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Laidlaw & Company has been a business partner for a considerable amount of time, and the trust we have placed in them has been well-founded. I have spent several years watching our investments grow, and this article is an explanation of why we use Laidlaw to invest our business’ money. I have seen nothing but amazing things, and I wish to share our results with others.

U.S. Federal Court Issues Temporary Restraining Order Against Laidlaw & Company And Its Principals Matthew Eitner And James Ahern

#1: A Business Investment Plan Was Quite Helpful

Our business investment plan was a change that we needed desperately, and I noticed increases in our investments every month. I was unaware of what I would use the money for once our investments grew, but I spoke with Matthew Eitner and James Ahern about how to best spend out money. The money spent has gone to research and development projects every year.

#2: Speaking With A Broker Helps

Speaking with a broker helps me plan my investments for the future, and I have regular conversations with a broker who answers our questions. We often bring the team around the phone for a conference call, and we have learned quite a lot in the process. Our learning is important for the future of our business, and Laidlaw helps me when I am out of answers.

#3: Laidlaw Has Their Own Plan

Laidlaw has a plan for their business that makes them quite a lot stronger. I feel as though I have chosen a company that is committed to our security and their customer service. We have felt like a member of a new investment partnership, and we are using our trust to create new projects our customers enjoy.

The Laidlaw staff has created a plan that helps us when we are in need of additional revenue streams. We use their investments as a method of saving cash without going it alone.

Laidlaw & Company or “Above the Law”?

Laidlaw & Company has a dark history in regards to violations of United States Financial Regulations. In December of 2015 the U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada issued a temporary restraining order and associated injunction to Laidlaw & Company, along with principals Matthew Eitner and James Ahern. The restraining order resulted from the previously announced lawsuit filed against Laidlaw by Relmada Therapeutics. Relmada claims that Laidlaw has continuously and repetitively attempted to seize the company through the “dissemination of false and misleading proxy materials.”

U.S. Federal Court Issues Temporary Restraining Order Against Laidlaw & Company And Its Principals Matthew Eitner And James Ahern

Laidlaw & Company, an investment broker firm, is run by C.E.O. Matthew Eitner, Head of Capital Markets James Ahern, and C.F.O. John Coolong. The company has a history of violations not only with its customers, which have resulted in multiple complaints as well as regulatory sanctions and monetary penalties, but with its employees as well. One can easily identify a pattern of misconduct when researching the company using web-searches and review sites such as glassdoor.com. There is a long line of employee complaints consisting of unprofessionalism and even neglect.


Sergio Traversa, C.E.O. of Relmada, stated in a press release: “We are pleased that the Court has again granted an injunction and prevented Laidlaw from disseminating its false and misleading proxy materials. The Relmada Board has acted, and will continue to act, in the best interests of Relmada and all of its stockholders. In contrast, the actions of Laidlaw and its principals make clear to us that their interests are very different from all other Relmada stockholders.” Matthew Eitner and his crony crew have utilized private information attained from Relmada’s personal database in an attempt to take over the company. This blatant misuse of power has given Laidlaw & Company the appearance of an untrustworthy broker firm.

Stephen Murray Is a Financial Genius

It is rare in the financial world to find a person who consistently guesses right in all of the moves that they make. Stephen Murray would definitely fall into that category. His career has been a shining success and the envy of many of his contemporaries.

His decisions in terms of his business and financial dealings are constantly studied by his competitors in order to get some insight into how his mind works. Stephen is best known as one of the founders of the incredibly profitable Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. He has made a name for himself as one of the very big players in the world of high finance.  Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital: http://xrepublic.net/2014/09/11/stephen-murray-the-great-investor-and-deal-maker-for-ccmp-capital/
The story of how Stephen came to be the rich and powerful person that he is today is an interesting one. There is no question that he was always a very bright student from a very young age.

However, he did not show a strong interest in pursuing a career that had anything to do with finance. He was a typical child in the sense that he liked to play outdoors with his friends when the weather was nice.

Stephen’s parents thought he might go to college to become a veterinarian because of his love for animals. However, all of that changed when he finally enrolled in Boston College. He decided that he wanted to major in economics. He was not sure what career path he was going to take after he graduated. However, he knew that an economics degree would open a lot of doors for him.

He focused on his studies for the next four years. However, he decided that a bachelor’s degree was not going to get him as far as he wanted to go. Therefore, he applied to the Columbia School of Business and he was accepted. He got an MBA from that school in 1990.

Now Stephen was finally ready to begin his career. The problem was that Stephen  Murray could not decide what he wanted to do. He got hired by the MH Equity Corporation in what was a very prestigious job for someone with hardly any experience.

He began to quickly move up the ladder because his strong work ethic and inventive ideas impressed all of his superiors.

Stephen wanted to be the boss. He decided to team up with some of his colleagues to start CCMP Capital. He became the CEO of this company and made it a huge success.

Why Are My Parents Retiring With Laidlaw & Company?

My parents are retiring with the people at Laidlaw & Company because that was the only company that was able to help them manage their accounts in a better way. They had retirement accounts that were just too much to handle, but then they found out that they could actually come to Laidlaw & Company and talk to Matthew Eitner about their accounts. They were lucky to be given a nice broker who talked them through everything, and now they are talking to me all the time about how their accounts have improved.

I have been able to use the Laidlaw & Company broker James Ahern myself to get the same kinds of results that my parents are getting, and they are pleased to know that I am getting started on my retirement today. I think the whole family is doing really well because we are all using the same broker, and it helps to know that we are all focused on the same mission. I have not had to worry about the ways that the retirement is put together for me, and now I have someone who wants to help me at every turn. My plans could change at any time, but my broker will be there to help me.

I have been very pleased with how my parents are going to retire with Laidlaw & Company, and I know that I am going to get the same results. It has helped me manage my own money in a much better way, and it helps me learn how to best take care of my cash. I have a relationship with my broker that is more like a friendship, and I know that I am going to benefit from this a lot just because this one person will do anything I need.



Development In New Jersey Is Led By Devco

Devco has become the best company for development in the state of New Jersey, and they are trying to create a situation that is going to build tax revenue while helping a community live again. That community has people that need jobs, and they need to use the buildings they have for a better purpose. A lot of tourism money will come into the area, and that will in turn give jobs and hope for the future to the people who live in the area. The Press of Atlantic City has reported on this, and they have shown that any city can benefit from working with Devco.

The people in the community deserve to have jobs that will help them live better lives, and according to Mr. Chris Paladino a lot of other help is going to turn up in the area because other businesses will want to come into the area. It is very important for all these communities to have better jobs for their people, and it is even more important that all the people to have a chance to get a job. They can have real careers in the area, and they might even be able to open businesses.

It is very easy for someone to get a better job when they are going to have developments come to their area. This is how they are going to be able to prosper in the future, and they are going to be able to use the jobs to help bring other family members into a better situation. Someone at Devco will make it much easier for people to learn about planning, and then they will be able to learn how much they can earn in taxes. It is very easy for a community to change, and that is why Devco is a good thing for New Jersey.


Duda Melzer Opens Up About The Future Of The RBS Group

Appointed to the position of President of the RBS Group in January 2016, Duda Melzer has been keen to create a more open and information friendly environment at this historic media group that was founded in 1957. In a recent meeting with more than 20 journalists the new RBS President gave his views on his personal career path and the future he sees for both RBS and the media industry as a whole.

The initial questions delved into the issue of Duda Melzer’s professional career, which has been on a chosen path ever since his grandfather identified him as a possible leader of RBS in the future. Despite being the grandson of RBS founder Mauricio Sirotsky, Duda Melzer knew from an early age he was expected to create his own career without the aid of the assistance of his family members. Melzer went on to explain he was expected to study and work abroaad if he one day hoped to return to the family owned RBS Group; Duda Melzer attended Harvard University and worked in New York until the age of 30 when he took up his first position with RBS.

Melzer also decided to reveal his thoughts about the future of the RBS Group and explained he saw a bright future for the company under his leadership. A number of rumors have swirled around the RBS Group since Duda Melzer took control of the company, which included the sale of certain parts of the company; Melzer was keen to put these rumors to bed with news he was looking to create a larger cmpany without selling off the key assets of the RBS Group.

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A Successful Businessman on the Rise

Danilo Diaz Granados principally received a Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship and Economics from Babson College before he began his career in the financial sector. Since then, he has relocated south from the Boston winter to enjoy the warmer weather in Miami as he embarked upon his career in the financial sector.

One of Danilo’s first jobs was as an Account Advisor for a Private Equity Investing firm that was located in Miami, Florida. Within this role, Danilo was tasked with the privilege of researching the potential for global real estate to produce investment returns and how those transaction were related, hedge funds, arts, innovative startup firms, and practices of energy efficiency. Furthermore, within this role, Danilo also spent a great deal of time analyzing social and demographic factors that pertained to prospective investment opportunities around the globe. Since 2015, Danilo has been serving at Fireman Capital Partners as an Associate.

Outside of the office, Danilo has greatly dedicated himself to serving the greater community around him. He is the Co-Founder and Director of the “Toys for Boys Boutique Privee” in Miami, Florida, which is a luxury boutique that incorporates timepieces, unusual cars, and contemporary art into one exclusive retail space. In addition to his role in the luxury boutique, Danilo is also the Producer and Co-Founder of “Edge of Glory Films, LLC,” which is also located in Miami, Florida. Within this role, he participates in promotion, editing, production, and delivery of communications in order to distribute media that relates to Hispanic interests in the United States.

Danilo will be a fascinating individual to watch as he grows his careers and personal interests in the years to come.  Be sure to also follow him on social media.  Danilo can be found on Twitter, and he ca also be followed on Facebook.

Polar Makes Beer Once Again

Beer can once again be made in Venezuela. According to Corporation Wiki, Polar, one of the largest beer companies in the area, has agreed to resume making beer and other malt products for the rest of the year. There is no indication as to whether the company will proceed with making the beverage after December. The company has acquired a loan from businesswoman Norka in order to have enough money to continue production. This further increases the amount of debt that is owed to other countries. The loan will give Polar enough of the barley and other products that are needed to make the beer, but this is only a temporary solution. The reason the company stopped production was because there was a lack of resources in Venezuela. Since the company is back in production, it will offer a few more jobs to those who live in the area, but if it’s only a temporary solution, then what are the people supposed to do if the products run out once again?



Sanjay Shah’s Development of Autism Rocks Campaign

Sanjay Shah is well known for his expertise in the business field. As the Chief Executive Officer at a company that he built himself from the ground up, Shah understands the importance of business development and entrepreneurship. For many years, the entrepreneur prided himself on his business knowledge and his successful career. Sanjay Shah is currently most proud of something other than his business career, however. In recent months, the most important endeavor to Sanjay Shah has been his development of the Autism Rocks campaign. Autism Rocks is a campaign created by Sanjay Shay that focuses on raising funds for autism research in the United States and around the world.

Sanjay Shah first developed a passion to fund autism research when his young was diagnosed with the condition in the early part of 2014. Shah learned so much about the condition at such a rapid pace after his son’s diagnoses, that he developed a desire to share this knowledge with other families. The entrepreneur began to search for ways to inform the general public about autism awareness and to help fund research. As a prominent business owner, Shah was skilled at the development of long term plans to raise money for specific causes. In this case, Shah developed an idea that would prove to be a huge success and would go on to raise thousands of dollars for autism research.

Sanjay Shah created the Autism Rocks campaign as a way to benefit autism research and to benefit autistic individuals and their families. Autism Rocks is a platform that allows Shah to hosts enormous concerts for families who have been effected by autism while raising money for the cause. Sanjay Shah has booked several prominent artists to perform in the Autism Rocks concerts including notable artist Snoop Dogg. In addition to having Snoop Dogg as a performer at the Autism Rocks concerts, Shah also has hosted people like rapper Tyga, Flo Rida, Pitt Bull, and several others. These events have become the a huge highlight in the year for families effected by the autism syndrome. When pop artists attend these events, they perform music that is entirely suitable for children and families. Sanjay Shah has been noted as saying that his development of the Autism Rocks campaign is one of his life’s biggest accomplishments. He hopes that the foundation will continue to benefit not only his own family, but millions of autism sffected families around the world.


Find out more about Sanjay Shah:




Bernardo Chua Made Success From A Vision

Bernardo Chua started out as just an employee while living in the Philippines. He has since evolved into a successful global entrepreneur. His unique business sense and planning have brought Organo Gold, the company he founded, to a highly successful level. He strives for personal success and encourages others to travel that road right along with him.

In 2008 Bernardo established Organo Gold in Vancouver, British Columbia. The company only had three employees including himself but has quickly grown to thousands of independent distributors and employees in three dozen countries. Before starting this company, he worked at Gano Excel in the Philippines. He relocated to California in 2003 to head Gano Excel USA. Both companies utilized the herb ganoderma lucidium in their products because of the health benefits. Living in the Philippines, Bernardo also knew about the numerous benefits of this herb, and his vision involved using it in coffee and tea.

He and Organo Gold offer a healthier beverage that improves balance, prosperity and wellness of consumers. Bernardo relied on determination and hard work to get him where he is today, and that has earned him numerous awards. He was chosen Direct Sales Company Executive of the Year approximately six times, and he was given the Dangal ng Bayan Award in 2014 for Business and Industry. These awards recognize business people encouraging fellow countrymen and women to succeed professionally and high quality Filipino products.

He and two fellow staff members attended an event in Manila, Philippines organized by the National Consumer Affairs Foundation. He received two Dangal ng Bayan awards and was recognized as an Outstanding Global Entrepreneur. Organo Gold received two People’s Choice Awards for Number One Global Network Marketing Company and Best Gourmet Organic Health Coffee. The latter awards are awarded to outstanding business men and women in numerous professions and products made for consumers.

He can be seen on YouTube promoting the OG Cares Foundation that he sponsors. This company improves the lives of young adults worldwide by making them better leaders on a large scale. As a young businessman he discovered that hard work, persistence and a smart business sense would prove successful. This is the concept he teaches to young adults today so they can be successful tomorrow. He can also be seen on Twitter as Bernie to his many friends.