Beneful Advice: Beware of Raw Dog Food Diet

All pet parents want their pets to eat the healthiest foods on the market. In the quest to give their dogs the best foods, many dog owners are turning to the BARF diet. BARF an acronym for Bones and Raw Food. This diet is nothing new. Sled dogs and racing greyhounds have been on this type of diet for decades. More than 20 years ago, an Australian veterinarian suggested all dogs should be on this diet. According to the veterinarian, dogs would thrive on the BARF diet because it’s what canines consumed prior to becoming domesticated.
The vet contended that grain-based commercial dog foods were actually harmful to dogs’ health. Veterinarians and the FDA disagree. The risk of putting your dog on the raw food diet could be harmful to his health.
Supporters of BARF Claim there are Potential Benefits
There are actually different types of BARF diets. Some are homemade while others are commercial brands. Majority of the diets have the same kind of ingredients in them. The raw food diet consists of ground or whole bones. The meat can be muscle meet on or off the bone. Pet parents also give their dogs organ meat like kidneys and livers. Dogs are fed items besides meat like dairy, raw eggs, vegetables and fruit. BARF diet supporters claim the diet gives a dog smaller stool and:
• Shinier coat
• Cleaner teeth
• Healthier skin
• More energy
Potential Risks of BARF Diet
Beneful wants you to know there are risks to this raw food diet. For example, there are risks to dog and human health from the bacteria that lives in raw meat. Other potential dangers include:
• Dog choking on whole bones
• Breaking teeth on bones
• Internal damage from bones puncturing
• Potential risk of having an unbalanced diet
Some dogs experience mild anemia from lack of protein. Little fat usually means a bad coat, not a healthier, shinier one. Another problem is raw food diets don’t have the needed phosphorous and calcium. This can cause long-term problem for dogs. They can experience dental problems and broken bones. This diet can also lead to high levels of vitamin which can be harmful to dogs.
Even supporters of the diet will agree it’s not for puppies. It can cause deformities and growth problems. Dogs with health problems like severe liver failure, late-stage kidney problems, digestive issues, and pancreatitis shouldn’t consume raw meat.
Beneful is devoted to Educating Pet Parents about Healthy Food Options
We are devoted to educating all pet parents about health food options for their pets. We only want the best for your pet. It’s why we include wholesome, real ingredients in our pet foods. For example, our pet foods include omega-rich ingredients and antioxidants. Whether you purchase wet or dry foods, rest assure your dog is getting a well-balanced meal.
For anyone wanting to know more about the raw food diet, consult your vet. Beneful wants you to have all the facts about the diet to make an informed decision.

Notre Dame Lacrosse Dominates on the Field and off

matt landis kristis

The University of Notre Dame has had a successful men’s lacrosse team in the NCAA Division I since the 1981 season when it became a varsity program. Currently, they are a part of the ACC, which awarded player Matt Landis the Defensive Player of the Year Award. The Fighting Irish regularly find their way to the NCAA championship tournament and have produced numerous All-Americans. Several players such as Matt Landis have also been nominated for the Tewaaraton Trophy, which is similar to football’s Heisman Trophy. Team leaders consistently have an impressive number of goals for scorers, as well as high save percentages as goalies.
matt landis kristis
These players not only dominate on the field, but also in the classroom and in the community. The men do well academically, and the team has had a 100% graduation rate since its inception. Eight players were recently namedto the ACC’s All-Academic Team. Another seventeen completed internships over the summer, at such high-end companies as Morgan Stanley, The Riverside Company, and Whiting-Turner. Matt Landis interned at Jefferies in New York. Strong focus is given to the alumni-student connection away from the playing field as alumni mentor current players.
matt landis kristis

In their local community, Matt Landis and the Notre Dame Men’s Lacrosse Team have a weekly mentoring program in which they partner with the Dickinson Fine Arts Academy. The student-athletes mentor younger students through hands-on experiences, teaching them skills in critical thinking, motivation, and sportsmanship. This community service earned them the recognition of the ACC/United Way as local “Game Changers.”

matt landis kristis
Outside of their immediate location, the team also travels to mentor youth. For example, they also recently traveled to Chicago for the fourth annual “Playing for Peace” youth clinic with O.W.L.S. Lacrosse.

