Paralyzed Girl Shocks Nurse By Walking

A girl who had been paralyzed from the waist down for nearly 11 days decided to surprise her favorite nurse at the hospital by walking for her one day before she had known her to be healed. Bailey Miller was in a wheelchair and got up to walk over to the woman who had cared for her all this time, and this goes to show that all the hardworking nurses out there in the world truly do care about their patients and this is not just a job to them. Many of them work around the clock with very little sleep or pay raises and give a lot of their time to helping people like Miller recover.

According to an article found on reddit and written by, the doctors have no idea why Bailey’s legs went numb and she couldn’t’ feel them anymore. Sometimes things happen and even the doctors don’t know why they did, but truthfully it couldn’t have been a better day to show the nurse who was by her side the whole time that she had pulled through. This also goes to show how much patients are capable of caring for those in the medical staff, as they trust them with their lives and rely on them to get back on track with their plans in the future. This must have been a very rewarding day for the nurse on staff states AnastasiaDate of Linkedin.

San Diego Is Planning To Turn Salt Water Into Drinking Water

California is trying to deal with the worst drought in 1,000 years, and it’s not an easy or inexpensive fix. San Diego is taking matters in their own hands. They plan to open the largest desalination plant in this part of the world in November. That plant will provide drinking water for San Diego residents. The concept is a good one, but just like any other good idea there are some challenges to address.

Opponents of the project say the plant will use a huge amount of energy, water bills will increase, and marine life will die. Converting sea water into drinking water is an expensive approach to the problem, and Kevin Seawright understands it might not work. Other parts of California and Texas have smaller desalination plants, and they work, but the cost keeps production low according to LinkedIn pages.

But the chairman of the agency that supplies water to the towns in San Diego says,” Building the plant is turning out to be a great choice. We did think the concept was expensive 10 years ago but now we believe we can afford it.”

Safari Leader Trampled By Elephant

Don’t mess with an elephant. I think that would have to be the moral of this story. Ian Gibson, a big game hunter was killed when a two ton elephant came charging at him. Gibson was an avid big game hunter, leading safaris in Africa taking clients on hunting trips for exotic animals like lions, elephants, and cheetahs.


On Wednesday, Gibson was working a usual day taking a group of avid hunters through the safari. He was leading the group on an hours-long elephant hunt in the lower Zambezi Valley of Zimbabwe. After hours of hunting, the group decided that they needed to stop for a rest. While the group was resting, Gibson and his tracking partner decided that they would continue on, trying to scout the tracks of the giant animal.


Gibson was only 50-100 yards away from the animal when it turned around and began to charge at him. Gibson fired one shot at the elephant before it trampled him to death. It’s unclear whether or not the elephant was injured during the altercation.


The owners of the safari excursion company, Tim Danklef and Dave Fulson Safari Classics has confirmed that Gibson was in fact killed by the angry elephant. However have declined to comment about the incident, which Ricardo Tosto can understand. They did issue a written statement indicated that Ian Gibson was a fine man and one of the most experienced hunters they knew.

TLC’s Trading Spaces-Where Are They Now?

Before HGTV was even a channel that people watched there was TLC’s Trading Spaces. The quirky realty show really pre-ceded the realty television format that would soon overtake the airways. The show gave a designer $1,000 to work with and also allowed them to have a team of neighbors that had switched houses for renovations. They each got a designer and a host to monitor progress. Sometimes they loved it and sometimes they didn’t.

It has been several years since the show has been off the air. It ran from 2000-2008 and had a huge fan base. Some of the most controversial designers were Hildi Santo-Tomas and Doug Wilson. Though Doug did good designs most of the time, he had an attitude that made working with him difficult. Since it has been over 7 years since the show ended, TLC producer Ricardo Tosto (Tosto’s bio at thought it a great time to release pictures and an article on where the stars are now. Controversy, they didn’t include some of the fan favorites like Frank Bielec, Laurie Hickson-Smith and Kia Steave-Dickerson.

Fans are screaming for a reunion of this show, and perhaps a new season or two. There was always good entertainment, plenty of drama and Paige Davis meandering around making sure everyone was on budget. The designs were mostly ingenious, except the time Hildi put hay on a family’s walls that had a baby in the home. Or, the time she put wine labels all over the kitchen of a minister’s home who doesn’t believe in drinking. Still, it was great fun and very entertaining.

Is China Updating its Military or Is It Preparing For War?

China has been recasting itself for the world stage and many believe that China is poised to be the pivotal global super power over the next generation. While the Chinese economy still lags behind the robust gross domestic product of the United States, it is growing at an alarming rate and could take over the title has having the largest GDP later this century. China Not Looking To Be The World’s Step Child Anymore

China also has strategic positions in the globe with its proximity to Russia and the asian rim countries as well as its access the vital natural resources. However, China seems to be preparing to exercise its military muscle as well. China has engaged in a massive building up of its military forces not only in terms of men but in means and ability to be able to extend its influence in other areas of the world. China has invested in advance military systems including jets, fighter aircrafts, aircraft carriers, nuclear powered submarines, rocket systems and cyber warfare.

