Toys For Boys Event Tours Florida By Helicopter


Transport was the main theme of the latest event from the Toys For Boys brand and its founder Danilo Diaz Granados, who gave this small, hand selected group of men from the Miami area a day of excitement, thrills, and a wide range of different forms of transport. The day took in helicopter rides, car racing, and a sunset cruise on a yacht to provide the group with a range of options for enjoying the most luxurious lifestyle possible.

Danilo Diaz Granados arrived in Miami after completing a high quality education at Babson College, which saw the investment specialist gain degrees in Entrepreneurship and Economics before arriving in Florida and embarking on a career in investing. Granados now develops new areas for investors for the FCP company alongside heading the Toys For Boys group; the development of Toys For Boys came after Danilo Diaz Granados decided to explore the opportunities for men to get the best options in luxury from a single store in Miami.

The development of the Toys For Boys store came hand in hand with regular events designed to repay loyal customers and inspire them to push on towards even bigger and better things in life. Danilo Diaz Granados is now providing even more elaborate events for his clients, but is limiting the guest list to a few hand selected clients attending each event. The latest event spanned an entire day from breakfast at the One Thousand Museum designed by Dame Zaha Hadid to a champagne soaked sunset cruise from Miami’s River Yacht Club.

The bulk of the day was spent at the Palm Beach Race Track, which was reached by helicopter from Miami, where the men enjoyed a day of car racing at this world renowned race track. Helicopter rides and plenty of Dom Perignon Champagne made sure the men enjoyed an amazing day of fun and thrills with Toys For Boys.  Check him out on CrunchBase, to learn more about Danilo’s career and where he’s going next.

Why Marketing is Vital

There are a lot of companies that try to save money by cutting their marketing budget. Although this sounds like a good idea, marketing is an essential element of any business. Growing your customer base is one of the best things that you can do in order to take your business to the next level. Kenneth Goodgame is a marketing expert who is dedicated to helping other people achieve a high level of success. With all of the things that they have done in recent years, True Value Marketing is one of the top marketing firms in the country. If you are having trouble growing your customer base, this is a great company to work with. They will give you the things to do in order to have success in this area.

Kenneth Goodgame

Succeeding in the world of marketing is never an easy thing. Kenneth Goodgame has done a great job of taking things to the next level in his life. If you are someone who is willing to invest in your business, marketing is the way to go. Kenneth Goodgame has a plan in place to take your company to a new level in terms of total customers. There are a lot of business owners who struggle in this area of their company. If you want to invest in your future, you need to make sure that you are willing to put marketing first. Goodgame knows ways to transform your business, but you have to follow through with the plan.

Growing Customers

Some companies stop growing because they stop engaging and trying to grow their customer base. At some point, every company needs to look at their core customer and figure out how they are going to take things to the next level with them. There are a lot of people who simply do not understand how to invest for their future. Over the long term, marketing is one of the best ways to grow your company and to take things to the next level. Kenneth is someone who can help during that process, as he is a marketing expert at True Value Marketing.

Raj Fernando’s Guide to Hiring the Best Employees

Chicago has more than 104 private companies that are regarded as the world’s fastest growing companies. Among some of the top businesses in Chicago are United Airlines, Motorola, and McDonalds. The companies have a symbiotic relationship whereby they help each other to prosper in the business industry. Through agglomeration, the business enterprises are able to attract different support organizations like banks and investment firms.

Despite the accomplishments, employees face a threat being laid off in the annual performance assessment carried out. However, Raj Fernando considers the performance appraisal ineffective and discriminating on the unique talents of each employee.

Instead, he suggests that during the hiring process, managers should be focused on employing passionate professionals with different abilities. The diverse talents should then be incorporated to bring up an active team.

His skills in employee selection saw the growth of Chopper Trading into a leading financial service provider that offered services to its clients like, ICAP- Broketek, Nasdaq, LSE, and Eurex. Some of the factors he considers important when hiring employees include the following;

1. Painting an accurate picture of the firm
His hiring team composed of top executives holds job fairs at schools. During the job fairs, the recruitment team appears simple. They do not prefer wear expensive attires. This is an aim to attract suitable candidates.

Successful candidates are taken around the company to familiarize themselves with the actual environment they will be working.

2. Taking time to learn the particular skills of each candidate
Most companies experience high employee turnover since they don’t take the chance to evaluate candidates before hiring them. For this reason, they end up recruiting people with high academic achievement but no passion in the job.

Such employees often have a lower productivity. Raj’s hiring team usually takes time to learn about employees’ unique talents. The recruitment team uses brain teasers and general questions to gauge an employee’s interest and how candidates can handle different situations in the job area. Those who exhibit exceptional skills are chosen.

Raj’s special talent in the finance industry has seen him honored as a trustee in many organizations like Chicago Council on Global Affairs, American security project, and Rosenblatt Global Exchange Leader.

Eric Pulier: Focusing On the Future Through Philanthropy

After learning computer programming while still in elementary school, Eric Pulier formed a database computer company while still in high school. This would be just the first of many companies he’d form. He went on to graduate magna cum laude from Harvard University in 1988.