Notre Dame prides itself on creating effective global citizens, as well as boasting a strong sports program.

The Men’s Shoe Business In The United States Is Not Just About Plain Foot Covering Anymore

For the first 60 years of the 20th century, men didn’t spend a lot of money on their leather shoes. Domestic shoe companies concentrated on the women’s shoe business because women bought more shoes than men, and they still do. One of the reasons that men didn’t buy as many shoes is shoe companies were stuck in a traditional mode when it came to designing shoes. Shoe companies believed that men just wanted a pair of black and brown dress shoes, and maybe a casual pair for weekends.

It was easier and less expensive for shoe factories to make the same style in the same color on a production line, so the men were caught in a self-created fashion trap. If men had demanded more styles, the shoe companies would have been forced to make them.

That’s exactly what happened in the 1970s. Men began to push the fashion envelope. They started to wear colorful clothes. The athletic shoe business helped men see that they could wear red, yellow and green and still be manly. Suddenly the domestic shoe manufacturer were caught in another trap. They couldn’t produce shoes in more than two colors profitably. They began to experience pressure from foreign shoe makers that could produce shoes in different styles and colors and make a nice profit. Domestic factories couldn’t stop the rising labor and raw material costs, so almost all factories in the U.S. were out of business before the turn of the century.

But before the domestic factories went out of business, they tried one last trick in order to stay in business. The designers stopped using leather uppers and leather soles and began using vinyl and polyurethane for uppers and unit soles instead of a leather sole with a leather heel. Suddenly men could still buy shoes for $40 instead of $90, and that popular price point fueled the men’s business for a couple of years.

It didn’t take long for men to realize that disposable cheap shoes weren’t the answer to their fashion ineptness. It took a few years, but shoe factories in Brazil, Italy and Spain started to offer men quality shoes at a higher price. The switch to foreign made men’s shoes changed the shoe business, but men still had a problem getting the right size and style even though they were paying more for their shoes.

Thanks to Paul Evans Footwear those issues have been solved. Men can buy shoes made in Italy directly from the shoe factory in their size, color, and favorite fashion style. That is a major breakthrough in the men’s shoe business. Rather than buying shoes “off the rack,” at discount prices, men can now order quality shoes in quality materials that are made for them. Men are now buying more shoes because they know they can get what they want when they from Paul Evans Footwear. Price used to be an issue, when shoes were disposal, but Paul Evans Shoes are timeless, and when they are maintain properly, the shoes last for years.

The Development of Brazilian Law

Brazilian law shares many similarities to that of law in Europe. As Brazil was once a colony, Portuguese influence has shaped much of Brazil’s legislative system. The separation between Brazil and Portugal, only 200 years old, influences how the judicial system has also been shaped.

After the independence of Brazil in 1822, it was not long after that Brazil’s first law school was founded. The law school was officially established in 1827. When it came time to form a legal system, Brazil was highly influenced by the European legal system, especially the French and the German. The most recent Civil Code that has been formed on behalf of Brazil was in 2002. Brazilian Law is a mashup between both the French Civil Code in addition to the German Civil Code.

The legal system of Brazil is much like many other developed country’s legal system. In Brazil, there is a Federal Constitution that is the law of the land. The Federal Constitution can only be changed through Amendments that go through a long process. In addition to this, there is a Federal Supreme Court as well as state level laws and leaders in Brazil.

For those who are interested in pursing a law career in Brazil, one must know how to first be admitted into law school. To start off with, a student who is interested in attending law school, must pass an exam known as the vestibular examination. This particular exam is administered by each individual university.

Law school itself is a five year process that can wither be part-time or full-time. For those who are close to graduating, two things are required. The first thing is the passing grade which varies between each University. In addition to this, law students have to write a thesis paper that chooses an intellectual and relevant topic to what they are studying. This thesis paper must be defended in front of a panel of experienced law professors.

