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Agora Financial has an international base of experts that are geared towards helping people all around the world. There are tons of financial literacy publications and online seminars that can break down just what is needed to survive in the world of investing.Agora Financial is the financial literacy mecca when it comes to finding information on a wide range of companies that you may want to invest in. It is advisable for any do-it-yourself investor to take a long hard look at what is considered the norm when it comes to making new investment choices.No one should put all of their money into a single industry if they are not aware of how it is performing over a long time period. This definitely makes sense because an industry that is showing higher-than-normal returns on investment can lose many points on the Wall Street Stock Exchange as different factors change.

If you are not going to be someone that is engaging in day trading and watching what the market is doing you are going to surely lose money. It is better to get with the financial experts that are taking a look at the market. Once you have people in place that are going to be willing to put their time into analyzing the market you are going to have a much better chance at improving returns on investment. This is why you must take every opportunity to pay attention to financial literature. Agora Financial, thankfully, is a company that is going to provide a wide range of publications as well as seminar videos that bring investment opportunities to light.

There are some areas that you may have never given much thought to investing in before seeing information that has been collected by experts at Agora Financial. These consultants do their best to track companies and provide extensive coverage on what companies are outperforming the industry standards. When you get a chance to get in on the ground floor of these investments opportunities you have a great chance to build your portfolio. When you are building a portfolio of this magnitude where many different stocks are part of your lineup it is vital to have something like a guideline from Agora Financial in place.This plays a significant part in how you are able to change directions if something unfavorable happens. Agora helps investors remain calm when stocks plunge.

To be a business leader is an excruciating and sometimes heroic task. There are no guarantees of success. You can risk losing all your capital. If you’re not careful and you’re prone to being a sucker, things will most likely not work out in your business. One of the few people who have spared themselves from the ruin and the risk of failure is Glen Wakeman, the global business executive, investor, mentor and entrepreneur who has helped many people achieve the success that he did (Angel).


The Man In Many Countries

There are so many attributes that make Glen Wakeman one of the best business leaders today, but the fact that he was educated at the University of Chicago means that he has many supercharged skills today probably because of the training that he got from the school. There’s more: he has also been to several countries and has learned a lot from his travels on how to lead and operate the companies and projects that he’s running.

The fact that he also has a track record of providing the most excellent business advice to more than 17,000 employees is also a fantastic and powerful feat. It’s also accurate to say that Glen Wakeman was able to generate about $15bn in assets to all the companies and projects that he’s running.

There are many activities, assets, portfolio and shares that Glen Wakeman is made responsible for. His work for the various start-ups, mergers, divestitures and integrations has been instrumental in the combined wealth and asset growth that the clients under his name have experienced.


The LaunchPad Holdings, LLC Founder

What makes Glen Wakeman also stand out today is the fact that he’s one of the co-founders and CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. This company is an SAAS firm that has partnered with early-stage entrepreneurs that have the ability to provide on-line business planning services to every client who needs the guidance. The expertise of Mr. Wakeman in the field of Strategy, Capital Markets, Business Transformation and Growth makes him one of the top business leaders and consultants in the world today.



Glen Wakeman is a very successful figure in the United States. Many people have known him because of his accomplishments while working as a financial services executive. (Glenwakeman) started his career as an ordinary investor who had no idea how the future was going to be. Right now, he is the founder and leader of a leading company that is called LaunchPad Holdings. The organization has only been operational for a short duration, and it has been awarded because of the strides it is making. The firm offers consumers advice concerning investments and it is doing well because of the leadership it has received from Glen Wakeman.

All people want to become successful in the complicated markets. When people are venturing into the tight markets, their main goal is to introduce only the best services and at the end of the day become leaders. For Glen Wakeman, things were not any different. The businessman wanted to venture into the tight markets and make a successful career. However, things had to happen in the right order. The businessman had to go to school and enroll for a degree in finance. While at the university, the businessman worked so hard, and this made him graduate and move to acquiring an MBA in finance. As an investor, these skills have been very beneficial, and they have made him one of the most experienced finance executives in the market.


Business Methodology of Glen Wakeman

While working as the chief executive of the successful company, Glen Wakeman has been popular because of a five strategy rule that he uses on his customers. According to him, investors who choose to use the methodology on their investments end up with great success. These steps to success are believed to be human capital, leadership, execution and governance. The challenges experienced in the market, according to Glen Wakeman, can only be abolished by the organizations that use the five step methodology.