In 1991, he formed People Doing Things, a company which used focused on addressing universal issues such as education and health care in a context that leveraged technology. In 1994, he founded Digital Evolution, which became US Interactive in 1998.

In that same time span, Eric Pulier also maintained his focus on more philanthropic efforts. In 1995, Steven Spielberg and Al Gore cut the ribbon on Starbright World, a social network Eric designed and built for terminally ill children to connect and share their experiences with each other in a safe environment. He later went on to create Starlight Diabetes, which helped diabetic children learn and understand their illness through animated learning modules.

In 1997, he was selected by the Presidential Inaugural Committee to create “The Bridge to the 21st Century”, the Presidential Technology Exhibition. He went on to take part in Al Gore’s forums on health care and technology.

Eric is a donor to a lot of other philanthropic efforts as well. He was an honoree at the 2010 US Doctors for Africa benefit. His donations helped in founding the ACE Foundation, which helps find new ways to apply software in efforts to solve humanitarian challenges such as clean drinking water.

Notably, he is on the innovation board for XPRIZE, which organizes competitions to promote technological innovation that could benefit mankind. Their board of trustees includes Arianna Huffington, Elon Musk, Larry Page and James Cameron.

He is also a board member for The Painted Turtle, which organizes things such as camps for chronically or terminally ill children. It was originally founded by Paul Newman and Lou Adler.
Eric Poulier recently founded vAtomic Systems Inc. in 2015. Their primary focus is leveraging modern blockchain and cloud technology, for which Eric holds several patents.

Whether through work or outreach, full spectrum philanthropy seems to be Eric Pulier’s motto.


Talk Fusion Communication

There are a lot of companies that try to add value to customers and to grow their business over time. In order to do that, you must have a viable product or service that helps people in a variety of areas. Talk Fusion is a company that has grown rapidly in recent years for a variety of reasons. Not only do they care about their customers, but they have also worked to develop quality products. Their communications product has won an award for being one of the best in the industry. Their video chat services allow people to communicate like never before. If you want to make an impact in your industry, taking an example from this company is the way to go.

Helping Others

One of the biggest reasons why this company has done well is the fact that they do a good job helping others. There are a lot of companies that are just interested in making a lot of money. Although Talk Fusion has done well in recent years, the company is still focused on adding value to customers through their products and services. This is one of the biggest things that separates this company from others in the industry. Over the long term, these small changes can make a huge difference in the lives of other people.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of companies in the communications industry that are looking to gain marketing share. Talk Fusion has done a lot of good over the past couple of years, and because of their hard work the company has won an award for their communication software. If you want to take the next step as a company, it is vital to look at the long term when investing in your business. There are times when you must think about customers more than you do short term profits. Although this can be a difficult choice to make, it is the right choice for your company. Talk Fusion has a lot going for it right now, and that is why so many people are excited about what is coming for the company.

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The Partnership between The Dallas Foundation and HCM on Philanthropic Matters

Jim Dondero is widely known for his impressive business acumen and resume when it comes to accomplishments and service to HCM and other companies. Apart from his significant involvement in business activities, especially at Highland Capital, he focuses on charitable giving to the local Dallas community.

With a considerable rise in HCM’s annual charitable giving budget to over $3 million, HCM opted to search for a partner to aid in the management of the massive budget. As a result, HCM landed on Mary Jalonick, who is the CEO and President of the Dallas Foundation. She boasts of an experienced team in philanthropic and donor service.

The partnership between HCM and The Dallas Foundation led to the formation the Highland Dallas Foundation, Inc., as a supporting entity of the Dallas Foundation. HCM preferred The Dallas Foundation for its deep-rooted involvement in charitable giving in the North Texas community.

The partnership between the Dallas Foundation and HCM led to the recruitment of Linda Owen, Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation’s former President. Linda’s work at the Dallas Foundation entails focusing only on the Highland Dallas Foundation, Inc.

James Dondero is one of the prominent individuals in the private equity and credit market. As such, he holds over 30 years of experience in this type of markets. Currently, he serves as the President as well as the Co-Founder of Dallas-based international alternative credit manager, Highland Capital Management. The SEC-registered adviser on investment matters focuses on credit strategies including collateralized loan obligations, special and distressed situations private equity, credit hedge funds, and long-only funds and separate accounts. HCM also boasts of alternative investments such as natural resources, long/short equities as well as emerging markets.

In the past, Dondero has aided various companies such as the Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary in business growth from concept level to more than $2 billion in a period of about four years. Some of his portfolio management experience comprises of leveraged bank loans, investment grade corporates, high-yield bonds, mortgage-backed securities, derivatives and many others. Apart from his key role at HCM, Dondero chairs the boards of other companies such as NexBank, Cornerstone Healthcare Group, and CCS Medical.