For those who are looking to follow the law career path, there are certain expectations that must be met besides the academic expectations. Each student who wishes to pursue law must have the ability to analyze any situation for the purpose of having a reflective point of view. In addition to this, any lawyer should be able to further the development of legal concepts.

One lawyer in particular who has demonstrated the capability to develop concepts is Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. Mr. Tosto expanded his techniques and skills as a lawyer to make him one of the most respected and top-notch lawyers in Brazil. Mr. Tosto is a leading example of someone who has developed skills overtime to become one of the leading members in the industry.

Learn More About the Struggles and Achievements of Yeonmi Park

Yeonmi Park is a defector from North Korea and also a human rights activist on She escaped to China in 2007, and she settled in South Korea in 2009. Her family is well educated and politically connected that had turned to black market trading in 1990’s during the collapse of North Korea. When her father was sentenced to serve in a labor camp, her family experienced many difficulties including starvation. They decided to flee to China where Park Yeonmi and her mother fell into the hands of ruthless human traffickers. They eventually managed to escape to Mongolia. Currently, she is a strong advocate for victims of human trafficking, and she also works hard to enhance human rights not only in North Korea but the entire globe.

Park became famous when she delivered an exciting speech at a summit in Dublin Ireland. The summit gathers a lot of young people from various parts of the world, so that they can provide solutions and ideas to various world issues. Her speech on the young world summit received more than 2 million views on YouTube. After the escape, Park has spoken and also written about her life experiences in North Korea. Park has written for the Washington Post, and she has also been interviewed by the Guardian. She is known to volunteer for activist programs such as the free market think tank that is based in South Korea and the freedom factory corporation. She is also a member of Liberty in North Korea, which is a non-profit making organization that works to rescue the North Korea refugees who are currently hiding in China. After rescuing them, they are eventually resettled in the United States and South Korea.

Just recently, she attended a Liberty in North Korea Summit that was hosted in Malibu, California where she with others worked in Labs and in sessions to educate the participants about the conditions of the North Korea and how the Liberty in North Korea can assist the refugees. Park has also been very vocal about tourism in North Korea because they are encouraged to bow down to the statues of Kim II Sung and Kim Jong II. She reasons that by bowing to their statues, she will be assisting the regime’s propaganda machine, which will portray them as having an extreme obedience to their leader.

Park has worked as the co-host of Casey Lartigue in a talk show that talk about North Korea topics and the life of the refugees who escaped North Korea. Park decided to volunteer her time to have an opportunity in making the world aware of the continued repression that is afflicting the North Korea refugees. She also enlightens the audience on how people can take action when their freedom is threatened. They managed to host five episodes of that particular podcast. In her belief, she sees negative and also positive possibilities of ever reuniting North Korea and South Korea. She also believes that change will happen in North Korea as long as people do not keep quiet about advocating for human rights in that country.

Advertising Fever In Brazil

Most big advertising companies have a branch in Brazil for a good reason: Brazilians just excel at advertising. They are incredibly creative people in an emerging market which happens to also be one of the top markets in the world. That means that there is also a need for advertising, there is room for for advertisers and combining those two with the creativity for advertising that Brazil naturally possesses, and there is a perfect recipe for advertisement companies. Also, Brazilians are enthralled with advertising as much as Americans are with Hollywood or reality television. Finally, advertising is becoming bigger and bigger in Brazil because younger Brazilians are becoming increasingly interested in starting up their own companies, and many of these young independent business owners are jumping into advertising hoping they can become like Claudio Loureiro, the CEO of Heads advertising company.

Brazilians are creative people for a number of reasons, but it is important to identify the main reason for creativity, and when the conclusion is reached then it is easy to understand. Brazilians are emotional and passionate people. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why this is though. Maybe it is in there genetics from a combination of their native and European DNA, but the emotion and creativity is there. Brazilians can go to sporting events, and they can just enjoy the pure emotional release regardless of winning or losing better than any other culture on earth. A trip to Sao Paulo to tour some of the graffiti will open the eyes to the creativity that even the delinquents or gang members possess. A definitive example of the passion they have is Carnival. The people will spend an entire year creating constructing an extravagant float just to trash it after using it one night.