Apart from being the CEO of LauchPad Holdings, the renowned finance executive is working as the president of a company called Nova Four. The organization was started several years ago, and it is making a lot of progress in the unpredictable markets. The financial decisions made by the businessman have made the company very successful.


The Real Real Consignment shop, once online only, is now open in a brick and mortar store located in Soho New York. Now, women are loading their arms and shopping carts with items and living with a bounty of goods. One of the founders of The Real Real is Marcy Cormack. She wanted to bring luxury designer goods to anyone who wanted the look. Rather than shopping at thrift stores for designer deal, men and women who shop at The Real Real Consignment shop get to buy well cared for items that are never mishandled. Now, anyone can own a Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Stella McCartney, Louis Vuitton or a Chanel item.

If you normally buy luxury designer items, you can now sell your slightly worn clothing, jewelry, handbags, shoes, furniture and home decorating items at The Real Real on consignment. For those of you not familiar with the concept of consignment, it is the process of selling something through a store which takes a percentage of the sale price and gives you, the actual seller, your portion. The financial details are decided by both parties prior to the store accepting the item.

At The Real Real there is also an authentication process that has to take place. All the items are designer pieces, so an authenticator must exam the pieces and guarantee they are indeed genuinely manufactured by the designer and not counterfeit goods.

The beauty of shopping at The Real Real is a consumer can buy a designer item for a portion of what it would normally cost, thereby making it affordable for the average person. Another thing that makes The Real Real a different place to shop is the atmosphere. It’s luxury personified. You’re surrounded by sumptuous goods and the store screams extravagance. In one area of the store you find a sit down café and in another a flower shop. When you’re not sure about a purchase, the authentication specialist or the gemologist is there to answer any questions you might have. That’s service like you would expect from any of the designer shops on Fifth or Madison Avenue. Now, you can own a designer item for as little as 90% off the original price.

The Real Real is available online for those who do not have a brick & mortar store built near you. New York is the flagship store, but more stores are planned following the same test held in Soho in 2016, the pop-up store. The Real Real Consignment pop-ups are scheduled for different areas around the country. Get your friends together and buy, buy, buy. Next year, The Real Real’s brick & mortar store may be in your city.

Founder of the Custom Companies, Inc., from Northlake, Illinois, Perry Mandera is also a supporter of the Illinois State Crime Commission (ISCC), a non-profit organization that works together with the Police Athletic League to reduce juvenile crime. He is a winner of the Bishop Sheil Award in 2010, and won a Citizen of the Year award in 2011. Perry Mandera believes that giving back to his community is important because he served in the Marine Corps Reserves when he graduated high school in 1975. He received an honorable discharge and returned to civilian life, which is why he is conscientious of hiring veterans (

In 1984, Mandera was elected as a Republican representative of the 26th Ward, Chicago, whose term ended in 1988, also being recognized as the youngest person ever elected to this seat in Illinois. Custom Companies Inc., was founded in 1986, with annual sales surpassing 200 million dollars from the “full service transportation provider,” which has also given customers access to domestic and international air freight forwarding services, less than load (LTL) services, as well as local and dedicated cartage (the transportation of something in a cart). The Illinois Transportation Association (ITA) has recognized Madera as one of the “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium.”


Community Service

As the founding member of Custom Cares Charities, Madera has donated to The Jessie White Tumblers, as well as the Walter & Connie Payton Foundation. Mandera serves on the board of directors of both organizations, having donated 6,500 winter coats. Mandera works to donate to victims of natural disasters as well. His company has a motto of “One Call Does it All,” which means that Madera offers clients great services at easily afforded prices. As CEO, Mandera works at connecting with his employees, all while serving at charities such as the Jessie White Tumblers which was founded in 1959, dedicated to keeping children away from drugs, alcohol, and gangs. Mandera sets a high standard for the trucking industry, on behalf of The Custom Companies, Inc. by helping communities devastated by Hurricane Katrina, in Mississippi and Louisiana.


Graham Edwards is one of the prominent real estate executives in the United Kingdom with a clear vision. The CEO of the real estate investment firm, Telereal Trillium, helped the business to offer its commercial real estate service offerings to some of the highly reputed companies and departments like the UK Department of Pensions and Work, British Petroleum, and more. Under the leadership of Edwards, the firm went for rampant growth strategies that include acquisitions, partnerships, and more, and grew as one of the largest players in the sector. Today, the firm owns and manages real estate projects worth £6 billion.