The Times of John Goullet

Diversant is a company that specializes in providing IT staffing to a number of different client companies throughout the country. It is a fully certified Minority Business Enterprise that has been completely committed to meeting the needs of its clients, consultants, and partners since its origination. It is particularly interested in encouraging diversity in the marketplace. In all of its goals, clients will undoubtedly soon recognize that what Diversant sets out to do, it does and does extremely well. To that end, Diversant has always hired the best professionals in the industry, professionals like John Goullet who founded and managed a rival company with merged with them.

This was a role that was not just handed to him just because of his family. He has worked for it for years. And it was not an easy climb for Goullet to his present position. Goullet graduated from Ursinus College, after which he worked as a computer consultant for several years. He served at various companies in this role from 1981 until 1994. At this time Goullet branched off into the IT staffing industry. For a little while he served as an IT staffing account executive before deciding to branch off on his own completely. That is when he founded Info Technologies. As its CEO, within five years he helped grow it to $30 million. It also became an award-winning company as one of the fastest-growing in the nation.

But he was not finished growing his company. As a wise businessman, he recognized that further growth required merging with another big industry company. So in 2010, he agreed to merge Info Technologies with Diversant Inc. to form Diversant LLC. Goullet continues to be its principal and chairman. He is truly a self-made success who has earned the power and prestige he now holds through years of hard work.

Take Your Confidence Back For Your Hair

Are you tired of the harsh elements and the effect that it has on your hair? Do you spend a lot of money on pricey salon visits? WEN hair by Chaz is a unique hair care solution that provides you with the all natural ingredients that give your hair luster and shine. You will be glad to know that their products are both great for men and women. After a long day you can wash your hair an condition it with a reliable solution that provides a wonderful combination of hair care protection. They value the opinion of the customers and want you to get the hair care results that you desire.
Bustle online did a recent article on a young lady that decided to use Wen by Chaz Dean. She was impressed after the week of her trial. She has thin hair and she was susceptible to trying products that don’t work. Her goal was to find a product that would help her hair get dimension and volume. She would use their strengthening conditioner after each shampoo and document her results. She promised to give her honest testimonial and report the outcome to the Bustle readers. She was impressed with the results after a few days.

She noticed far less breakage after the first week of using Wen by Chaz. Her hair use to fall out in the shower after every wash, but now it is managable and gives her the volume that she wants for her hair. Wen by Chaz can be brought securely online on QVC for a fraction of the cost of other products that are advertised by high end celebrities. She felt like she was paying for a name. She now recommends Wen by Chaz to all the Bustle readers and she will continue to use their products as a personal hair care solution. like the Wen hair page:


The current focus on Inmate services; Securus Organization

A switch is being noticed in the market where many business organizations are seeking a move towards service delivery to the inmates. The market availability and surety are attracting more investors in providing services to the prisons. Our focus on Securus firm is trying to discover its innovation and more is being exposed. Securus is a high-tech company located in Dallas, and it is strictly involved in the provision of civil and criminal justice data. Previously, the process of seeking the required files and other relevant information was tedious compared to the current situation.

Improvements and changes from Securus

Since the innovative steps to provide the improved services of storage and retrieval of information, inmates have recorded massive saves of money and other necessary resources. The move has welcomed the application of current technologies in the service delivery. Information is now stored in soft copy forms on the computers and online accounts. Any need is attended to by easy retrieval and access has been made very efficient. Many courtrooms are now finding more time to work on a greater number of cases.

A most standard paper application that has since received a massive boost since the introduction of Securus Automation services is the grievance form and medical sign ups. The new methods do not include a pile of steps before production of the receipts. The correctional staff has always been employed to ensure after the usual procedures the papers get counter checked and mistakes rectified. Automation has helped many prisons to relieve themselves of such services and cut in operational costs as labor requirements get cut down. It has also provided a platform for transparency within the judicial systems and also given chances of appealing to inmates.

Choosing A Reliable Stock Trading Course Or Coach

When it comes to choosing a reliable stock trading coach or tutorial, look no further than Jim Hunt – a master at investment strategies and techniques.

Jim has been helping people get started in the investment field, including stock trading. Jim vowed to make his mom a successful stock trader in just a short time. In fact, Jim promised to make her a millionaire in just 10 trades. The entire process will be done step by step on YouTube so that everybody who is interested can learn as he takes his mom from beginner to millionaire status.

Jim Hunt has a wide variety of books and courses designed to help newbies make a fortune and attain success in their business endeavor. His books and courses cover topics in the business and wealth building fields and are highly recommended in the industry. Jim has taught countless individuals, through his information materials, how to become successful in their respective endeavors.

If you are interested in learning how to make money in your own business, how to start investing or how to become a stock trader and amass a fortune in the process, it is imperative that you check out Jim’s books and courses. These materials are available from VTA Publications and can be obtained from their website.

VTA Publications is a highly reputable company and is well known for their top notch information products, including books, courses and training programs. These materials are well researched and created by professionals who have made a great deal of money and have achieved tremendous success in their endeavors. Once you have access to proven courses and books like those created by Jim Hunt, you can rest assured that you will achieve the success you desire.  See more videos from Jim Hunt like the one above, on YouTube: