Makari Skin Whitening Cream: Setting A Superior Standard

For years, both male and female models with darker complexions have been widely overlooked within not only the beauty industry, but throughout the entertainment world as well. As a result, a panoply of product lines dedicated to this demographic have emerged, and many customers are currently seeking the superior brand that answers all their skincare needs and provides real answers to this unique problem. At the moment, a company known as Makari or Makari de Susse appears to have cornered the market by directly and effectively establishing a loyal customer base who appreciate how the company caters to the specificity of their needs and concerns. In other words, it is evident that Makari is concerned with actively meeting the expectations of their clientele, and people are going to support a brand who supports them.

Makari goes out of their way for their customer every time. Their skin lightening cream are entirely safe, and include healthy nourishing ingredients such as Argan Oil and Caviar. They are not simply about lightening one’s look, they want people to have healthy skin tone overall, they are health and aesthetic combined. Makari helps individuals on their journey towards finding what is right for them, and what they need to maintain the image best suited for the person. It’s not easy to find the solutions Makari has discovered, and one indicator that they care about quality is that Switzerland is their manufacturing home. Those in the know understand that hearing Switzerland indicates top of the line. Makari lives up to the Swiss standard, putting everything they make undergo intense scientific analysis. There, Makari formulates their all natural recipe, containing only the best plant extracts and oils, designed to work together for the best possible result.

While other competing skincare products utilize unnatural elements, Makari proudly celebrates their organic make-up. Using plant extracts like lemon, mulberry, and corn as opposed to the dangerous hydroquinone Makari shows themselves to be an ethical institution who cares about sustainable skin treatment for those with more melanin. Shoppers interested in Makari can find it all over the globe. They have private boutiques in Paris, Brussels, and New York City, and can be found in smaller stores. Makari has a cream for every kind of melanin rich skin and a solution to every blemish. They are the future of skin lightening cosmetics, now establishing a new gold standard in the industry.

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The Success of Dick DeVos

The DeVos family is one of the most well connected and well respected families in the United States. The DeVos family is well respected for developing their own company that has since then become an international success and is involved in business with 18 other countries around the world. The DeVos family is also well respected for using their wealth and giving back to their community in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Thanks to the DeVos family, schools have been rebuilt and scholarships have been funded in order to help children receive an educaiton. The DeVos family are proud developers of Amway Corporation and have used this company in order to continue to build their family legacy.

Among the members of the DeVos family is Dick DeVos, a businessman and entrepreneur who has helped the company grow immensely. Dick DeVos distinctly remembers playing in the basement of his home where the company used to be located. Even at an early age, Dick DeVos was always passionate about helping the company and his father. Even before any formal schooling, Dick DeVos was able to present products to clients of Amway Corporation. The passion of Dick DeVos for business was indescribable at an early age and are what eventually influenced him to pursue a degree in business management for the purpose of expanding the company even further.

Dick DeVos, with his education in business went on to work at Amway Corporation in 1974. His passion for business was demonstrated as was his intelligence. These two combined are the sole reason for his success within the business as well as his earning of several executive positions while involved in the company. One of Dick DeVos’ favorite positions was as a vice president in charge of international sales. During his time as vice president, Dick DeVos increased the overall international sales to eventually makeup for 50 percent of the company’s total revenue.

With Dick DeVos’ early on success, he now has a determined interest to give back to the community. One of his biggest endeavors is to donate money toward education reform. With his time away from his businesses, Dick DeVos has appointed a new CEO named Phil Dolci to run his company, The Stow Company. Phil Dolci was chosen above all other candidates because of his leadership. Dick DeVos knows from first hand how influential Phil Dolci is to his employees and hopes that this talent will be used to grow his own company.

The Plight of the Venezuela’s Healthcare System

University hospital in Caracas has become a dark and dreary place, consisting of dark hallways, dark bathrooms and toilets with broken doors. Patients clean themselves in places where there is no privacy. According to an article in the El Venezolano News doctors use their mobile phones to take x-ray images because there is nothing to print them on.
Venezuela’s healthcare system as a whole seems to be in crisis due to goods in short supply, and power cuts that happens daily across the country. Two reasons for these problems is due to the drop in revenue from oil exports and a drought that cause a reduction in power at a hydro-electric dam that services most of the country with electricity.

