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There are two major types of legal incorporation of business in Brazil, aside from sole proprietorships and family businesses. Major corporations generally fall into one of two categories: S.A.’s (anonymous societies) or Ltda.’s (limited companies).

Limited companies are covered by the Brazilian Civil Code whereas anonymous societies are governed by a specific federal law that deals with this form of legal organization. A limited company, as the name implies, is made up of partners who have limited liability, and are therefore, under normal circumstances, only responsible for their capital contribution. However, the capital contributions are pooled together, and all of the partners are responsible up to that amount collectively. In addition, members of a limited company by definition are partners and are normally involved in the day-to-day operations of the business.

In contrast, partners in anonymous societies are shareholders, and the daily operations are relegated to a professional hierarchy governed by a board of directors. Also, as shareholders, they are only responsible for the amount of the contribution they made. Thus, larger companies tend to be anonymous societies, while smaller businesses, such as consulting companies are often limited companies.

Ricardo Tosto is one of Brazil’s foremost authorities on business law. His firm, Ricardo Tosto & Associates specializes in corporate, bankruptcy, and credit recovery, in addition to other specialty areas. Fluent in English and Portuguese, Ricardo Tosto is a graduate of a prestigious law school in Sao Paulo a highly respected member of the Sao Paulo Bar.

Thanks to his hard work and perseverance, Ricardo Tosto has been able to build a team of legal professionals have taken his firm to the top. Besides his love of the law, Ricardo Tosto is also a distinguished author and speaker.

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As the assistant coach of Harvard Basketball team, Yanni Hufnagel has several accomplishments in his coaching career. Hufnagel is 30-year-old Jewish who spent most of his life in Scarsdale. He also attended Cornell University and currently resides in Boston. Yanni Hufnagel has been celebrated as one of the young coaches in the U.S. who have led basketball teams such as Harvard through several wins.


In the Jewish-American coaching history, Yanni Hufnagel and Josh Pastner, the University of Memphis coach, are the most promising coaches. According to a 2011 survey conducted by CBS on 100 coaches, Hufnagel was also voted as a coach who can lead a basketball team effectively. The study also concluded that Yanni is a great recruiter.


Hufnagel’s Coaching Journey


Hufnagel’s passion for basketball coaching began when he was a kid. He used to read coaching books and watch NBA teams play. He once played for a lacrosse team at Penn State for one season before quitting. Yanni Hufnagel also listened to the views of basketball commentators on how teams played. Ed Cohen praised Hufnagel’s skills based on analyzing basketball. Ed also predicted that Hufnagel would become a coach one day.


As a freshman at Cornell University, Hufnagel served as the basketball manager of the institution’s basketball team. Hufnagel also served as an intern for the New Hersey Nets during the summer and fall of his first year. Hufnagel met Jeff Capel, Oklahoma basketball coach, through his friend Ryan Krueger after graduating from Cornell. Capel was in pursuit of a graduate assistant. He interviewed Hufnagel and offered him the position. During his tenure, he used to open the gym for Blake Griffin to train in the morning and late in the night. Capel linked Hufnagel to Tommy Amaker, Harvard’s head coach. Hufnagel served as a volunteer assistant coach before being appointed as the assistant coach.

Mike Baur is a founding member and managing partner of Swiss Start-Up Factory. Born in Switzerland, Baur had no idea how successful he would become. He has always had a fascination with banking and finance. Naturally, as he got older, he pursued a career in the banking.

He spent nearly two decades working for private banks. He started out as a commercial apprentice at UBS and worked his way up to become an executive board member of one of the largest private banks in Switzerland.

At age 39, Mike Baur co-founded Swiss Start-Up Factory with two partners, Max Meister and Oliver Walzer. Together, they made SSUF the top startup supporter in the country. Baur took especial interest in working with young entrepreneurs. He ensured that SSUF supported startups financially and in an advisory capacity. Since 2014, Swiss Start-Up Factory has become the number one independent and privately financed startup accelerator.

