Vijay Eswaran: A Business Leader For The Masses

Vijay Eswaran is the executive chairman of the Qi group of companies, which used the teachings of Mahatma Gandi when it was initially founded, and still drives the core philosophy of the global direct marketing success.

He was born in Penang Malaysia, and through his tremendous hard work he graduated from the London School of Economics with a socio-economics degree in 1984. Afterwards he worked a variety of odd jobs all over Europe, including stints as a construction worker in Belgium, picking grapes in the vineyards of France, and driving taxi’s through London’s busy streets. These gigs enabled him to see the realities of everyday life for the vast majority living and working in the modern world, and this vision steered him toward empowering others to succeed.

When he returned to Asia in the 1990’s he helped found a multi-level marketing company that would soon morph into the Qi Group of companies he is known for today. QNet is the e-commerce website he is most well known for. Through a dedicated team of Independent Representatives, he has seen tremendous growth in his businesses. Qi Group’s products and services are now available in over 100 nations around the globe.

Besides his business success, he is also a well known public speaker and the author of four books. “In the Sphere of Silence” was published in 2005. In it he talks about his daily ritual of having an hour of silence each and every morning in order to reflect and plan his day. “In the Thinking Zone” was published in 2008 and in this book he reflects on the philosophies that guide his life, and his third book, “18 Stepping Stones” is a continuation of his second book. “On the Wings of Thought” was released in 2011 and is a book of his photography.

Using the principles of peace and success Vijay Eswaran has become a symbol of prosperity and success to millions of people all over the world. He also has a WeForum profile.

Cleaner homes than before!

We are all familiar with the phrase “cleanlinessis next to godliness”. Am not trying to be religious but emphasize on the fact that cleanliness is associated with some supreme being depending on which one you believe in. kids spill drinks on the carpet, accidents are caused by our pets not to talk about our teenage children who leave a mark of “I was here” in every room they find themselves in our houses. All these cleaning can be overwhelming if you are a busy person.
However, you do not need to be stressed any more with professional cleaners around. They will not only offer the services of cleaning services but regular maintenance of your home. They will ensure that your home is a haven that you always want to come back to.
Handy House Cleaning services ensure that your carpet is well vacuumed not leaving any dust particles on your carpet. The professionals use detergents that are not toxic to wash away the color of your carpet. If you are worried about the odor coming from your washroom, they will ensure that you can eat from the toilet as well.
There are certain few tips I would like to highlight to you if you are searching for house cleaning services they are;
 Charges per hour
As much as you are paying these professionals to do a job in your house, ensure that you are not being exploited. No one is allowed to take advantage of your busy schedule. House cleaning services chargebetween $15-22$ per hour for cleaning. Anything beyond that is exploitation and converse holds the truth.
 Quality of their services
There are some homes cleaning service companies who employ incompetent cleaners. The results are, they are not able to offer the services required. They don’t scrub your walls well actually they leave your house more dirty than it was. This is unprofessional and you need to get a refund. I would advise that you sample the services before settling for a company to do the cleaning for you. You can also ask your trusted friends for recommendations.

There are also house cleaning services that would require prior booking before they can attend to you. Ensure that you book in advance to avoid inconveniences.
There are other auxiliary cleaning services offered by house cleaning services such as;
• Special event cleaning such as graduation parties, weddings and conferences
• Apartment cleaning
• Garden cleaning services
Advantages of hiring home cleaning services include;
• A great work is guaranteed
• Saves time
• They are efficient
• It’s affordable if you have the money
Confirm that the cleaning service that you are hiring has an insurance cover just in case there are breakages in the process of cleaning.
Handy cleaning services founded by UmangDua and OisinHanharan traces its origin from Harvard Business School. All the cleanings services that you require are a dial away. You only need to download the application on your IPhone. The duo is proud of the services that are offered by their company. They actually refer to their company as the Uber that offers home maintenance. Log onto their website and try out their services!

