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Kabbalah International Centre is a non-profit organization that was co- founded by Philip Berg in 1984. The headquarters of Kabbalah Centre are in Los Angeles, California in The United States. Kabbalah Centre offers Zohar lessons and Kabbalistic teachings in local and online classes. The classes contain study worldwide study groups for discussion. The Kabbalah International Centre was established to reinforce traditional kabbalistic teachings which contradict Judaism and other religions. According to its training and teachings, Kabbalah mysteries are complex and challenging to comprehend. The Kabbalah Centre has foreign teachers who offer professional education and guidance to the whole community of Kabbalah globally. Click Here for NYtimes news.

Kabbalah versus Judaism

The traditions and teachings of Kabbalah are complicated hence; Judaism discouraged students from learning because most individuals misunderstood the instructions. Most Jewish men were allowed to learn Kabbalistic teachings after turning 40 because, at that age, people were considered mature and wise according to Mishnah. Some natives considered Kabbalah Centre an obsessive cult composed of traditional Judaism with secretive myths. Kabbalah being a nonprofit religious organization, it is exempted from taxes under the Internal Code of Revenue.

Kabbalah Teachings

Kabbalah teachings provide startup lessons with practicality which reinforce the previous knowledge of Hebrew and Jewish lessons for clarity. According to Kabbalah, all religions are a series of worldly wisdom. From Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Judaism, Kabbalah is not part of the religion but just a supplement to it. Although most biblical passages like the Passing of the Red Sea reflect on Christianity, Kabbalah teachings including the Zohar refer to such passages as historical events with codes. To unlock the mystery behind the codes, Yehuda Berg has a series of books for guidance. According to Kabbalah and Zohar, what matters is the relationship between an individual with the essence of God and not God himself because he is beyond understanding. In this context, God’s nature represents his teachings.

About Kabbalah Centre

Kabbalah is a traditional school offering wisdom on how the universe works concerning life. Kabbalah means to receive; it refers to the study of receiving life’s fulfillment. Kabbalistic teachings provide an outlook on health, careers, religion and relationships. Kabbalah teaches universal ethics and principles of life. for more .

Winner of Best Franchisee of the Year

Omar Yunes won the title and award for Best Franchisee of the World, at the event held in Florence, Italy in December, 2015. Yunes, franchisee and owner of 13 restaurants of the Sushi Itto Japanese food franchise, became a franchisee of the chain when he was 21 years old. Today those restaurants are serviced by 400 employees and have earned a reputation for exceptional service and outstanding Japanese cuisine.

The event received entrants from 34 other nations in the Americas and Europe. The contestants were evaluated across various categories in terms of their contributions to their franchises in areas such as the ability to motivate their employees and knowledge and improvements resulting in operational efficiencies. In his reception speech, Yunes acknowledged that the efforts of the 400 employees of the chain that were to be credited as much as himself for the franchisee award.

Best Franchise of the World

Best Franchise of the World is an annual event organized to recognize the managers of global brands of various regions for their achievements that have resulted in exceptional franchise performance. The primary criteria used in the award process has been selected to recognize leadership, teamwork and innovative processes that result in distinguished morale and devotion of the franchises.

Diverse Business Achievements

Yunes other related business accomplishments include opening the first Quiznos franchise in Plaza Oasis located in Mexico City in 2015. Additionally, Omar Yunes participates in the management of Atma Real Estate, a sole proprietorship with offices in Houston, Texas and Miami, Florida. Atma Real Estate is an investment network with development projects in the United States and Central and South America. He is also author of the publication “Franquicias, Negocios Know How” providing insights into and strategic specifics of franchise negotiation.

About Omar Yunes

Omar Yunes is a Mexican born national and has been a franchisee owner of Sushi Itto since 2000. He has also been the CEO of Planta De Ideas since 2008 and Managing Partner at Atma Real Estate since 2011. Yunes has diplomas and degrees from IPADE and Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México.

OSI’S Number One Man and Top Executive Leader

David McDonald, President of OSI Industries, obtained his bachelor’s degree from Iowa State University in 1987. He immediately began working with OSI after graduation and remains there today, having given and received much in 30 years within the food processing industry. He has gained knowledge and skills in product development, ingredient relations and even inventory management as a result.

