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The “golden years” is the period of time that takes place once a person retires from work. The term was developed a long time ago to signify the good life that retirees are supposed to live once they make it to this point. However, many retirees end up living boring and uneventful lives because they cannot figure out what to do with themselves. They also are prone to dealing with a variety of negative issues which range from alcohol abuse to mental health disorders.

The problem with retiring today has to do with long life and lack of purpose. Medically speaking, people are living a lot longer than they did in the past. Since this is the case, retirees now have more time on their hands after retiring. A retired person must now determine the best way they can spend their golden years. If not, they may wander aimlessly through their retirement and probably end up in a place where they will not be happy with themselves.

According to, retirees that do not have a purpose will most likely end up wasting away during their retirement years. Once a person’s career has come to an end, they should find out what their next venture is going to be. People should do something that will give them meaning in life. Once again, if they don’t do what is necessary they may end up in a place where they don’t want to be.

HCR Wealth Advisors helps people to plan out their golden years. They not only look at the financial aspect of retirement they also help their clients to determine the next phase of their life. HCR Wealth Advisors helps its clients develop a personalized retirement plan that will grow and change to fit the client’s needs during the golden years. This simply means that a retiree can live for a long time and not have to worry about money or purpose. HCR Wealth Advisors’ new retirement plan ensures that people have everything they need to live a great life once their careers have ended. You can connect with HCR Wealth on LinkedIn.

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Mina Ebrahimi is the founder and CEO of Saint Germain Catering, which offers delicious dishes through superior services focused on quality and commitment.Mina Ibrahimi was born from parents who had immigrated to Unistated of America in 1978.

Her passion for cooking saw her at the age of eleven to start working at her parents’ bakery in Seven Corners, VA. Working at her parents’ bakery laid a solid foundation on basis of customer service and quality which are the key components in exceeding customers’ expectation.

She continued to run the family cafe after its relocation to Tyson’s Galleria under the name Saint Germain Cafe. The year 1999 saw Mina Ebrahimi who was at the age of 26 by then start Saint Germain Catering that had its focus on private parties, business luncheons, special events, and weddings.

Having successfully headed a team of 32 full-time employees and 8 part-time employees at Saint Germain Catering, Mina Ebrahimi has received several awards like top 40 under 40 awards, Smart CEO Brava Awards, 2014 Enterprising Women of the Year Award and Washington Business Journal.

Through her success, she has been able to give back to the society through supporting many nonprofit organizations like Operation Homefront DC that works in ensuring military families are stable, strong and secure.

She also provides food donations and other supplies to homeless and unsheltered individuals in Northern VA in the 25th Project. Mina Ebrahimi founded Jack Ebrahimi program at the University of Pennsylvania which is a veterinary program that incorporates interventional radiology.

She also supports women across every age to build a positive and vast future for their goals this helps women achieve their desired goals and ambitions for their business prosperity.

Mina Ebrahimi also took it upon herself to aid the University of Pennsylvania at the McBain project which is a cancer section dog that aids in detecting early cancer that has developed in the ovaries.

This good course by Mina Ebrahimi has helped and supported over fourteen thousand women annually who are always on the verge of losing the battle to the dangerous Ovarian Cancer.

It is evident that Mina Ebrahimi is a great and a woman worthy to be celebrated not only in the business arena in terms of entrepreneurship but also the role she plays in making the society a better place, especially for women.

OSI Group is currently one of the popular names in the food industry. The organization is considered to be the largest and most successful food processing company that is currently operating in the global market. The company has been offering employment opportunities to more than twenty thousand individuals who are based in different parts of the world. OSI Industries has sixty-five facilities that are found in seventeen countries. The company is one of the few organizations that have very humble beginnings and many accomplishments in the complicated market. The company has been here before the twentieth century, and it has witnessed so many changes before it could acquire its success. OSI Group continues to increase its presence to so many parts of the world despite the modernization and many other transformations that are taking place in the global economy.

Very few individuals know about the roots of the large company. What many do not know is that the company was founded by a Germany immigrant who had come to the United States in search of greener pastures. The businessman felt that there was so much he could accomplish for the communities from his home country. At first, he realized that getting good meat was not easy, despite the growing population. The businessman wanted to change this kind of life for the people in his region, and this is why he started a simple meat store. Although this store was very simple, the owner made sure that it was only giving the consumers the best meat at great prices. The foundation laid by the Germany immigrant has influenced the kind of success the company is getting at the market.

