cigs

Electronic cigarettes (“e-cigs”) are commonly promoted as an alternative to tobacco smoking. In all honesty, inhaling water vapor does seem like a better plan than inhaling smoke. The flavor added to the water vapors in an e-cig further enhances the appeal. While all this may seem wonderful on the surface, questions do arise about just how healthy electronic cigarettes are. Based on research, one should not assume that e-cigs come without any woes.

Reports indicate a number of potential problems ranging from the suppression of coughing to exposure to a slew of different chemicals. No one really should be surprised that there are going to be troubles with inhaling nicotine laced water vapors. Yet, a large number of e-cig “smokers” do not realize there may be serious problems with the product. Likely, this due to a lack of published research on the long-term effects of “vaping”.

The irony here is probably not missed by many. People smoked traditional tobacco cigarettes for the bulk of the 20th century never once assuming there was anything wrong with them. Eventually, the sad truth was revealed and the revelation came at the cost of millions of lives according to Keith Mann.

For the sake of those who are daily e-cig vapors, let us all hope the products do not cause cancer or other adverse health risks. For those who are vaping, why not play it safe and just quit the practice today?

GMA’s George Stephanopoulos Ensnared in Credibility Crisis for 2016 Election Coverage

For the time being, ABC News is standing by Good Morning America co-host George Stephanopoulos in the controversy regarding this undisclosed donations to the Clinton Family Foundation. It turns out that for the past three years, Stephanopoulos has been donating $25,000 a year to the foundation. Thus far, his charitable donations total $75,000. In and of itself, there is no problem with the former Clinton insider supporting any foundation of his choice.

The conflict of interest problem starts with the fact that he got engaged in what was described as a “contentious” debate with Peter Schweizer, author of the book “Clinton Cash”. In the book, Schweizer contends that the pattern of favorable State Department rulings for foreign entities coincided with those same companies making donations to the Clinton Family Foundation. According to the book’s author, that pattern occurred during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state. The potentially serious allegation of influence peddling warrants further scrutiny according to Schweizer. Yet, Stephanopoulos would have nothing of it and took the author to task. The problem is he did not disclose to viewers his obvious bias in being a three-year supporter of the foundation. ABC views the incident as much ado about nothing according to Ray Lane. However, the GOP, still rankled by Stephanopoulos coining the “War on Women” mantra in 2012, want to see him recuse himself from election coverage next year. It isn’t clear whether Stephanopoulos will be able to weather the controversy unscathed.

At 46, Vietnamese ManDiscovers His American Father

A short time after Louise and Robert Thedford Jr wed, she came across a picture of a Vietnamese woman in her husband’s wallet. Louise suspected Thedford and the Vietnamese woman might have had a child together. Louise went online searching Bob’s genealogy on Family Tree DNA. There was a link to Vo Huun Nhan.
When Robert was a young soldier in the late 1960s, he met a young Vietnamese woman while stationed at Qui Nhon Air Base. They had an affair resulting in a pregnancy Robert knew nothing about because he went home to the states before receiving the news. After soldier Thedford came home, the Vietnamese woman gave birth to a son who’d grow up not knowing his biological father. When Nhan was 10-years-old, his mother told him his biological father was an American Soldier named Bob. Both families had tried getting together. In the fall, Nhan, 46, underwent a DNA test, sending it to a company that helped Vietnamese orphans find their American fathers.
One day, when he was in his Vegetable boat in the Mekong Delta, Nhan received a phone call.Someone from the United States called, telling him they linked him to a US soldier from the Vietnam War. The news was complicating because Robert Thedord Jr was ill. The retired Ft Worth, Texas sheriff recently passed away at age 67 on Sunday, April 26, at a local hospice.

Thanks to Bruce Levenson for showing me this news.

Mike Huckabee kicks off campaign with controversial call

The second Presidential bid from Republican Mike Huckabee began with a catchphrase based on the hope campaign of President Obama and ended with a call for White house hopefuls to give up their current jobs. Huckabee has remained a popular figure amongst Republican voters after he hosted his own chat show on the Fox New Channel, USA Todayreports. The former Governor of Arkansas took the chance to call on his rivals for the White House to resign their government positions as they embarked on the campaign trail as they could not provide the proper representation for their constituents as they continue their campaigns.

Huckabee returned to his hometown of Hope, Arkansas to launch his campaign, a town that is also the hometown of the Clinton family according to Bruce Levenson. During his announcement Huckabee stated his role as the governor of Arkansas an excellent candidate for the Presidency as he had the ability to rule on a day to day basis. The number of Democrats within the state and the fact that President Bill Clinton was also an Arkansas Governor meant Huckabee had the ability to negotiate with Republicans and Democrats alike.