Being passionate, emotional and creative means that the population appreciates advertisers as well. In fact, many Brazilians have turned the lives of models and advertising producers into an obsession the same way the North America has done for its television and reality stars. says their gossip rags are routinely filled with a majority of stories features their favourite men and women from the advertising world. There was even an advertising producer that was kidnapped, and he was held for ransom for two months back in 2002. This creativity and obsession with advertising culture has bred a desire to start other things as well.

Many younger Brazilians are starting companies from an advertisers perspective instead of a desire to produce content, or they wish to simply be great advertisers like Claudio Loureio. Claudio is the CEO of the biggest privately owned advertising agency in Brazil called Heads. Heads and Claudio both have a sterling reputation among peers and advertising fans.

John Textor Soaked Up All That He Was Taught

John Textor has made a lot of accomplishments in his life, and he has become someone who a lot of people look up to because of that. He has been a successful entrepreneur in the visual media and film industry.

John Textor got his degree from Wesleyan University, and he soaked up all that he could through the years that he spent learning about economics there. He wanted to learn a lot from his college, so that he could one day apply those things when dealing with his career. He knew that in order to get to good places one needs to be smart, and needs to be willing to learn something new each day, and he made himself do that. His schooling has paid off greatly for him because of all of his ambition when he was young.

John Textor would not have had the kind of success that he’s been able to have if he had not tried so hard to learn a lot when he was still in college. College does a lot for a person, and it can teach a person everything that they need to know in order to have a good career if they are just ambitious enough to make it happen. John Textor knew that he needed to be soaking up everything that his teachers had to tell him, and he knew that by doing that he would have a much greater chance at succeeding in his career than he would have, otherwise.

John Textor is great at all of the things that he does because he was willing to learn a lot from his professors. He is a great example to young people in his ambition. Everyone who looks at his life and his career can know that if they put just as much effort into learning they can do things just as great as what he has done. All that one needs to do in order to have a great career for themselves is to soak up everything that those how know what they are talking about are saying, and then apply that to their career.

Brian Mulligan: Creator Of The Mulligan Concept Of Manual Therapy

Brian Mulligan is a trained physiotherapist from New Zealand who is best known for creating the Mulligan Concept of Manual Therapy. He began his career as a qualified physical therapist in 1954 after completing the required courses at the NZ School of Physiotherapy. Two years after receiving his qualifications, Mr. Mulligan opened his own private practice which was located in Wellington, New Zealand. He continued to treat patients at his practice until his retirement in 2000.

During the 1960’s, Brian Mulligan, FNZSP, Dip MT, was introduced to the field of Manual Therapy by Stanley Paris. Mr. Mulligan had the chance to attend a clinical presentation during that time regarding the use of mobilization with movement. This chance presentation is what enabled him to develop the concept even further and to create the Mulligan Concept of Manual Therapy. The Mulligan Concept of Manual Therapy is a physical therapy program that is typically taught to those in entry level courses up to postgraduate studies in universities around the world. The courses are taught by teachers who have studied the concept and have the necessary credentials to teach it to others. Brian Mulligan has even created a textbook for classroom use based on his concept.

Throughout his career, in addition to being a practicing physical therapist, Brian Mulligan is also an educator. He has published several articles regarding his profession. Mr. Mulligan has also taught classes around the world. Since he began teaching in 1972, he has taught in over 75 cities in countries such as the United States, Australia, Canada, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Singapore. His classes are still in high demand all over the world. In 2007, Mr. Mulligan received the International Service to the Profession Award from the World Confederation for Physical Therapy. This prestigious award is given out about every four years and it is given to physical therapists who have made a substantial contribution to their field of work over their career.

Brian Mulligan still resides in New Zealand where he enjoys spending time with his family, and outdoors.


