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Asset management entails a number of specializations and to be able to master all and do them profitably is not an easy task. The field requires training and experience as most of the best asset managers are well adept in various sectors and are able to create a very diverse portfolio at any one time. This has been one of the strong areas of the Fortress Investment Group.

The group that began in 1998 has been in the business of asset management for the last twenty years and continues to add more to its portfolio by the day. The portfolio currently under their management is estimated to be worth more than 40 billion dollars.The current Co-chairman and principal of the group Peter Briger who has worked at Fortress since 2002 has been one of the most influential figures in matters pertaining to its management. He has had experience in various aspects of asset management as well as mergers and acquisitions. The ability to establish the Fortress group credit business and grow it into a billion-dollar business has been one of his biggest career achievements.

Today the fortress investment group has given out more than a 100 billion in credit financing and has done much more in acquisitions and a number of mergers. In 2018 the fortress group raised two billion dollars that would go towards credit financing flagship credit opportunity funds.

This was a follow up in reference to the five billion dollars they had raised in 2015. The promotion of Drew McKnight and Josh Pack to managing director within the group would assist take off some of the responsibilities, Peter Briger had taken on and would enable him to concentrate his efforts more on the overall picture held by the group. In 2017 the Softbank investment bank offered Fortress investment Group shareholders a 3.3 billion dollar offer to acquire the asset management firm.

The bank was looking for a way to penetrate the American market and the Fortress investment Group offered a perfect opportunity for them and given the steady leadership and investment strategies they have shown since their inception they believed it could drive their portfolio even further.

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“Whatever side of the coin you were on was dependent upon how you saw the economy. Did you see opportunity, or did you see obstacle? Did you see potential reward, or did you see potential risk?”

Real estate entrepreneur Jim Toner

For Jim Toner finding financial freedom is all about ATTITUDE, true financial success can only be achieved if you change your thought process. Jim Toner path toward becoming a successful real estate investor came through his willingness to make major changes in his life. The 2008 financial crises according to Jim Toner was generated due to “poor decisions” leaving many susceptible to financial predators. Having the proper attitude will help you capitalize on opportunities so long that you are prepared for them.

Having the right ATTITUDE will also lead you to be physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy; thus, increasing the personal value of yourself. Toner claims that no one can be financially successful if they are poor in health: “I have seen many try succeed amidst poor health throughout the years, myself included, and all have failed”. Having good mental health will help you maintain your energy and make the right financial choices.

Taking risk is essential to financial success according to Toner the biggest step you can toward this is quitting your job. For Toner, working for someone else will contribute to financial instability due to the changing economic culture of the 21st century. Understanding the art of sales and gearing yourself toward the habit of daily success will provide you great tools for a healthy ATTITUDE. If you do not believe in what you do whatever you set out on accomplishing will not be financially successful.

Finally, Toner emphasizes that financial success has “no secrets” but, merely requires one to continuously strive toward your goals: “The next time you see some ‘guru’ present ‘next big thing’ or some ‘new’ discovery… RUN!”. Your financial freedom should not be swayed by the presence of a gimmick or ploy but, determined through your own will to be magnificent.

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If working in the medical field is something you are looking to do, you will want to find a job at Sussex Healthcare. This company, which is a healthcare facility for the aged, has many opportunities available for anyone from nurses to physical therapists. The rates of pay is equal to or greater than those offered at other facilities of the same type. Many of their employees have been with the company for many years and will continue to work there for many more to come. They believe that the facility is one of the best in the business.

Sussex Healthcare has been recognized as one of the leading facilities in the industry and their workers have been awarded many honors. The company feels that their employees are what makes them work well and they encourage all of them to continue their education and gain as much knowledge as they can in their field. They offer seminars and continuing education classes within the facility which can be attended by any member of the staff. They believe in promoting from within and several key members of the executive staff have worked their way up in the organization.

The application process for work at Sussex Healthcare is long and background checks are completed before anyone can be hired. This is a safety measure they use to ensure their residents are well taken care of. Once hired, staff is trained in their job and they are continually offered the chance to expand their training. This allows their employees to do their job to the best of their ability.