Interestingly, it covers 86 million square feet of total floor area, and this occupies nearly 1% of the total workforce of the United Kingdom. Graham Edwards is serving as the Chief Executive of the firm since 2011. He oversees the development plans of the company and takes care of the growth strategy. Edwards has decades of expertise in a number of industries such as real estate, engineering, mining, and more. This helped him to have a holistic idea about the economy and respond to the needs of it in terms of real estate with highest quality solutions.

Edwards understands the complexities associated with the commercial real estate sector and varied needs of its customers. While the firm focuses mainly on the commercial sector, the leadership of Edwards helped the company to foray in the residential sector as well. Apart from Telereal Trillium, Graham Edwards keeps a wide range of business interests in various sectors including software, mining, real estate, engineering, water, and more. Before joining Telereal, he collaborated with Talisman Global Asset Management as its Chief Investment Officer.

Graham Edwards also worked with Merrill Lynch Investment Management as a Fund Manager and collaborated with BT Group Plc as its property department’s head of finance (Crunchbase). He secured his graduation in Economics from the renowned Cambridge University. Edwards is also a certified Chartered Accountant and a member of the Corporate Treasurers Association. Per the latest information, he is pursuing his MA in International Relations with specialization in the Middle East affairs from King’s College London. Edwards also actively involves in the community support initiatives and serves on the boards of many philanthropic groups.

In a recent blog post, Paul Mampilly discusses one of the new megatrends he has identified that are going to make some new companies and their investors wealthy over the next few years. One of those trends is energy. He recalls how scarce electricity was in India when he was a child in school. When the lights went out, Paul Mampilly and his friends welcomed it because they didn’t have to do their homework. They got to play with candles. They knew how to find their way to the cafeteria from their dorm rooms in the darkness. But now he realizes the lack of electricity and other forms of power is a drag on the economy. Many countries, such as The Philippines, still experience periodic blackouts. That means children cannot do their school work after the sun goes down. Hospitals run on generators, which is more expensive.

In the United States and the rest of the developed world, people take electrification for granted. But there is a new form of energy generation, and the world has begun a historic transformation over to it. It’s going to disrupt the traditional electrical utilities.

The new energy source is natural and sustainable, Paul Mampilly writes. It includes solar, geothermal, waves and wind. For decades, experts have said this source was too expensive, and therefore utopian. And it was too expensive for widespread use, but the cost has been dropping for decades. Its developers have made use of new discoveries and new technologies. This new energy is portable. It’s also local. It can even come from your own house instead of over thousands of miles of the traditional electrical grid.

And, because it’s portable, it can be used for travel as well as to operate your home’s lights and television. That means it’s going to disrupt three large, entrenched industries in the current economy. They are utilities, transportation and energy. Combined, that makes up around $7 trillion in stock market value that’s going to get wiped out by one company that you can buy now. Paul Mampilly estimates the stock of this one company will go up in price at least ten times in the next few years. To know more, Click here

Paul Mampilly names this company in the newsletter he writes for investors, Profits Unlimited. A Wall Street insider and investing legend, he is always looking for the next megatrend to profit from and the companies making money from them.

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Creative and entrepreneurial come to mind with thinking about Dr. Mark McKenna. Physician, Real Estate Investor, Patient Advocate, Community Leader, Husband and Father are just some of the titles that he wears. From a beginning of following in his father’s footsteps into medicine to the creator of a revolution in how some medical procedures will soon be delivered Dr. McKenna is changing the face of elective health care.

It truly began while in medical school. Watching his father’s medical practice allowed Dr. Mark McKenna to see that a career as a physician could possibly have more limitations in income than his father may have had, This prompted the young medical student to begin purchasing real estate with the income from working at prisons. After graduating in 1999 and working in his father’s medical practice for five years, Dr. McKenna was able to open his real estate business in New Orleans.

McKenna Venture Investments, Uptown Title Inc, and Universal Mortgage Lending grew to the great success that touted 50 employees and had a net worth of over $4 million dollars before tragedy struck in the form of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Losing millions overnight, Dr. McKenna needed to find a way to rebuild not only his business, but the city as well. He was instrumental in rebuilding and developing housing that was targeted to low and middle incomes.