20 Years and Counting – OSI Is Born and Expands

In September 2012, OSI group, a global leader in food processing, celebrated its 20th year in China. Its first food processing operation opened in Beijing on September 1992, and that’s when the company began to serve McDonald’s with its food. OSI has faithfully grown with China’s economy ever since.

In 2008, as Beijing held its annual Olympic Games, OSI China supplied over 100 tons of products that included beef, pork, chicken, eggs and even dehydrated onions. The company received no complaints and was instead highly appreciated by McDonald’s and Beijing’s Olympics Committee in turn. Ever since then, OSI China has supplied numerous popular brands for McDonald’s, Starbucks, Papa John’s, Yum, Burger King, and Subway.

McDonald and OSI – Additional Information to Note

David McDonald OSI Group has likewise gained invaluable skills in retail, continuous improvement, forecasting, cross-functional team leadership, meat and marketing strategies, HCCP, customer service, supply chain demands, agribusiness, income statements, agriculture, quality assurance specialties, food science, mergers, dairy, team contract negotiations, sales management, budgets, purchasing, business strategy and strategic planning and process improvement. He currently has over 400 connections on LinkedIn. You may learn more about him and his fantastic initiatives at – the main company website that offers information on OSI products, capabilities, careers, sustainability efforts, news, locations, local event hosting, contact methods and other initiatives.

In Regard To David McDonald OSI Group :

Samuel Strauch’s rise to prominence in real estate is certainly inspiring; this a story about a real estate mogul with a penchant for identifying a niche market, and implementing a business strategy for filling that niche.

If you’re unfamiliar with Samuel Strauch, he is a licensed real estate agent in Florida, and according to HomeLight (a web platform that matches buyers and sellers with real estate agents), he is ranked as one of the top 12% of agents in Miami Beach. This is an impressive ranking, and it’s one that requires a thorough understanding of a given market, as well as excellent business acumen. Samuel’s educational background has positioned him to be successful in any endeavor, but clearly, real estate is his calling. He has completed his undergraduate degree in business at Hofstra University in New York, and also completed studies at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, and studies at the prestigious Harvard University in Cambridge, MA. In his own words “Life is a lesson and whatever path we take is an essential part of our growth.” Real estate is the path that he has chosen, and it’s one that seems to have been paved in gold; Samuel has a penchant for selling expensive homes and doing so at a quick pace. He has been ranked as one of the top 16% of agents who sell home fast in the Miami Beach area, and the average selling price typically exceeds $500,000.

Samuel’s ability to identify trends in the market, along with his “win-win” philosophy gives him a competitive edge. For example, in an interview with, Samuel noticed a great market for services specialized for retirees. The exact details were not disclosed, but it would be a benefit to the baby boomers, and would also positively impact our society. If a business idea can help others while also being profitable, it’s a win-win. This kind of forward thinking has lead to the creation of Metrik Holdings, a company which Samuel himself, describes as the convergence point of different paths. He recognized Miami’s shift from a resort town to a full-fledged city. What does this mean? Samuel Strauch had already forged relationships with people in Latin America, and these relationships had the potential to manifest themselves into clients or investors, and with this knowledge a progressive real estate company, headquartered in south Beach, FL, was born.

Although highly driven, Samuel dedicates a portion of his day towards meditation; he believes in giving his mind some time off. He also believes that spending money on experiences with family and friends can, at times, be far more rewarding than spending the same money on material possessions. Samuel admits to getting his best ideas during moments of leisure; he recognizes when he needs to unwind, and when he needs to go full throttle. Understanding the benefits associated with both sides of this spectrum, along with an impressive educational background and a forward-thinking business approach, means that his favorable real estate ranking will continue and his success in this industry is boundless.


Greg Secker is a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and international speaker. Greg Secker is the owner of Learn to trade (a global trading education organisation), Capital Index (a brokerage company), and SmartCharts Software (the latest in trading technology). Greg began his career as a trading technologist in Thomas Cook Financial services. At the company, his primary function was to develop foreign exchange trading systems. In 1998, he was awarded the British Telecom Award for innovation in e-commerce after developing an online trading platform known as the Virtual Trading Desk. Virtual Trading Desk enabled clients to receive real-time quotes for large foreign exchange transactions. At the age of 25, Secker became the Vice President of Mellon Financial Company (then a prime Fortune 500 investment bank in the USA). At Mellon Financial Corporation, Greg was working with the crème de la crème traders in the world where he gained his skills. After working at Mellon, Secker finally decided to venture on his own, and after a few months, Greg started the Learn to Trade Company.