OSI Group has rebranded several times so that it could meet the client demands. The institution has also changed its ownership and extended the offer to other clients in the market. At the moment, the company is led by Sheldon Lavin. Lavin has not any educational background in food manufacturing, but he has been doing so well in the company operations. Having trained to become a finance executive, Sheldon Lavin decided that he was going to try his luck in food manufacturing and at the end of the day make the company grow. OSI Group has expanded and opened branches because it has the right people acting as leaders. Without these people, it would have been impossible to perform well in the competitive global markets.

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Dr. Saad Saad got the unique opportunity which was serving Saudi Royal as an individual pediatric surgeon. Saad Saad being the only pediatric Surgeon in the whole United States, who was certified by the board concerned and could talk both in English and Arabic easily, was one of the reasons as to why he was given a prestigious chance. The Other reason is that Dr. Saad Saad lived with his family for about four and half years in the Saudi city of Riyadh hence he was found trustworthy.


Dr. Saad Saad attended a school of medicine known as Cairo University where he graduated with a medical degree as the second student in his class. Saad Saad went for his internship in England after he finished he flew to the United States. He managed to study residency in Surgery and also in Pediatric Surgery, and he received board certification in Pediatric Surgery. To qualify for board certification in the United States is a bit challenging. What is required is every ten years you pass an accurate exam, regular surgical exercise, and special training. Dr. Saad, MD, FAAP is a surgeon working in Eatontown in New Jersey, and the offices are found in Forked River in New Jersey though there is one in a different location.


Dr. Saad Saad has around 42 years of experience. Dr. Saad specializes in General and Pediatric Surgery. He is associated with Monmouth Medical center, Jersey Shore University Medical Center, and Clara Maass Medical Center. Dr. Saad Saad is a successful pediatric surgeon, and at his time of career, he has done a lot of pediatric surgical operations. As a physician, he aimed at advancing traditional techniques and procedures. He challenged the status quo severally to decreases pain and the risks that his patients were experiencing. For this reason, Dr. Saad Saad came up with several pediatric surgical techniques and two inventions.


Dr. Saad was able to discover a device that can track catheter in the body in the absence of a scanning machine. Later he discovered another device which was an endoscope with a self-sufficient suction for clearing fluid to offer a clear view for the surgeon. These inventions of Dr. Saad Saad, help the doctors to avoid unnecessary complications thus perform their duty in a safer and faster manner. Dr. Saad saad has participated in philanthropic work by performing free surgical operations to the poor people especially the kids and young adults from his community and outside his community. Learn more:

Jim Toner is an accomplished real estate investment entrepreneur. He has had a long and successful career for more than twenty-five years. Throughout the country he has shared his expertise on real estate investment aiming to make it user friendly. He is passionate about teaching others to follow the path to financial freedom and does so with his custom designed course, the 12 Little Houses Plan.

Toner is also an author, a radio show host and a podcast host. He travels throughout the country speaking on investment in real estate, matters of business, and entrepreneurship. Most recently, he works with a private group of clients and with coaching groups. Although there are currently waiting lists for both of these, new private clients are occasionally accepted when possible.

By working with a team of seasoned entrepreneurs who have what is considered to be “real world” experience he improves efforts to help members of the general public succeed in business. This team, called The Band Of Rebels, is aptly named for having somewhat of a rebellious attitude toward the system. Internationally, many obstacles are set in place to purposefully hinder entrepreneurial activity. This is the reason that few succeed. Toner’s team works to help others find success against these odds.

To bring ideas to life Jim Toner suggests taking a cue from Nike, “Just Do It”. Never allow ideas to fade due to inaction. A strong proponent of clarifying ideas, Toner suggest having a recipe to follow. In business he advises developing a flexible working model. Test that model, make necessary adjustments, and never be afraid to fail.

As a very active philanthropist, according to, Jim Toner has been recognized for his many contributions to veterans and homeless people. The Salvation Army and Frank and Nils McKinney’s Caring House Project Foundation are two organizations in which he is an active member and supporter. He believes in giving back and suggests that others do the same. He says that giving is something that should be included in your business plan. Although the return is at least two fold, he suggests giving 10 percent of every dollar earned with no expectation of receiving anything in return.