Kenneth Griffin And Citadel LLC Bounce Back And Grow In The 21st Century

The 2008 economic slowdown has had a huge impact on how the world views the financial industry across the globe. For Kenneth Griffin and Citadel LLC the problems of 2008 have proven a solid learning experience that has seen the world view of the company change as they bounced back from the crash of the markets around them and looked to help create a legal framework that would guard against similar problems in the future. Under the guidance of CEO Kenneth Griffin, Citadel LLC has developed into one of the largest and best known hedge fund management companies in the world since it was established in 1990.

Kenneth Griffin began his career in 1987 with the development of his own stock trading company operated from his dorm at Harvard University, the undergraduate even went so far as to install a satellite dish on the dorm in a bid to monitor markets in an up to the minute fashion. After only a short period on Wall Street Griffin was seen as something of a prodigy and was guided to establish a hedge fund that would morph into Citadel LLC in 1990 by Frank Meyer of Glenwood Capital. The company quickly grew from an initial investment of $4.6 million to now being valued at $26 billion terms of its own assets and those it manages.

Citadel LLC has not always had its future planned out as it does in 2015, instead Kenneth Griffin had to prove himself a skilled and pragmatic leader during the 2008 economic slowdown. As journalists waited impatiently for news that Citadel had folded in the early days of the economic meltdown, Griffin worker diligently to steer the Citadel ship to calmer waters and keep the company afloat as their rivals fell by the wayside. Throughout the slowdown Griffin made sure Citadel was planning for the future and took the necessary steps to make sure the company has remained a cornerstone of the financial markets of Chicago and the US as a whole.

Since Griffin’s expert leadership dragged Citadel through the problems of 2008 the company has thrived and become one of the top employers in the US financial industry as rated by Forbes Magazine. Citadel has taken a different approach to many of its rivals after the slowdown as the company has worked with US regulators to develop ways of restructuring the economic system of the US to avoid the issues of the slowdown.

The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation Is Making Progress

The city of Newark has faced its share of challenges over the years. Like many older American cities, Newark has seen its population decline and some of its infrastructure fall into disrepair. The main thing that can help combat this type of decline is economic development. The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation has been tasked with the job of bringing more industry, jobs, and opportunities to Newark, New Jersey.

Newark is the largest city in New Jersey. The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation has to do everything thing in its power to bring in new businesses and to retain the ones that already operate in the city. To do that they have to work with current business and civic leaders to foster cooperation. Business people always have a lot of ideas about how to improve business in their area. Once their feedback is taken into account, it’s up to the civic leaders to make it happen. The NCEDC can offer quite a bit of tangible help for those who are looking to open or expand their business within city limits. They can help with site selection and much more. They have all the important data than any business would need to know, including employment and demographic information.

As StreetInsider reports, Kevin Seawright was named CFO this May. He brings a lot of experience to the job. He served in various financially-related jobs in Baltimore, so he knows what it takes to manage funds. For over 13 years, Seawright worked with a number of communities on the East Coast, where he used capital management skills to help them prosper. He’s planning on putting his skill to work in Newark. Newark has been showing a number of signs that the economic development is paying off. Seawright and the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation are taking a back to the basics approach to help Newark businesses get ahead.

In a city like Newark, development projects need to be tied to community revitalization that includes neighborhoods. City residents also pay taxes, and expect to benefit from any deals being brought to their area. That’s why an emphasis on job creation and an increased tax basis has to be a part of any project they help launch. City residents need employment so they can continue to pay their taxes, too! Newark has been showing signs of revitalization in the downtown area as some of the major businesses have invested.

Generosity And Knowledge Of Eric Pulier

People Doing Things is what Eric Pulier does and what he has founded. He is a man that does many things to benefit children who are at a disadvantage or who have disabilities. His work includes software programs to help individuals with medical issues get through school successfully.

Mr. Pulier is a native of New Jersey. He was programming computers on his own by the time he was in the fourth grade. This love of computers translated to the commencement of his own database company by the time he was in high school. His love of learning continued into college where he majored in English and American Literature.

This was not the end of his love with technology and learning. He developed a software program that helps students with disabilities do their schoolwork through an interactive software program. This program evens aids them in doing the necessary testing to move through their grades.

Eric Pulier is even responsible for founding PDT in 1991. This company uses technology to deal with health care issues. It helps to identify specific means to deliver the health services that people need. This ability to make technology work for the better of people drew the attention of the White House.

Mr. Pulier was asked to work in conjunction with the Clinton/Gore Administration to complete projects dealing with technology and healthcare. In his personal business life, Eric Pulier developed cloud services that will better enable companies to work more efficiently, and thus save money.

The cloud services developed link into the internal structure of the company. They can also link into service providers from outside the company to deliver the technological services that may be needed. This helps people connect with the information they need to get jobs done quicker.

As a public speaker Mr. Pulier uses his unique talents to present complicated information in an understable way. He typically talks about technology and how it can be used to better the world around us. He is very popular at technology conferences and summits, but has also been requested at the presence of a couple of Presidents and their cabinets. Eric Pulier’s profile is linked.

He presently lives in California with his four children. As an attentive parent he works to make his community a better place for children. He is a primary donator to the Painted Turtle. This is a camp for children with disabilities. He has helped to design and develop the camp in order to enhance the lives of those who have disabilities and medical ailments.

His donations also extend to other agencies that work to aid children who are disabled and need some extra attention to reach their potential. Truly a generous man who understands that it takes a community to raise a child.

BRL Trust – A Hallmark of Financial Security and Integrity

Founded in 2005 in Sao Palo, Brazil by Mauricio Ribero, Brazilian investment company BRL Trust was originally formed to offer trust services for private loans. The company quickly expanded and began offering additional financial services to its customers. Today, a decade later, the Anbima ranking places BRL Trust as the largest independent administrator of investment funds in Brazil.
BRL Trust has divided their diversified services into five categories of financial management.
Asset management. The professionals at BRL Trust help guide and offer investment advice for their individual customers and corporate clients.
Fund administration. BRL Trust is authorized by CVM to act as the fund manager for its client’s investment portfolios.
Fiduciary services. Today’s sophisticated investor demands safety and reliability from their financial advisers. BRL Trust maintains the highest level of integrity and transparency in the Brazilian investment community.
Asset underwriting. BRL Trust is a leader in underwriting securities in the capital asset market. The company always strives to seek the best options for its clients based on their risk profile.
Controlling and custody of funds. BRL Trust offers its customers a sound and safe solution to administer their investment funds. Honesty and communication are key to their success in this area.
Today, under the leadership of its founder Mauricio Riberio and aided by some of Brazil’s most respected financial experts like Rodrigo Boccanera Gomes and Rodrigo Cavalcante, BRL Trust is on track to grow even larger.
These are exciting times in Brazil. In investment terms, the country is the world’s seventh largest economy ranked by GDP. It has the world’s largest Portuguese-speaking population and occupies 47.3% of the South American continent. As the host nation for the hugely successful World Cup Games of 2014 and quickly followed by the upcoming 2016 World Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil has propelled itself into a major player on the world stage of sports and national interest.

BRL Trust is well positioned to accommodate the expected growth from these high-profile events. As always, BRL Trust offers the highest standard in ethics and respect of Brazil’s legal system to insure clients outside the country of the safety of their investment funds. BRL Trust prides itself in going the extra step with skilled professionals to assure its clients their investment funds are handled with honesty, integrity and trust.
BRL Trust has worked hard to assure world-wide financial clients who are interested in investing in the rapidly growing South American financial markets they will find safe and sound advice with BRL. (Facebook)

The banking industry can be complex in this region. The professionals at BRL Trust have worked diligently to expand their understanding and knowledge of the complexities of the system for the benefit of their clients.
People have differing needs to save and invest money. Some are interested in providing for their retirement years. Others want to insure their children’s education funds or purchase their first home. Large investors want to maximize the growth of their portfolios and insure the safety of their funds.

BRL Trust recognizes these needs and prides its reputation as an honest, trustworthy and financially sound company. Many investors are looking to Brazil and the emerging market of South America as the next opportunity for high-yield investments. With an impeccable record of honesty with its satisfied financial customers, BRL Trust is poised to enter the next decade as the continuing leader in Brazilian investing.