Every year since its founding, SSUF hosts a conference in which young entrepreneurs get a chance to meet and greet some of Switzerland’s top professionals. The event showcases the various perks of being about of the SSUF’s many programs. These events also host a number of speakers. This year, there are three speakers: Lino Guzzella, Laurent Vanbever, and Ankit Singla.

Lino Guzzella is President of ETH Zurich. He’s also a professor of thermotronics. He earned his doctoral degree in mechanical engineering at ETH Zurich. Before pursuing his academic career, he worked in research and development at Sulzer and Hilti Corporation. In the early nineties, he left the professional world and began furthering his education. In 1993, he was appointed assistant professor at ETH Zurich.

The second speaker, Laurent Vanbever, is an Assistant Professor at ETH Zurich. Unlike Guzzella, Vanbever has never stopped pursuing education. Before being appointed assistant professor, he was a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Princeton University. He even has a Ph.D. in Computer Science, which he got from the University of Louvain. He has several research interests that cross between theory and practice.

The last speaker is Ankit Singla. He joined ETH Zurich in 2016. He is also an Assistant Professor, but he works in the Department of Computer Science. Like Vanbever, Singla has a Ph.D. in Computer Science, but he earned his at the University of Illinois. He also has a Bachelor’s in Technology.


Scott Rocklage, based in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, is one of the most respected and notable figures in the healthcare management and life sciences space. Scott joined 5AM Ventures in the year 2003 just as a Venture Partner, but soon due to his exuberance and excellent performance as well as noting his leadership skills, he was given the position of Managing Partner a year after. Scott Rocklage helped 5AM Ventures secure the FDA approval for three new drug applications, namely Omniscan, Cubicin, and Teslascan.



Other than serving as managing partner at 5AM Ventures, he has in the past served as the CEO and Chairman at Cubist Pharmaceuticals and Nycomed Salutar. At Salutar and Catalytica, Scott Rocklage has held various research and development positions over the years. He has also held the position of board chairman at giant pharmaceutical companies such as Novira and Relypsa.



He currently is the board of president of many pharmaceutical companies, including Cidara, Kinestral, Rennovia Pulmatrix and Epirus. In the past, he held the position of executive director of Ilypsa, Semprus, and Miikan. Many of these pharmaceutical companies have merged with others businesses or are taken over by other giants. Scott Rocklage single-handedly helped in the growth and development of many of these companies, and thanks to the combination of scientific knowledge and acute business acumen, Scott ensured that the companies does not only contribute to the healthcare sector but also generates revenue.



Scott Rocklage is a highly qualified individual, and has done Bachelor in Science in Chemistry from the University of California and completed his Ph.D. in the same field from the world famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology. While at MIT, he conducted his experiments and research in the laboratory of the Noble Award Winner Richard R. Schrock. Over the years, Scott Rocklage has written many highly credible scientific articles and has over 100 publications that are peer reviewed under his name.



As an inventor as well as co-inventor, Scott Rocklage has 30 patents to his name. As the managing partner at 5AM Ventures, he aims to contribute to healthcare management sector by advancing the research in the biotechnology and collaborating technology with biosciences to achieve great results.


The Kabbalah Centre of Los Angeles is an organization that practices the ancient knowledge of Kabbalah, which explains how the universe works. Kabbalah Centre is a non-profit institution with the goal of simplifying Kabbalistic teachings and making them available to people. This center has been operational since 1922. Rav Yehuda Ashlag was among the first scholars to explore the knowledge of Kabbalah. Since its inception, this ancient practice has become popular with people of all ages and religions. Kabbalah has spread to approximately 40 cities worldwide. Karen Berg is the current director of Kabbalah Centre of Los Angeles. Karen is the wife of the late Rav Berg. This couple is responsible for the establishment of Kabbalah centers in the U.S.