When asked what a typical day looks like for him, Toner states that his day starts at 5:30am with the first 30 minutes reserved for clearing his head and taking time to think. Next he hits the gym where he listens to podcasts or books on audio during his workout. Jim says that he does not believe in working 24/7 and takes a 20 minute nap every single day. In his latest book, “Send in the Wolves”, which is also available on Amazon, he discusses time management and the importance of mind and body balance.

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Jed McCaleb has been involved with cryptocurrency since its beginnings. His previous venture was on the exchange service Mt. Gox. He recently took a step forward by becoming CEO of Stellar, a company that is focused on making cryptocurrency transactions across country boarders possible. The news organization CNBC recently published a new article with Jed McCaleb, discussing his thoughts on rising blockchain technology.

Right from the beginning, Jed McCaleb tackles the underlying issue. He believes in the near future, as per crunchbase, there will be a universal way to conduct transactions. It will allow a method to prevent people making changes to amounts and information, while also letting people use their currency of preference. Stellar is already working to fix this issue. They boast being able to have quick transaction times compared to other services.

In the next part of the article, Jed McCaleb claims token sales are a sign the market still has potential. They have raised over $9 million during the last 4 years, and unfortunately the system has been hit with regulations due to people abusing it. Tokens are also a good way method for investors to get rewarded. Lastly, Jed McCaleb believes stocks will ultimately turn into a cryptocurrency like system. There are already several companies working on implement this system. He cites a company named Securrency who trying buy stock with bitcoin.

Jed McCaleb is a man who is at the forefront of the market change. Time are changing, and so are the ways consumers interact with companies and products. Cryptocurrency is a rising trend, where consumers use digital currency to buy products. Several stores have already begun to adapt, but others are remaining cautious about its long-term viability. Companies like Stellar working on creating a universal market place where all currencies can be used and converted with either other. Jed McCaleb will be shaping the future of the digital financial market.

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Anil Chaturvedi is the current managing director for Hinduja Bank Switzerland which is a private bank. In 1971 He graduated from Meerut University, India and earned a B.A in Economics and also graduated from Delhi University with an MBA in 1973. He started working at the State Bank of India as a Branch Manager and later headed for North America, ANZ Grindlays Bank, NYC. Being a banker for four decades has made Anil Chaturvedi gain expertise from the leading global Banks.

Anil Chaturvedi served for 18 years as a managing director for Bank of America-Merrill Lynch, at the Headquarters in New York until 2011. At the organisation, he was among the leading private bankers of the largest wealth managing companies globally. In the period between 2007 and 2010, he became the Top Financial advisors in Barron’s lists.

Before he Joined Merrill Lynch, Anil Chaturvedi was the ANZ Grindlays Bank Country head for its operations in the United States. He also used to work as a manager for State Bank of India, the New York Branch. After he completed his MBA in Economics, he became a Probationary officer at SBI and worked for 18years in capital markets, investment banking and industrial finance.

Anil Chaturvedi in 2011 he became a managing director for the Hinduja Bank Ltd. He spearheaded the Banks’ enterprise to focus on the Middle East and South Asia markets. He works at the headquarters in Geneva. His exposure to working with top investors has made him gain more knowledge in dealing with South Asian and European regions.

He contributes his global and Wall Street expertise to the group. The firm has had remarkable progress. Anil Chaturvedi since 2013 has paid attention to the corporate advisory of the bank that facilitates the partnership between mergers and acquisitions, European and Indian firms and also debt and capital growth for large-scale corporations,

.Anil Chaturvedi has over 25years of experience working with any organisation. He is a professional Banker who has dealt with many banks and learned the useful ideas from top investors. The renowned banker has broad experience in investments and the businesses industry due to his broad exposure.

Fresh organic produce is the mission of Milan Farms. Milan Kordestani is passionate about ensuring customers know where their food is coming from. Milan feels that the animals raised on the farm deserve to be treated humanely. The farm uses only organic methods to grow saffron and herbs. Milan farms raise free-range chickens that feed on grass and organic vegetables. This combination makes for delicious eggs.

Milan Kordestani’s passion for nature and organic farming shows in his commitment to planting trees for every dozen eggs sold. His goal in building up the farm is to bring simple ingredients back to farming. In other words, Kordestani creates the pure, unprocessed state to his farm.


Kordestani’s other passions are horses. He is a very accomplished equestrian. He ranked 3rd in the World’s Championship for 17 and Under Park Division. His passion for horses began at an early age. He didn’t start competing seriously until he suffered a fall. This fall made him determined to ride.