Sussex Healthcare has been in operation for 25 years and they have developed their working atmosphere over time. They are in the process of setting up areas in the buildings where employees can go to relax and reduce their stress. Many other organizations in this field have been looking at Sussex Healthcare as a model for their own facilities. They believe that the company has a winning program in place for their employees and want to arrange their business to do the same for their employees.

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The name Heather Russell is fairly common in American culture, but the Heather Russell of this article is far from being a common businesswoman. Heather Russell, J.D., is an accomplished legal executive thanks to her education training from American University’s Washington College of Law. This brilliant-minded individual graduated with honors from this school, and she went on to attain an bachelor’s degree from the prestigious College of William & Mary. This particular woman exudes excellence, and she is the perfect example of female empowerment. Russell has taken over the position of Chief Legal Officer at TransUnion.

According to, TransUnion is one of the top three credit agencies in the US, including Equifax and Experian. John Blenke, former-Chief Legal Officer of TransUnion, has retired from his duties after serving a long career with this credit agency. By bringing in Russell, TransUnion will be adding another 20 years of leadership and experience. Being so well-trained, Russell will actually bring in a diverse mix of leadership because she has held numerous leadership positions with other finance companies. “I’m confident that Russell will bring strong leadership to the team,” said James Peck, president of TransUnion. Thanks to working across a wide field in the finance sector, Russell will be responsible for handling everything that pertains to corporate governance. This also includes handling consumer privacy issues as well as handling a plethora of other legal-related issues. If anybody can do it, then this women certainly has the capabilities to succeed. Russell is on Facebook, connect with her now.

TransUnion has already built a strong foundation to work from, and it has been providing informative solutions for businesses as well as individuals. Russell will only help the agency become more stronger thanks to her wide array of tangibles. Everything is looking positive with this new change of position as Heather Russell is expected to lead TransUnion well into the future. Russell is also an Assistant Math Professor at University of Richmond.

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Clear communication. Great understanding. An unbreakable trust. Definitive customer service. All four of these principles are a must for any wealth management firm working with investing clients. HCR Wealth Advisors has seamlessly implemented the principles of communication, understanding, trust, and service into its work relationships with investors.

Technology has made investing a very rapid process. Money can be lost or gained within an instant. Financial advisors and others in the finance world needed to evolve with how technology was changing the landscape of modern-day investing.

HCR Wealth Advisors understood what clients would demand and chose to create personalized strategies to lead and develop a process to helping its clients’ reach their financial goals. By doing this, HCR Wealth Advisors has been able to steadily grow its business and retain much of its clientele.  Many clients have worked with the firm for over a decade.

For over twenty-five years, HCR Wealth Advisors has been a company of teamwork. The advisors are experienced and educated and pride themselves on thinking and strategizing for investors. The team of professionals thoroughly empower their clients through financial education. They educate their investors on everything needed to reach their financial goals.

The firm’s success can be contributed to how it puts the customer first. The customer receives full attention from the firm. HCR Wealth Advisors does this by building strong, long-lasting relationships. Keeping transparency in their interactions with investors has built a partnership in between the firm and its clients. It empowers clients with solutions to their wealth management problems or concerns and wholeheartedly does whatever it takes to make the client feel most comfortable and confident in choosing HCR Wealth Advisors to be the firm that oversees their risky financial journey.

The Los Angeles, California-based firm has been able to have its longevity for one key reason: quality customer service. The ways of wealth management may be changing but HCR Wealth Advisors will continue to provide exceptional customer service in creating wealth management strategies and options for its clientele. With this in mind, it is sure the registered investment advisory firm should enjoy continued success in building strong client portfolios of guided investments and sustainable wealth management.

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The Visium Asset Management firm is on top of the list of healthcare hedge funds in the country. The brainchild of Jacob Gottlieb Visium has been in operation since 2005 and recently hit the $8 billion dollar mark in terms of assets. The firm’s CIO has had an interesting history that he used to help the firm rise through the ranks.

Gottlieb was born to parents of Polish origin who moved to the US in the early 1960s. His whole life has revolved around economics and healthcare thanks to his parents who did so well in the two fields. His father taught economics while his mother was a largely successful pediatrician.

He was still in his formative years when he first got involved in economics. A stock selection competition was held at his school and he beat the top competition to take home the top price. His father took a keen interest in his abilities and helped him set up a trading account.