A review of Kabbalah teachings and events

The wisdom of Kabbalah brings fulfillment and joy into the lives of the people who practice it. The Kabbalah Centre of LA strives to provide a platform for people, mainly students to better their lives. This institution has teachers who are mandated to provide students with spiritual guidance based on Kabbalah teachings. Students, in turn, are expected to employ these principles in their daily lives and use them to make sound decisions. Application of Kabbalah principles by the students is the hallmark of this institution.

The Kabbalah Centre of Los Angeles offers various classes such as the teen’s program, Zohar connections, awaken intuition, balanced living through Chinese medicine, and healing circle. It also conducts daily events, such as health-related seminars, social responsibility, and youth empowerment crusades. This institution also plans various activities and events with the aim of uniting its members. The Center is planning to host the Power of Thoughts, an event that will teach students how to unlock and enhance their inner potential and confidence. It will also organize a social activity called the Purim Party.

Kabbalah Centre Locations

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Talk Fusion has written another article for the homepage of MarTech Advisory. This is the second article he has written for the website. Bob Reina’s article is titled “Video Advertising Trends of 2017.” The article highlights the biggest video techniques and video styles and their roles in marketing. MarTech Advisory is one of the top ten publications for this particular industry. The article was read and shared by Chief Marketing Officers within their social media accounts. Bob Reina was thrilled to have this avenue to share this information with MarTech Advisory readers. He wants readers to gain insight and learn why it’s important to make video the vital piece of their marketing strategy.


Bob Reina is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to this topic. His company Talk Fusion works with IT companies and pitch ideas based on that particular company’s market analysis and consumer trends. Mr. Reina calls video the most valuable asset for a company and an advertiser. Talk Fusion’s first product was video email. He noticed that more companies are using video, making that medium a success. He wants companies to capitalize on the video trend in 2017. In addition to being a contributor to MarTech Advisory, he is also a contributor to The Huffington Post. This article will be shared with the 1.1 million subscribers that MarTech Advisory has. Bob Reina’s first article on the homepage of MarTech Advisory was one of the most popular ever.


Talk Fusion supplies a video marketing solution for companies and professionals. Talk Fusion has independent associates that help sell the Talk Fusion products. These independent associates go person to person speaking with compsnies about using video to market their business. Talk Fusion is successful because they have used the power of video to change marketing.


Standing Out In The Crowd

The most interesting thing about Eric Pulier is that he started programming at a young age and has made a name for himself as one of the most talented programmers around. There aren’t many people who can say they started programming in elementary school and there aren’t many people who can say they have created successful companies since their teens. He is further distinguished by his frequent use of software charitable causes such as the Starbright World social network. In fact, that was the first private social network in the world. In these ways he has managed to stand out.



A Jack Of All Trades

The most important thing to understand about Eric Pulier is the sheer variety of patents he holds. He has worked in just about every single category of software there is. He has built remote desktop software and he has also done his part to create software for communications as well. That variety has given him the versatility needed to consistently create and invest in companies that generate millions of dollars every year.



He Remains On Top Of It All

Even today Eric Pulier is at the center of the software industry and continues to attract headlines for his consistent ability to generate profits and come up with entirely new ideas. He has little in terms of competition but he is always pushing himself. Beyond his work as a software developer Pulier is also the father of four children. He has dedicated himself to making their lives better by changing the world around him in order to make sure that he leaves a legacy his children can be proud of.



About Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a software developer known for the numerous startups he has created and the patents he has attached his name to. He began programming at a young age and started his first company before he was even out of high school. That talent carried him a long way and eventually he continues to stand out for his innovation.


All organizations depend on a certain source to finance their daily expenses, whether office supplies or inventories. In case, you are looking forward to finance a business, there are various issues you have to get in touch with. Nowadays, more than 90 percent of new companies are self-supported but at the end of it you could be putting your assets at risk. More so, it may take longer to save enough and make your business rely on your savings.