Milan Farms was created out of a sophomore class project that Milan worked on in high school. The project’s aim was to produce eggs and saffron through connections with various farms throughout the country. The “Back to the Farm” movement was the catalyst for Milan’s interest in the project.

Once the project was completed, Milan decided to capitalize on its success. He wanted to continue the process that he created with the saffron. Saffron is harvested by hand and is considered a very expensive spice to obtain. Saffron is used to spicing up foods and can be used as a medicine. Milan early on wanted to continue the hand processing.

Milan’s saffron growth process differs from traditional saffron growth processes. He utilizes hydroponics and microfiber sponges to facilitate growth. Milan was the first farmer to use this method.

Pesticide-free herbs are standard at the farm. Milan is passionate in all aspects of production from planting to harvesting. Milan monitors plant growth by using a “parrot flower power” mechanism that helps determine plant needs. He is very meticulous about every detail. Milan believes that his customers deserve the very best.

The health sector has been progressively growing, and more inventions are coming up. For patients suffering from treatment-resistant depression their hope. A new form of therapy that seeks to assist people suffering from this condition has been invented. TMS health solutions use magnetic stimulation. Ara Chackerian is one of the co-founders who has helped to push this idea.

Ara Chackerian not only serves at the TMS health solutions but is also a businessman and is also passionate about giving back to the community and has managed to make a difference in people living through this medical milestone as well as other contributions.

Ara Chackerian has over the years worked in the different organization, but amid his busy life, Ara still felt the need to give back to the community. Together with his friend and partner, they decided to establish an outpatient diagnostic radiology center, and then a friend suggested for them to expand and TMS health solution was recognized.  You can visit their twitter page for more details.



TMS health solutions are approximately two years old, but Ara and his partner have managed to establish health centers in almost 70 cities. The journey has not been easy, establishing a health center it is important to be well equipped with matters concerning insurance and be keen when employing the doctors. Ara Chackerian experienced a challenge during the initial months, but the health center has since overcome these challenges.



Ara Chackerian is an open man, he confesses to being poor with calendars so hence prefers to concentrate on his vision or aim for the day. Ara also likes to concentrate on creating a balance between his business and his philanthropic works.

Life experiences are important in one’s life, and Ara Chackerian cannot emphasize on this point enough, according to Ara most of his ideas in work are inspired by his life experiences. At an early age Ara’s parents encouraged him to think about life, and by cultivating this habit, he has been able to benefit by coming up with concepts.

As an entrepreneur, one habit that Ara encourages upcoming business people is to seek the truth. Encouraging positive thoughts is a good thing, however, in business, it is important to consider all dimensions. This will help in the planning as well as the execution of the business plans. You can checkout to see more.





About David McDonald

David McDonald is the President of OSI Group which is a company that specialises in the supply of value-added proteins. His love for agriculture can be traced from his childhood. He grew up on a farm where he was actively involved in the farming activities. He became obsessed with the idea of improving the agricultural industry which was a dream he later achieved. Although he did not grow up from a well-off family, David McDonald went to school, and his parents ensured that he got a higher education. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from the Lowa State University. After graduating, McDonald joined the OSI Group based in Chicago in 1991. Though he started out at the bottom of the chain, David worked hard to achieve the success he has today. He held several positions in the company including being the Project Manager of the Group. He also served at Marfrig Global Foods based in South America as an Independent Director.

Since he was named the company’s President, David has brought forth great changes to the company including venturing into new markets. He has spearheaded the company to the Chinese markets where he hopes the company is going to break grounds. OSI Group is also venturing into the European markets. As a result, David McDonald has purchased Baho Foods which is a European based company. This is a strategic move aimed at gaining more markets in Europe.

Acquisitions by OSI Group

Apart from Baho Foods, OSI Group has made several other acquisitions such as the Tyson Food and Flagship Europe. The acquisition made by OSI Group concerning the Tyson Food was a warehouse and storage facility in Chicago. This warehouse is in proximity to the OSI Group in Chicago. The Flagship Company is a UK based company that supplies food products across the country. OSI Group made all these acquisitions under the leadership of David McDonald.

According to David, he has a big dream for OSI which is to make the company an international name. Through his management, the company has managed to keep up with the global trends and deliver the best services. The company’s headquarters in the U.S keep close contact with the international group of OSI to ensure that services are provided efficiently across the globe. McDonald is a hard working diligent man who is the living proof that ‘hard work pays.’

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