Gottlieb later joined Brown University where he completed a BA in economics. This did not keep him from pursuing medicine at the New York University Medical School. He then went to the St. Vincent’s Hospital for his internship program.

The Wall Street proved to be more lucrative as he put his medical pursuit on hold to establish a career in the economic world. He worked tirelessly and soon became a Chartered Financial Analyst. In 1998 he joined Sanford C. Bernstein to actively engage in trading stocks. He specialized in global healthcare given his medical background.

He later joined Merlin Biomed Group but was only there for a few months before Balyasny Asset Management came calling. By this time he had established himself as a leading healthcare portfolio manager.

In 2005 Gottlieb took the bold step of going out on his own. He mobilized an active team and established Visium. It has since experienced massive growth and has provided employment opportunities to 170 individuals.

His active role at Visium Asset Management has not prevented him from offering his services to non-profit institutions in his hometown. The Robin Hood Foundation, Covenant House, and Math for America have all had a taste of his exceptional skills.

Jim Simons, an accomplished mathematician, was the brain behind Math for America. Based in New York the organization was founded with an eye on science, education, technology, and math. Jim sought to ensure that schools in New York get and keep the best teachers in the four disciplines. The organization offers fellowship pieces of training to the teachers and has been in operation since 2004.


DAMAC Properties was founded in 2002 by Hussain Sajwani who was previously dealing with a catering business. While he ventured into Draieh Management Services Company, he explored the idea of starting a Dubai real estate market eyeing the foreign investors. Hussain was ranked as the wealthiest billionaire in the whole of the UAE before US President Donald Trump was elected. Later the fortunes of the company and the owner continued to rise steadily as a result of the partnership with Trump Organization which led to the opening of the golf club. The golf club was opened at the DAMAC Hills mega project. DAMAC share price as rated by the Dubai Financial Market has grown from Dhs2.69 as of January to approximately Dhs3.4 as of November. Forbes report also shows that over the recent times Hussain’s net worth has also increased from $3.7bn to $4.3bn.

At the interview with Hussain the owner of DAMAC Properties which happened at the company’s Barsha Heights headquarters, he said that 2017 was a “good stable year” for the company. Besides, he noted that with the growth, it was now possible for the company to hit the initial forecast targets of Dhs7bn ($1.9bn) sales and handover and hopefully exceed by the end of the year.

Hussain seemed optimistic in the interview which was evident of the profitability and a significant turnaround of the company from the partnership. In 2008, the company suffered some challenges from the bursting of Dubai real estate bubble, and as a result, the prices went down with a significant margin of up to 60 percent. Hussain said that since the encounter, the company had strived heavily on delivery and made sure that over 50 percent more units are handed over in comparison to the competitors during the 2010–2011 when the company was recovering from the losses. Later in 2012, the company was able to launch a new project for years, and the momentum has continued ever since with big projects like the 42–million–square–foot Akoya of 2013 which was later renamed DAMAC Hills and the 55million–square–foot Akoya Oxygen in 2014.

DAMAC owner said that the secret behind the success of the company was that they were able to see the challenges and find the solutions to them.

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Numerous genuine monetary establishments acknowledge the way that they are thinking about both Stellar and Ripple as a noteworthy shake-up of their settlement models, as Jed McCaleb’s remarks flush in. Swell is now arranged to be actualized by South Korean Woori Bank on a business premise not long from now. Jed, a long-lasting designer in the crypto world, anticipated its innovation would change common installment frameworks, securities exchanges and gathering pledges by 2028. He has had a hand on a portion of the most significant crypto trades to date, beginning with Mt. Gox Bitcoin trade to being the CEO at Stellar as of now.

Jed McCaleb likewise said the marvel of token deals known as starting coin contributions indicate how the whole market isn’t tapped right now by the money related framework. In his viewpoint, this installment framework will work through an all-inclusive channel that gets and circulates installments through a separate system. Also, he sees the potential outcomes of the half and half installment framework encouraging the payment of enormous fiat monetary forms through the blockchain.