In 2007, Dr. Mark McKenna moved to Atlanta and launched ShapeMed. This was a fee-for-service medical practice that focused on wellness and aesthetics. Over the years, this grew and became part of Life Time Fitness where he served as the National Medical Director until July 2016.

Since July 2017, Dr. Mark McKenna has been the CEO/Founder of OVME – a company that is reinventing how we see elective health care. OVME (pronounced “of me”) is using technology to bring elective procedures and the focus of the practice to the consumer. It does this by taking similar technology to Uber, and allows for the consumer to order a procedure to be done where and when it is convenient for them.

What could possibly be next for Dr. Mark McKenna? Only time will tell! More about, visit here

By now most people have heard of Doe Deere and Lime Crime cosmetics. Many people do not know much about this cosmetic entrepreneur though. Doe was born in Izhevsk, Russia and resided there until she was 17. During her childhood in Russia Doe’s entrepreneurial spirit and love of makeup was sparked. When she was a child she attended a fun costume party and really fell in love with the witches’ make-up. While she was in grade school she started selling temporary tattoos to the other students at her school. While these may seem like small steps in business at an early age she eventually took a huge leap of career faith. At the age of 17 Doe relocated herself to New York City. Doe wanted to pursue a career in music. She met her husband Mark while she was in her band Sky Salt. Mark is currently the President of her famous company Lime Crime. Another love of Doe’s was fashion. While Doe was setting up an online eBay store to showcase some designs she realized there was a lack in availability for fun lipstick colors. This lack of color options sparked her to take control of the reigns and create her Lime Crime cosmetic line. It is apparent that Doe has had a very creative, entrepreneurial and busy life but this does not keep her from her daily morning routine. Routines can be some of the most important things to keep a person grounded and Doe follows a precise morning schedule that begins with her waking up at 8:30 every morning. Doe does not require the use of an alarm clock; she simply wakes at this time every single day. Since she moved to L.A she feels as though the dry climate is extra dehydrating so she drinks a full glass of water before she even gets out of bed each morning. After she is out of bed Doe does some stretches and has a simple breakfast in her kitchen. Doe’s breakfasts typically consist of grits, yogurt, fruit or fresh squeezed orange juice from the orange tree in her back yard. She showers before going to bed so it cuts down on her morning beauty routine. After she has eaten breakfast she will style her hair and put on moisturizer before starting her make up. Once Doe’s make up is complete she checks her Instagram and then calls in to work to see how things are going. Doe typically arrives to work around lunch time and will work until 6pm or later each night. Her daily routine helps keep her day running smoothly so she can focus on management and creativity. Learn more:


Tony Petrello had not joined Nabors until 1991. Before he joined the board of directors, Tony was working for Backer & McKenzie. He was a corporate law specialist in this organization. When Petrello joined Nabors, he was the chief operating officer and president. He has also been the deputy chairman and chairman of the company’s board. Due to his knowledge in operations, Tony helped in strategizing for the company.

Becoming an influential leader in Nabor is a great achievement for Tony. This company is the largest drilling entity in the world. It is not an oil producer but a contract driller. So far, the company owns about five hundred rigs in numerous countries. All these rigs are active, which means they are being drilled. Tony has come this far with Nabor because of embracing innovation and technology.

Tony has instilled the essence of delivering quality and operating within the expectations of clients and the community. Petrello has a strong background form his education. He first pursued law in Harvard. He later joined Yale University and studied Mathematics. His education has opened opportunities for him. For instance, he has several positions in Nabor: president, chairman, and CEO.

Apart from just working for the corporate world, Petrello gives back to the community. He has donated to the Neurological Research Institute. This participation was inspired by their daughter who suffers from periventricular leukomalacia. Tony and his wife Cynthia hope scientists will discover a cure for this illness and numerous other chronic illnesses. Being a family man is important for Tony because he believes life is not just about professional success. He is happy to be married to Cynthia and having their lovely daughter Carena.

Tony Petrello is among the highest people in the corporate world. His salary was once quite big until he made some changes. He earned a lot because of having several executive roles in the company. After he changed the remuneration packages, his salary reduced. He changed it because he wanted shareholders to have more earnings.

Tony is an excellent personality in the corporate sector. He is skilled and experienced at what he does. Tony is multi-talented, considering his numerous roles in the company. His education also shows that he is an intelligent person. He certainly deserves the success he has attained thus far. We hope his daughter will find a breakthrough one day in her life.

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