A Brief About QNet

QNet is the main subsidiary of the company QI Groups which was founded by Vijay Eswaran almost two decades ago is 1998. Since then QNet has been though various changes through the years before settling in on its current state. First it was known as QuestNET, but after a few years it changed its name to GoldQuest, only to change it again to QI Limited before keeping its current name of QNet. The business originated in Hong Kong but since the year of its creation has spanned the world and can be found in more than one hundred counties including the Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, Syria, Egypt, Iran, Vietnam, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.

In the past QNet had covered a plethora of different business outlets including telecommunications, travel, watches, and even nutritional products. It wasn’t until 2013 that QNet began to focus on just one business outlet: wellness. This can be attributed to the company gaining manufacturing rights in Indian and the creation of an office space in Russia. QNet has its own supply of wellness products which it makes at its numerous manufacturing facilities. Vijay Eswaran advertises his company’s products through motivational speeches which he holds all around the world. QNet’s owner is greatly inspired by the works and teaching of Gandhi and preaches the idea the to help the world you must first help yourself.

QNet does not have an established store front where its wellness products are sold. Instead the company is run by multi-level marketing and direct selling to get their products into the hands of their customers. It is the job of the workers to find consumers but in return QNet will pay them commission that is relative the the number of products they sold and the price of the products. This can change if the company is looking to sell one item more than another one. By implementing the direct selling method workers are able to choose when they work and form their own pseudo-business based on their earnings. The harder they work the more money they will make.

For those who are looking to join the QNet team all that they need to do is go to the company’s website and contact them about becoming a representative. All the information is mailed or emailed to who ever is interested and training can be done online. They have a application that can be downloaded onto any smartphone. QNet even lets their workers have samples of the different products so they can try them out and have a better grasp on how to market it towards future customers. Questions that a representative may have can be answered by the helpful and Certificate for Best Practices winning customer service helpers who can be contacted all day,everyday. (QNet India)

Philanthropist Andy Wirth Crowdrise gives back to the Navy Seal Foundation


Andy Wirth  has always had an interest in the outdoors at an early age. Wirth is currently the CEO of Squaw Valley ski resort in Olympic Valley CA. Apart from his love with the outdoors, Wirth is a philanthropist that gives back.

As a philanthropist, Wirth gives back by providing the support he can give to the community. One of the ways that he does that is by helping naval special warfare and their families by supporting the Navy SEAL Foundation. This foundation provides a comprehensive set of programs to help reduce the stress, pressure and uncertainty that these servicemen deal with each year while being in treacherous conditions. These NAVY seals must go thru rigorous training to deal with tough military missions. Established in 2000, the foundation is a nonprofit organization housed in Virginia Beach, VA. The foundation has programs to improve health and welfare, empowering and educating families and providing support during injury, loss and illness.

October 2013 was a defining moment for Wirth that changed his life around completely. He loved skydiving but this time his land had caused him to lose and severe his right arm due to him landing in a vineyard from a downwind landing. The vineyard had sharp upright posts, wire and vines which caused him to lose a lot of blood and nearly death. With the support of his family, surgeons, occupational therapists and loved ones he was able to recover with a reattached arm. After his intense experience, an accidental meeting with a group of NAVY seals that were training at Squaw Valley blossomed into a unforgettable friendship. He realized just how difficult it must be to fight for this country in very dangerous locations and conditions as NAVY Seals while also being away from their families.

This year Wirth wants to honor his friends and all those who serve in the US Naval Special Warfare community by raising funds for the foundation. the team name is Special Warfare Warrior and their purpose is to provide ongoing assistance to the Naval Special Warfare Community and its families. Wirth has gathered a team for the 2015 Ironman Lake Tahoe which will be held on September 20, 2015.

Visit the Andy Wirth Crowdrise page.