Surprisingly better, the installment strategy will be a noteworthy shake-up in the realm of virtual resource installments. Throughout the years, Jed has taken in the benefit of using these installment techniques in business as well as for individual utilize. At Stellar, he studied group driving and innovation offices. Also, he persuaded that the cutting edge would make out of numerous virtual installment strategies. Originator Jed McCaleb said in a meeting that the convention and related white paper had developed for quite a long time. The objective of the discharge, he stated, was to both give expository sponsorship to the new convention and additionally give less innovation slanted people the way to comprehend the change.

Jed McCaleb included the group is currently centered around scaling the new convention, with an objective of making colossal exchange limit close by the capacity to meet strong client action. Some portion of the procedure from now until the point that when we switch over the system is expanding those measurements, crushing more execution out of it. Stellar’s way to deal with making a typical universal monetary stage is unequivocally libertarian — as opposed to concentrating on either side of the fund.

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The “golden years” is the period of time that takes place once a person retires from work. The term was developed a long time ago to signify the good life that retirees are supposed to live once they make it to this point. However, many retirees end up living boring and uneventful lives because they cannot figure out what to do with themselves. They also are prone to dealing with a variety of negative issues which range from alcohol abuse to mental health disorders.

The problem with retiring today has to do with long life and lack of purpose. Medically speaking, people are living a lot longer than they did in the past. Since this is the case, retirees now have more time on their hands after retiring. A retired person must now determine the best way they can spend their golden years. If not, they may wander aimlessly through their retirement and probably end up in a place where they will not be happy with themselves.

According to, retirees that do not have a purpose will most likely end up wasting away during their retirement years. Once a person’s career has come to an end, they should find out what their next venture is going to be. People should do something that will give them meaning in life. Once again, if they don’t do what is necessary they may end up in a place where they don’t want to be.

HCR Wealth Advisors helps people to plan out their golden years. They not only look at the financial aspect of retirement they also help their clients to determine the next phase of their life. HCR Wealth Advisors helps its clients develop a personalized retirement plan that will grow and change to fit the client’s needs during the golden years. This simply means that a retiree can live for a long time and not have to worry about money or purpose. HCR Wealth Advisors’ new retirement plan ensures that people have everything they need to live a great life once their careers have ended. You can connect with HCR Wealth on LinkedIn.

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According to “The Life Saving Medical Inventions of Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon” there is a device available that will allow doctors to safely use their endoscope while simultaneously suctioning out the contents of their patient’s stomach to allow for greater visibility. Also, if they find that the lens on the endoscope get cloudy or they need some type of irrigation, they can do that as well without ever removing the endoscope from the patient’s throat. This allows them to safely conduct their medical procedure without irritating the patient’s tissue or endangering them with needless removal and reinsertion of medical devices. This is a revolutionary and novel idea that doctors did not have available to them until the mind of Dr. Saad Saad decided to include this with the device. This change to the endoscope is a relatively cheap one, meaning that the new type of endoscope is being a mass produced to immediately begin serving patients. It has a very promising outlook in the medical community and the potential to become a staple.


The article also discusses the creation of a locating mechanism that can be mounted onto catheters. Catheters that have been inserted into the veins of a patient are difficult to locate, but it is a necessary part of their protocol and treatment of patients with such devices. Dr. Saad Saad found that this entire process was very difficult for patients as they received almost constant doses of radiation from frequent x-rays that were being conducted to locate catheters. He found that simply placing something into the tip of the catheter to allow doctors to track it would alleviate the need for these x-rays. In fact, this is a great solution to the problem because it allows doctors to check on the patient’s while they are in the room with a very simple device that can be held in their hands. It is a new wave of medical growth, one that has been facilitated by Dr. Saad Saad.


Dr. Saad Saad received his medical degree from Cairo University, located in Egypt. He is one of seven siblings, all eventually going on to receive advanced degrees in their respective fields. It appears from a very early age he was taught to maintain motivation and drive for the thing that people want in life. His humble beginnings made him very compassionate to people of lower socioeconomic class, and he worked very many positions that allowed him to serve in this underserved population. He even spent time as the personal pediatric surgeon in Saudi Arabia for their royal family. While there, he still coordinated efforts to help impoverished families with children in need of difficult surgical procedures. It is clear from all of his work that he puts patient care before anything else. Learn more:

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