There are several lenders who may not be willing to fund your business loans and each and every potential lender comes with their own company’s terms and conditions. At the end of the day it will be clearly noticed that different loans come with varying conditions, features and benefits. But one of the products that has been getting hot in the market is that Equities First Holdings provides to startups organizations and those individuals with high-net value assets. You can use your stock as security and get a prompt financing that comes with fixed and low-interest rates. For those who are not able to clear their arrears, they may decide whether to part their stock and keep the cash.

Fund is basic for an independent venture. Without adequate start-up capital, you won’t have the capacity to pay for your business permit, buy hardware, or hire workers. Luckily, financing is accessible from various sources. You may acquire a loan from a bank or other traditional financing organizations. Most banks will need to see a business plan, a record that will portray the key parts of your business. This incorporates the official rundown, and within the document, you should depict what you need—financing. Your marketable strategy ought to likewise incorporate a depiction of your business. In today’s financial history, getting traditional loans is becoming harder. And that is why stock-based loans are presently becoming familiar. Equities First Holdings can help you get the financial relieve to start your business! for more.

Clay Siegall has been one of the most respected scientists in the U.S. for a number of years after bringing the skills he developed at the University of Maryland and George Washington University to keep abreast of the latest changes in the scientific and medical fields. Dr. Siegall is always looking to develop his knowledge and skills by keeping up with the latest work completed by his own Seattle genetics company and leading scientists around the world.


Dr. Siegall is always looking to keep up to date with the latest breakthroughs that are changing the face of the medical and scientific industries, including a great deal of work completed to maintain his knowledge of the breakthroughs being made in terms of the ever changing space race; as an expert in medical research Clay Siegall is interested in how the effects of space can damage the body of astronauts and how these changes can be reversed. One area of interest for Clay Siegall is in the vision problems astronauts suffer after prolonged periods in space. Travel in space is a recurring theme in the interests of Clay Siegall as he is interested in the work of the SpaceX company who are looking to send two space tourists on a journey around the dark side of the Moon.


In terms of his career, Clay Siegall has been a major part of the cancer research community for many years and spent the years 1988 through 1991 working with the National Institutes of Health before moving to work at the National Cancer Institute until 1997. Dr. Siegall made his name as a scientist and medical researcher within the cancer research community and continues to play a key role in the development of new drugs and treatments for cancer patients.


As the founder of Seattle Genetics Clay Siegall has formed a specific plan for the company to move forward in the development of different drugs for cancer patients; specifically, Seattle genetics has been leading the development and research into antibody-drug conjugates that have included over 30 licenses and more than $350 million in funding for Clay Siegall’s company.


White Shark Media offers PPC management and has its offices in Nicaragua, Miami, Central America, Denmark, GA, Atlanta, FL and Scandinavia. The enterprise delivers effective management services to small and medium businesses that advertise online. White Shark bases its philosophy on the fact that their success only comes after the client’s.

White Shark Media has continuously improved on its efforts to enhance their customers’ experience and end results so as to address customer complaints and concerns. To do this, the firm has established better marketing solutions by revamping its services. The company has also focused on customer feedback to improve customer satisfaction. White Shark now uses clients’ Google adwords campaigns to give reports. This provides a detailed review of the clients’ campaign, hence enabling them to identify exact strategies used by the company to expound on their customer base.

Focusing further on customer feedback, the company has improved its communication to some of its clients to curb the complaints raised. There are now new systems of access-phones which are direct-extension enabled. Moreover, the systems have monthly go-to-meeting calls. All these aspects have improved communication hence client satisfaction significantly.

White shark has assisted businesses to succeed via innovative marketing through search engines. In addition to being cost-effective, the company meets most Google’s eligibilities which are stringent. Google itself through its employees acknowledges White Shark. It states that the company is its partner and offers an end-to-end customer-based service, experience and expertise. This enables business owners to focus their attention on operating their businesses.

Apart from a few complaints, which White Shark has so far addressed, many clients continue to offer positive feedback about the company. Some of them boast of having a new customer base, thanks to White Shark. While some clients say White shark has assisted them to save more than 10,000 dollars on cost per month, others associate the company with growth and success.


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