Nowadays, due to his expert opinion on market direction, Greg is regularly invited to speak in various media. Greg has spoken on many big market channels like Bloomberg, and CNBC. Currently, Greg Secker is an internationally renowned speaker. Besides, Secker is also called many times to speak alongside famous people including Anthony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Harv Eker, and many others. In 2009, Greg was invited to The National Achievers Congress in Asia to share the stage with Tony Blair. Moreover, in 2010, at the Ultimate Success Summit in Sydney, Greg spoke alongside many ‘Success All-Stars’ including Richard Branson, and Anthony Robbins.

Apart from being a businessman, Greg Secker also believes in giving back to the society. He has supported many different charitable endeavors including Tusk, the Royal Princes chosen causes, and the Child Bereavement Trust. Also, in 2011, Greg Secker founded the Greg Secker Foundation (a non-profit organisation dedicated to bettering the quality of life of people globally). The foundation focuses on improving life skills, education, and leadership initiatives. The Foundation has different programs that it works with to reach its goal. These programs include Youth Leadership Summit, The Christmas Basket Brigade, and Early Childhood Development Program. Besides, other programs are Global Tradeathon, Flying Trader Project, and Starkey Hearing Foundation.

Kabbalah is a belief system that seems to have attracted Hollywood stars that have developed a compelling interest in Kabbalah teachings. Kabbalah website Center defines it as ancient wisdom that provides practical tools that create lasting joy and fulfillment. One Hollywood star known as Madonna opened up about how she is drawn towards Jewish mysticism. She has opened more than one Kabbalah Centre.

Different celebrities including Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, The late Elizabeth Taylor, The late Sammy Davis, The late Marilyn Monroe, and Sandra Bernhard have been intrigued by Kabbalah for different reasons. They claim to find relief from life stressing events by embracing Kabbalah. Paris Hilton said that she was coped with her marriage break up with Nick Carter after visiting Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles. Sandra Bernhard claims that her life is more organized because of Kabbalah. Some celebrities like the late Sammy Davis were intrigued with Kabbalah for the mere reason of creating and becoming part of the 5,000-year-old history of Jews resilience despite continued oppression. Click Here to read NY Times News .

The late Elizabeth Taylor wanted to convert to Judaism to create an avenue for her pro-Israel activism to advocate for Israel on the story of genocide during the Holocaust. The Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles was opened in 1984 after the death of Rav Berg. It provides courses on Zohar and Kabbalistic teachings online through the city based Centers and study groups worldwide. Kabbalah Resume Here .

There has been an open orthodox criticism of the Kaballah in Los Angeles. It has been giving Kabbalah teachings to non-Jewish stars. Some people have disassociated with it citing that the undersigned rabbis do not approve it. The Rabbis traditionally believed that the mysteries and secrets of Judaism and Kaballah were so complex and could only be taught to devout students. The Kabbalah Centres defied the beliefs and led to the Kabbalah revolution in Hollywood. for more .


According to Hackronym, Todd Lubar is presently holding the position as the President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC. in addition, he is the Sr. VP at Legendary Investments. Todd Lubar has over 20 years of experience in this industry. He is an entrepreneur who loves challenges. He always wanted to help others in buying and owning a home.

Todd Lubar is considered as being a top mortgage originator. This is on a national level. This can also be due to the fact that he has worked in many industries that include entertainment and construction along with mortgage banking.

Todd Lubar has always had a passion for serving the community. This is where he uses his business acumen so that others are able to be successful.

The reason why Todd Lubar decided to set up his TDL Global Ventures was that he wanted to ensure that others are able to fulfill their dreams. This is because he was well aware that people were not able to get loans when they required them the most. He wanted to overcome this challenge by coming up with a program that would give relief to consumers.

He is a family man. His mornings are reserved for spending time with his family. After that, he looks into his email and goes through the news. All this helps Todd Lubar to know what all is happening in the world around him. He prioritizes his tasks for the day in accordance.

Todd Lubar goes for a workout daily so that he gets charged up for managing his day. This helps to clear his head and make him peaceful so that he can take rational decisions even when the situation is stressful.