Economist Want To Know How Equal Do We All Want To Be In A Democracy

A recent study by Princeton University is going to change the way the nation looks at the political system in America. Researchers discovered that the United States is not a democracy anymore. It is an Oligarchy. Yep, the rich have the power and the money and the people have squat. Democracy is falling apart before our eyes, and most of us think it’s okay. Some people say that’s the way a democracy should work because most of the wealth is distributed in such an unequal fashion.

Economists constantly study this phenomenon, and they discovered that people believe the bottom 20 percent of the population has about 2.9 percent of the wealth. They also perceive that the next 20 percent has 6.4 percent, the next 20 percent has 12 percent, the next 20 percent has 20 percent of the wealth, and the richest 20 percent has 58 percent of the wealth. But according to Christian Broda, an economics professor and managing director of Duquesne Capital management those figures are not correct. The bottom 20 percent of the population has just 0.1 percent of the nation’s wealth. The next 20 percent has 0.2 percent, and the next 20 percent has 3.9 percent. Broda says 60 percent of the population accounts for 4.3 percent of the nation’s wealth.

The top 40 percent has the rest of the wealth, and it is divided like this: The wealthiest 20 percent has 84 percent, and next wealthiest 20 percent has 11.7 percent. The question Broda and other economists ask is: Do those numbers reflect the real values of a functioning democracy? What Broda and other economists discovered is people have a definite perspective when it comes to the distribution of wealth in a democracy. Here’s what American people think is a level economic playing field in terms of wealth distribution. The people say the bottom 20 percent should have 10 percent of the wealth. The next 20 percent should have 14 percent, and the next 20 percent should have 21 percent. The top two 20 percent groups should have the balance or 54 percent. The people say the wealthiest group should only have 32 percent of the nation’s wealth, and the next wealthiest should have 22 percent of the wealth.

Based on those numbers socialism is not the answer for most people, although some form of democratic socialism may be needed to get the current numbers in sync with the perceived numbers. The fact is Democracy as the founding fathers envisioned it is changing, and economists aren’t sure what this democracy is going to look like in another 50 years.

The History and Rise of QNet Limited

QNet limited is an e-commerce company that operates mainly in Asia and Africa. The company is one of the many companies owned by the QI Group of Companies. It has its headquarters in Hong Kong. The company manufactures a number of products that it sells through its independent representatives. The products fall in various categories such as weight management, energy, nutrition, home care, personal care, fashion accessories and luxury goods.
Vijay Eswaran and his friend Joseph Bismark co founded the QNet. Eswaran founded the company in 1998. His prior experience in multi level marketing helped him to evaluate business operations and utilize the right strategies to register success in business. He serves as the Chairman of the company and the Executive Chairman of the group that owns the company, the QI Group. A part from being the Chairman of the company, he acts as a motivational speaker to independent representatives selling QNet’s products. Check out QNet’s profile on YouTube.

Like other multi-level marketing corporations, the marketing strategy used by QNet follows a multi-level marketing and direct selling model. It depends on independent representatives to market the products and sell the products on the behalf of the company. These representatives are paid based on both the volume of sales made and the number of successful referrals. A representative will also get additional compensation based on the volume of sales made by their referrals. Each representative has his or her team organized in a binary fashion. The team is made up of the representative and every person below him or her in the binary system. Occasionally, QNet uses newspaper ads to market its products.

The company has established its operations in the Asian continent in countries such as Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam and Taiwan. The company has operations in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Rwanda, Iran and India. Its manufacturing branches are located in Turkey and India.

Originally, QNet was known as GoldQuest when it was founded in 1998. Its first product was custom-commissioned numismatic coins. In 2002, after a partnership with QVI Club, the company diversified into travel and vacations. Another important diversification made by the company was in 2006 when it started marketing health, energy and nutritional products. During the same year, it started marketing Bernhard H. Mayer branded watches.
The success of QNet is mainly attributed to Vijay Eswaran’s expertise and its highly motivated independent representatives. The multi level system employed by the company ensures that successful representatives are awarded with different gifts in a frequent manner. A part from gifts, these individuals also get to climb higher in the system. The representatives can easily monitor their expected compensation using a formula already set by the company. The Directors of the company regularly holds motivational sessions with the view to keeping the independent representatives motivated.