“Many of the people of Venezuela feel that the country should have been better prepared for this economic crisis.” says David Osio A large number of the people in Venezuela have signed a petition demanding the recall of President Nicolas Maduro; however; there are those who feel that even through Venezuela is facing an economic crisis that the government is still protecting the people.


How Essential is Reputation Management?

Despite what your business is, in an age where information transfers from person to person at an almost incalculable speed your presentation online is invaluable to any degree of success you may experience. With sites like Yelp and Metacritic, companies and their products are always under scrutiny, and their reputation is given a level of importance that has never been matched before. Just a handful of unfavorable business transactions could lead a company to drop in the eyes of the public, and with that lowered standing so too does their business prospects diminish.

While this may affect the appeal a company may have with its customers and partners, companies and organizations of all kinds are becoming increasingly interested in the digital footprint of prospective hires and partners, thinking that one’s online presence could impact their business. With social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, everything a person shares with others through the internet is subject to examination by someone who has the power to extend or deny a promising job opportunity or seal a prosperous business deal.

And while it may be tempting for an individual, or even a business, to simply remove themselves from the internet entirely in order to limit the damage done to their reputation it simply isn’t an option. The internet has become so crucial to daily life that it simply cannot be removed. This makes online reputation management crucial in having a hand in tailoring the image of a business or a person in the eyes of public to better promote their brand, limit damages to their public relations and ward off attacks from spiteful parties who would seek to ruin the image of another for selfish purposes.

Firms like Better Reputation operate with a knowledge of the internet that allows them to navigate these murky waters and making sense of what people are sharing and what information they’re consuming. With that understanding at their disposal, firms like Better Reputation are able to provide management services to aid businesses and people to push forward positive content to promote them to the public.

With such a service provided, businesses and individuals can enjoy a boost in business and even make them more accessible through internet search engines, increasing the value to their brand and making them more visible while limiting the misuse of rating systems by self-interest actors.

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Laidlaw & Company Looks To Build On Its Legacy

Laidlaw & Company is a full service investment banking and brokerage firm that offers clients personal investment advice to both public and private institutions. The firm also helps investors with a high net worth.
Laidlaw & Company has a legacy of investment banking and securities brokerage that according to PR Newswire dates back almost 200 years. The firm is noted for an entrepreneurial and relationship driven culture. The firm prides itself on being able to compose unique approaches to gather assets and find financial solutions. A strong work ethic is the foundation of both the captive and independent sales offices of the firm.

Laidlaw  have the ability to assist companies in raising their capital using their strong retail sales force. This gives clients the flexibility to achieve their goals. Laidlaw & Company features a team of SEC senior professionals who combine bracket expertise with a unique firm perspective. This helps Laidlaw & Company provide experienced management of transactions, as well as comprehensive solutions.

Laidlaw have an expanding network of offices in the United States, as well as Europe with over 100 employees operating under both the authorization of FCA and the registration of FINRA. This allows the firm to develop new relationships and pursue new business opportunities globally.

The Inspiring Success of Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is a successful entrepreneur and the founder of Timber Creek Capital, a private equity firm. Building companies is his focus. He enjoys building businesses from the ground up. He creates both short-term and long-term goals for his companies and makes sure the culture of the company is a healthy one. He has played an important role in the start-up of dozens of businesses.

Marc graduated high school in 1975 in his hometown of Austin, Texas. He has no higher education degrees and says he has succeeded in spite of that because of his “keen instinct.” His belief in God has helped fuel his faith and passion for his work. He says a lack of fear helps him keep moving forward. He has had both successes and failures as an entrepreneur but has always come out on top.

He has written a book called “They Can’t Eat You.” The book combines 34 years of business experience, and he talks about his unsuccessful ventures in the book as well as his successful ones. He says he wrote the book at the suggestion of colleagues. He wants the book to encourage others to keep going in their entrepreneurial ventures. He remembers being so poor at one point that he had to buy food with a gas station credit card. His belief in the possibility of success kept him going through that time. He hopes his book will help others see that success is possible.

He has had very successful companies, such as his software company that sold $200 million in products per year. He said he has also learned from his failures, such as the insurance holding company he built that was very successful but then collapsed in a short time period. He says readers of his book can learn a lot from his failures and be encouraged by his successes.