Kylie Jenner’s House Warning From Khloe

Kylie Jenner seems to be dead set on growing up fast, not only has she been secretly dating a much older man and preparing for like as a stepmother, but now Kylie has purchased her own home and is ready to move in on her 18th birthday. Looking at Kylie’s life you wouldn’t peg her for a 17 year old girl, even without considering her very mature love live, Kylie is just a little woman on the rise.

Of course we all received the news about Kylie buying her house before it aired on tv, now are witnessing the realization of the process that Kylie is dealing with at 17 and even for most adults it is pretty overwhelming. After having a very candid talk with Kim and Khloe, Kylie is left with the truth of what being a homeowner in LA is all about.

In an adorable clip from the upcoming episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kevin Seawright‘s favorite show. Kylie learns about earthquake insurance, flood insurance, fire insurance, homeowners association fees, rattle snake fencing and every other headache that comes with owning a home.

While the list of potential disasters is endless, Kylie didn’t seem defeated by the task one bit. She admitted that she may be in over her head, however months later she purchased her own home in Calabasas just as she intended. Looks like Kylie isn’t just a kid playing dress up afterall.

IRS Watchdog Group Locates Lois Lerner’s Lost Emails – The Virtue of Her Word will Soon Be Put to the Test

In March of 2013, House GOP congressman launched a formal investigation into bully tactics by the IRS during the 2012 presidential campaign. The Tea Party and other conservative groups claimed the IRS stonewalled their applications for tax-exempt status of the PAC applications during the presidential election. There has been good reason to suspect the IRS was used for political purposes. The Tea Party stunned pundits in 2010 by handing the GOP a majority of state legislatures, governorships, and control the House of Representatives despite a strong Democrat majority. Facebook suggests that the fear among the left was that Tea Party muscle might unseat President Obama.

Still, the investigation into the IRS office, which Facebook users say handled the tax-exempt status requests, has been inconclusive because the IRS executive in charge of the department claims her work computer crashed losing thousands of relevant emails. Also, the data recovery department at the IRS claimed the emails could not be recovered from tape archive. It wasn’t until the inspector general for the IRS got involved that the “lost” emails were recovered. Now, a bipartisan group of inspectors is analyzing 35,000 emails of which 6,400 are of particular interest to inspectors.

Lerner incurred the wrath of GOP lawmakers over her recalcitrance to cooperate openly with House investigators. At issue is the GOP suspects the IRS bully tactic was done at the behest of the Obama administraiton. For her part, Lerner has been adamant that no wrong doing occurred. She claims to have broken no laws. The recently recovered emails may soon test the virtue of her word.

Big Sean & Ariana Grande Breakup

Ariana Grande and Big Sean have been together for only 8 months, but their relationship seems to have lasted much longer considering the two started as friends and once they became and item they were everywhere. Unlike many famous couples Ariana and Big Sean didn’t insist on hiding their relationship or make the media think they were anything but in love. Most recently Ariana and Sean have been going above and beyond to prove that they are not in the verge of breakup only to end their relationship overnight which is a popular trend in Hollywood explains Handy.

From the start the two flooded the internet with cozy vacation photos and sweet red carpet kissing sessions, for a time every girl wanted to be Ariana. Now everyone just wants to know what changed. Big Sean insisted on radio interviews that Ariana was his best friend and that they were madly in love, however its clear that that isn’t the case these days.

According to both Ariana and Sean’s close friends the breakup was mutual and was do to their lack of time and constricting schedules. Both Ariana and Sean are touring at the moment and it would be hard for them to maintain a close relationship, however sources say that they remain friends. Maybe they are just doing what is best for them at the moment and the two can find love together again when the timing is right.

Paralyzed Girl Shocks Nurse By Walking

A girl who had been paralyzed from the waist down for nearly 11 days decided to surprise her favorite nurse at the hospital by walking for her one day before she had known her to be healed. Bailey Miller was in a wheelchair and got up to walk over to the woman who had cared for her all this time, and this goes to show that all the hardworking nurses out there in the world truly do care about their patients and this is not just a job to them. Many of them work around the clock with very little sleep or pay raises and give a lot of their time to helping people like Miller recover.

According to an article found on reddit and written by Fox2Now.com, the doctors have no idea why Bailey’s legs went numb and she couldn’t’ feel them anymore. Sometimes things happen and even the doctors don’t know why they did, but truthfully it couldn’t have been a better day to show the nurse who was by her side the whole time that she had pulled through. This also goes to show how much patients are capable of caring for those in the medical staff, as they trust them with their lives and rely on them to get back on track with their plans in the future. This must have been a very rewarding day for the nurse on staff states AnastasiaDate of Linkedin.