We all know there is a bible out there. Did you know there is a bible when it comes to makeup and beauty. It’s true. Those of you who are investing in good beauty regiments, must abide by certain protocols.

The protocols we will be looking at today are with the lipsticks. We all love to wear lipstick. We even find ourselves trying on different colors, just to see what works. To help save you some time, I have enclosed some simple commandments to follow when choosing or wearing a lipstick.

1) Begin with a fresh pair of lips. It’s a good idea to exfoliate your lips about once or twice a week. Just take some salt and almond oil. Finish off with some balm. This will give your lips a fresh look, not to mention cleaner look.

2)Look for colors that have more of a cream finish. Some like to go for the “sparkle” look. This is okay, but only to a point. Too much shimmer will have you looking cheap. The trick is to have the look coming from the moisture in the lipstick, not the pigments.

3)When choosing a bright color, match it to your lip color. A mistake that many girls(and guys) make is they match it to their skin tone. The natural color of your lips is different than your skin tone. Remember this when choosing a bright color. There can be such a thing as “too bright.” If your lips are too bright, it will throw the rest of your face off.

4)Some of you like to try the “vampire” look. This means you use mostly darker tones, tones like blacks. This might look cool at first, but it won’t in the end. These darker colors might scare a few people off. Try to choose something a little less severe, while still maintaining that “dark” look. Use a “berry” color instead. This color won’t age you as much either. You can still be bold and daring, while still coming across understated.

5)Use a pencil to detail the underlining of your lips. Lip liner is not so popular anymore. This might sound contradictory to what others have said, but it’s true. A simple lip pencil can be more effective.

6)Do not over do it. This is another common mistake that many make. Apply the lipstick to your bottom lips. Take your mouth and press it all together. Finish off by using your fingertips to smooth it all out. Simple and easy is the key here.


Lime Crime is one of the most talked about beauty lines on the market today. It’s fun and inventive. It’s bold and works with just about every skin type. Do yourself a favor and check this line out now. Beauty is not just on the outside, but on the inside too. Groove with Lime Crime. You can also find Lime Crime online at the official site. What are you waiting for?

FreedomPop Seeks to Expand Global Reach

Founder and CO Steven Sesar has spoken extensively about how he hopes his company, FreedomPop, can become global players in the mobile carrier marketplace. For the better part of the last few years the talk of the town in L.A. has been focused on how hot and quickly FreedomPop has risen up through the ranks. Once considered a relatively niche company with an unsustainable business model, FreedomPop now seems destined to do some great things. Digital Trends reported on FreedomPop’s decision to go global and here is what customers need to know before going out and purchasing their next cell phone contract.

FreedomPop has gained over 600,000 subscribers in America and they are only surging upwards. Their explosive growth in the states has given Sesar the confidence he needs to admit that FreedomPop can be work in a “global context”. With deals in place with Dutch and Asian carriers, FreedomPop looks to be establishing themselves in two big market places within the next six to eight months. Right now a soft launch in the UK, based around the FreedomPop SIM card, is currently going on and people can get in on the action early to reap some of the benefits.

UK subscribers who jump into the alpha program will be given the standard free mobile plan of: 200 texts, 200 MB of data, and 200 minutes of talk. These plans are comparable to the most basic paid plans in the UK but they come completely free. For those users interested in experimenting with FreedomPop’s premium brands (the $13 and $18 lines) these are available for free for the first month. UK subscribers will also eventually be made available to the Jetsetter program which hooks frequent travelers up with an additional free 100 MB of data while traveling in a list of 17 available countries. FreedomPop has been keeping the Jetsetter program relatively close to their chest as they iron out the wrinkles and get it ready for public consumption.

FreedomPop had been in the news for the past couple of months as persistent rumors dogged the company about a possible M&A deal with Sprint. The rumor goes that Sprint made an acquisition offer of around $450 million for the company but CEO Stephen Stokols decided to bow out of the sale and instead focus on expanding the brand. FreedomPop is well placed to become a major player in the mobile carrier world.