Marc Sparks says success comes from a positive attitude and a passion for work. He says staying focused and never giving up are important. He has a sense of urgency about his work that keeps him going. Other people refer to that as his “Sparks Speed.” He also believes treating people fairly and respectfully will take an entrepreneur far in business. He says honesty is also an important component to success.

Marc Sparks also gives time and money to help people in need. He helps others by contributing to a homeless shelter called The Samaritan Inn. The shelter is located in Texas and houses 160 people. The shelter offers more than just food and a place to sleep. Through the shelter, people can receive counseling, health guidance, family care, financial instruction and job placement. His other charitable efforts involve Habitat for Humanity, American Can! Academy and Sparky’s Kids.

When Marc is not working hard, he is an adventurous outdoorsman. He says travel, hunting, fishing and hiking help counter stress. He says travel especially inspires him, and he has been to exotic locales such as Machu Picchu, Easter Island, Tibet, the Serengeti and Angkor Wat. He also at one point traveled around the world in 23 days. Marc also enjoys competitive sports in his down time.


George Soros on the Chinese debt-fueled economy

George Soros is an American based billionaire and philanthropist who has had great success in the financial markets. In recent weeks, George Soros has talked about the financial and economic situation that China is experiencing. The Chinese economy on is closely tied to the global markets; therefore, investors need to be very cautious about the investment decisions they make.

Over the years, China has experienced consistent growth. The Chinese economy has got to a point that they are now struggling to find new growth. Coupled with their currency devaluation, the problems China is experiencing are being transferred to the rest of the world. George Soros said this while speaking in Colombo and added that returning to positive interest rates is a challenge for the developing countries.

One way that has kept the Chinese economy stronger is pumping of investment into the economy through borrowing. George Soros looked back at the U.S 2007-08, and that situation is what China is currently experiencing. The Chinese economy is debt-fueled, and this is warning sign that they may experience what the U.S experienced in 2007-08 that led to a spurred global recession. Citing the figures, China made a borrowing of an estimated 2.34 trillion yuan in a period of one month, which exceeded the median forecast of 1.4 trillion by Bloomberg. What this means is that the government is growth focused and is giving little attention to its growing debt.

The real facts that are not visible are that these borrowings are what are keeping the bad debts and loss-making enterprises alive. According to George Soros, the Chinese banks have more loans than deposits. To make matters worse, they are experiencing difficulties with both their assets and their liabilities. The banks are lending each other, and that is not a good sign. It is an indication of uncertainty and liability according to George Soros. What China is doing is deferring the problem from one year to another and this is making the matter worse as it grows at an exponential rate.

George Soros has also cited the real estate and property sector. The price of houses keeps on increasing on, mainly in its major cities. For instance, the price of houses rose by 62 % in Shenzhen. The industry is experiencing a bubble and will be able to sustain itself for a few years. This is the same situation that happened in the U.S in 2005 and 2006 right before the global recession.

Referring to these cases, George Soros says that China has major problems that it needs to address with its economy. If not addressed it will lead to the same situation that the U.S experienced in 2008 that led to a global recession.

Why CROs and Compliant Officers like Helane Morrison are Critical in the Corporate Word

The role of chief risk officers (CROs) is getting broader as financial companies change their perspective on risk. Apart from technical expertise, which is critical for the job, CROs are now expected to bring leadership and strategic thinking to the job. Traditionally, CRO jobs were synonymous with insurance companies. However, this situation changed with the role becoming prevalent in financial service firms over the last decade, especially after the 2008 financial crisis. The crisis led to a greater demand of accountability and transparency in risk management from the regulators.
In my view, a CRO should be a strategic thinker and have a wide and independent view of an institution. Additionally, the ability to foresee potential problems is important. The CRO role requires independence. From monitoring, identifying, and mitigating risks that are inherent to financial services like credit risk and operational risk, CROs work with compliance officers to conduct risk and manage compliance. This information was originally reported on The Wall Street Journal.
One of the top compliance officers that come to mind is Helane Morrison . She serves as the General Counsel, Managing Director, and Chief Compliance Officer for Hall Capital Partners. Helane Morrison is also a member of the company’s executive committee. She joined Hall Capital Partners in 2007. Before joining the firm, Helane Morrison served as the head of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s San Francisco Office between 1999 and 2007. In her role as district administrator and regional director, she was responsible for regulatory matters, securities enforcement and litigation in Northern California in addition to five Northwest States.
According to Duncan Martin, a managing director and senior partner for Boston Consulting, London, cases of former regulators being appointed as head of risk management are not new. This is because they have been found to have the right skills. Helane Morrison has served as a regulator with the San Francisco SEC office . From 1996 to 1999, she was the head of enforcement and represented SEC in business, legal and financial communities as well as other government agencies. In addition, Helane Morrison has previously practiced law at Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin based in San Francisco from 1986 to 1996. She became a partner in the law firm in 1991. Her practice specialized on business litigation and defense of SEC matters and private securities.
Because of the happenings in financial services, non-financial companies are becoming more interested in the CRO role. This is according to David Cook, a recruitment consultant at Russell Reynolds Associates. Things are changing and CROs are being viewed as generators of innovation given that the roles are evolving.
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Lake Tahoe’s Andy Wirth Learns To ‘Just Breathe’

Pearl Jam’s song ‘Just Breathe’ may have saved Andy Wirth’s life. Andy is the CEO and also the President of the Squaw Valley Resort in the Lake Tahoe area. He can ‘high five’ people about it now, but only about one year ago he nearly lost an arm, and very nearly his life.

He has long been an avid skydiver who, on one particular jump, found himself descending over a vineyard. He hoped for the best as he landed, but a vine support in the vineyard took his arm off. As blood spurted quickly out his arm’s stump, he knew he was in very deep trouble –

Andy Wirth is a former back country ranger, well educated about dealing with bodily trauma in uninhabited areas. His training took over and he remained calm to push back against a state of shock. As he thought of what to do, Pearl Jam’s song ‘Just Breathe’ came to mind.

To himself he sang that song: “Yes, I understand… every life must end,” the song begins. Wirth said he used the song to deal with overcoming death that afternoon. He used his good hand to pinch the flow of blood from his brachial artery to keep himself from bleeding out.

Fortunately, rescue and an ambulance quickly found him and then he was transferred by helicopter to an emergency room. In this exclusive report by Crowdrise, Andy Wirth began to believe he might live. It took complex surgery and a 3 month hospital stay to fully recover his arm. However, he was emotionally and physically a wreck. Recovery was a very slow and painful process that had him feeling depressed at times.

By a chance meeting, Andy Wirth became involved with the Navy Seals‘ Navy Seal Foundation. He and two of the Navy Seals formed an IRONMAN 70.3 race team to raise money for wounded Navy Seals. They called their team: Special Warfare Warrior Support Team. They have raised $38,000 so far.

William Skelley’s Success in Investment Business

William Skelley has been enjoying a period of success in the investment real estate business in recent years. The alternative investment professional was among the first to develop a crowd sourcing interface with the intent to aid real estate investors in choosing and purchasing properties. Skelley was recently honored with an invitation to join the prestigious group called the Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders. His membership into this group solidifies Skelley’s already superb reputation as the leading innovator in the real estate investment business model. Skelley shares his invitation to the prestigious real estate group with members like Michael Stoler, who functions as the managing director of Madison Realty Capital.

William Skelley’s journey to prominence has not always been an easy one. Mr. Skelley began his journey as a developer in several investment firms and gradually worked his way up the corporate ladder until he reached a point professionally where his ideas and visions for investment opportunities could be regarded respectfully. In addition to helping to develop several startups, William Skelley served as a business intern to former presidential nominee, Mitt Romney in 2012. He has also aided in the development of companies like General Electric, Olympus, Bain Capital, and Rose Park Advisors.

In 2012, William Skelley decided to venture out on his own and develop a company that would serve as a middle man between real estate investors and real estate developers and salesman. Skelley developed ifunding in an effort to ease the process of real estate investment among interested individuals and companies. The crowdfunding platform is now regarded as one of the most innovative business models in the United States.

In addition to an invitation to the prestigious real estate investment group, William Skelley has also been asked to appear on the show that is hosted by businessmen and peer Michael Stoler. The television show, The Stoler Report, is highly ranked on its broadcasting network and will prove to be beneficial to William Skelley’s brand. Skelley has placed an enormous amount of effort and time into his business venture and is currently being rewarded for his hard work and diligence.  The iFunding Facebook is run by Skelley himself, who has his own presence on