He is experienced in real estate. This is why he is interested in mortgage banking too. He has a lot of ideas that he would like to implement. This is why he founded TDL.

Todd Lubar believes in the power of technology. He likes the idea of technology surrounding home functions so that they can be done in a remote manner. He finds all this quite amazing, exciting as well as challenging.

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Some insurance companies struggle to offer their plans to everyone so that they are able to get everything that they need out of insurance. The USHEALTH Group does not have this problem, though. They are an insurance company that works to provide comprehensive coverage at a price that many different types of families are able to afford. There are many insurance companies that simply do not work for everyone but the USHEALTH Group insurance company does what they can to offer people all of the options that they need to make sure that things are going to work out for them. Whether you are a part of a family or are simply an individual that needs health insurance, you will be able to get exactly what you need out of the options that the USHEALTH Group has available to all of their clients. You can do what you need to make sure that things are going to work for you.


Family plans are among some of the most expensive health insurance options. Some companies feel the need to charge a lot of money for people who want the plans. The USHEALTH Group does not do this, though. They want to offer affordability to everyone who has the chance to be able to enjoy it and that is something that they are going to do when they are trying new things. Thanks to the USHEALTH Group, there are many more options for people who want to be able to get the best experience possible out of everything that they are doing.


Individuals are able to be covered in a more affordable way than families are and that is something that makes a big difference in the way that the USHEALTH Group is able to insure people. The individual plans that are offered by the company are extremely affordable and give individuals exactly what they need to make sure that they have the coverage that they want. It is something that has allowed the company to improve everything that they have with the opportunities that they have created for different types of individuals.

Financial solutions are tailored for different people with different needs. A financial solution that is tailor-made to equip people with short-term loans is convenient. It enables people to earn easy and fast financial solutions. This will enable the people to be economically independent. Double Rock Foundation provides the solutions for young entrepreneurs that seek soft loans to develop their start-ups using manageable economic resources. Bruce Bent II is the president of Double Rock Foundation. Double Rock Foundation is also an incubation for young entrepreneurs. This platform enables young people to grow and achieve their economic goals. This is an opportunity for youth to grab so that they can achieve advancement in their start-ups.

Bruce Bent II developed his career through the financial industry. It has propelled him towards the achievement of the different goals in various companies. He has managed to work with various people at various levels of his career. This has enabled him to lead different people. This has been an advantage for his career. He has mentored young entrepreneurs to become successful leaders globally. Bruce owns shares in various companies. His contribution is key to development in the companies. His investments have added value in his level of influence. They have enabled him to attain different goals.

Bruce Bent II has partnered with various people in his investments. His experience in the industry gives him the capacity to understand the different roles. Double Rocks Foundations enables the founder of a company to retire using some of their products. This enables them to benefit from the company even when they are not part of the enterprise. Young entrepreneurs should learn how to invest in different methods so that they can benefit from their companies in the future. This facilitates people to understand the different ways that they can positively impact the society through mentorship. Investors should learn to develop platforms to mentor young people so that they influence the approach that people have towards entrepreneurship. They will also avoid the mistakes that people who went ahead of them made as a result of lack of knowledge.

To obtain a loan from a financial institution, one has to fill a lot of paperwork and offer collateral that is of equivalent or exceeding value to the money one is borrowing. The financial institutions also require the borrower to pay the loan with a fixed interest. It’s a lengthy and a complex process that may end up with negative outcomes.

That’s not the case with Equities First Holdings. Just like the name suggests, the financial institution accepts equities as collateral for the loan. Equities First Holding has been a leader in alternative financing to high-net-worth individuals who seek non-purpose capital.

The borrower chooses to enter into a contract with Equities First Holdings if he/she holds shares of a particular company and believes that the stocks will appreciate in value in the near future. Rather than liquidating the shares, the borrower transfers the shares to Equities First Holdings to be held as collateral.

What makes Equities First Holdings stand out from the rest is because of the security that the client receives. When the stock held as collateral appreciates during the loan period, the borrower will retain the full market value of the stock at maturity. The borrower also enjoys lower interest rates on loan, compared to other lending services.

The fact that the capital offered is a non-purpose capital the client has the flexibility of using and investing the money in what he or she sees fit. Equities First Holdings has succeeded in providing an alternative financing that is attractive and affordable to their clients. for more .

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