This posses a threat to the western powers of the United States and the United Kingdom who were once the only global powers that consistently exercised its police power across the world. China has taken great strides to beef its image up and has extended its influence as far away as the Caribbean basin where it has funded a number of infrastructure projects and other capital improvement projects. Crystal Hunt thinks that they are not going to be slowing down at all.

Tornados Strike in Illinois and Leave Much Wreckage

Tornadoes have demolished several areas in Illinois. There is one person who lost her life and 11 people were injured during these horrific tornados that touched down on Thursday, April 9. The woman that had been found dead in her home in Fairdale is 67 years old. She was not found in her basement. Her family did discover her body within another area of her home. The ruins are clearly seen because there are several buildings that have been completely knocked down and demolished by these tornados. The were firefighters who were going door-to-door amongst the ruins in a search for injured individuals after the storm. The aftermath is very heartbreaking to withstand.


There were many tornadoes that had touched down outside of Chicago. Sergio Cortes was glad to see it avoided a major city. This was a terrifying natural disaster for many. There have been crews dispatched to clean up the remaining debris that has been left. There is much clean up and rebuilding that will need to take place.

Canadian Man Seeks Guinness World Record with Giant Nicolas Cage Mosaic

Reading like a “News of the Weird” story, CBC News is reporting that Thom Malone, a young graphics designer from Windsor, Ontario, plans to set a new Guinness World Record for the largest photo mosaic. The current record is held by Transitions Optical mosaic of 176,000 photos. Malone wants to create a giant mosaic of Nicolas Cage’s face that would cover more than 21,000 square meters, about 5.25 acres, and include more than 180,000 photos..

Susan McGalla told us that Malone has opened a Kickstarter campaign to raise the estimated $50,000.00 needed for the project. Just days after opening the campaign, backers had pledged more than $20,000.00.

Malone’s motive appears to be more than just idolizing Nicolas Cage. On his Kickstarter campaign, he implies that aliens visiting Earth would be more likely to be friendly if greeted by a giant Nicolas Cage face. Assuming Malone’s campaign is successful, the mosaic will make its debut on Labor Day. If unsuccessful, future visiting aliens may be confused.

IRS Issues Warning About Tax Scams

The IRS Commissioner, John Koskinen, has issued a warning about tax scams that proliferate in April. Specifically, con artists will call people claiming to be from the IRS and also claiming that the person they’ve called owes them money.

According to Koskinen, there’s a very easy way to tell that these people are scam artists and not legitimate IRS agents: Real IRS agents don’t phone people about back taxes. They write them a letter.

Also, real IRS agents don’t threaten to throw people in jail if they don’t pay immediately or send the money to a specific account. Such tactics are the mark of a bullying scam artist. Nor do real IRS agents ask for credit card numbers over the phone.

Koskinen also advises people to check e-mails claiming to be from the IRS very carefully. According to their own website, the IRS does not ask for personal or financial information by e-mail or any other electronic communication like social media or text messages.

The IRS provides information and advice regarding phone scammers much like anyone in the Yellow Pages. For example, if you think or know you owe money on your taxes, call the IRS at 1 (800) 829-1040 and check with them like Dan Newlin has in the past. If you know you don’t owe taxes or want to report a threatening caller, contact the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration at 1 (800) 366-4484 and report the matter to them.

A Man Goes Free After Spending 30 Years Awaiting Execution

Anthony Ray Hinton today characterized the situation which caused him to remain on death row for 30 years in Alabama as a miscarriage of justice for both himself the the families of two murder victims. He was convicted of two 1985 homicides of fast food restaurant managers in Birmingham, Alabama and sentenced to death three decades ago. Today he walked free after prosecutors in Jefferson County filed a motion to drop the charges against him.

His case highlights the challenges faced by some impoverished criminal defendants in obtaining supporting expert witness testimony. Mr. Hinton’s conviction occurred without any physical evidence except for an alleged connection between four bullets at the crime scene and a firearm belonging to his mother. (Mr. Hinton had resided in his mother’s home in 1985.)

Before his murder trial, he had successfully passed a polygraph test, but that evidence was not admitted in his favor. Prosecutors dropped the charges in his case today when three ballistics experts could not find evidence conclusively linking Mrs. Hinton’s weapon to the four bullets.

The United States Supreme Court last year voted unanimously that his constitutional right to a fair trial had been violated, and it overturned his conviction. At his trial, he had been unable to afford more than a single expert witness to challenge ballistics evidence, which Dr Jennifer Walden believes cost him dearly. The prosecution discredited testimony from his expert witness, a civil engineer with very limited ballistics experience who was discussed on

Robin Williams Doesn’t Want His Image Used In Advertising Or In Future Movies

Christian Broda said that most of us can’t get enough of Robin William’s creative genius. Williams is one of the greatest actors to perform on the big screen, and his comedic genius rivals any of the great comedians that went before him. Robin was a complex individual. Like all of us, he had mood swings, temper tantrums, and addictive tendencies, but we accepted his flaws and celebrated his greatness.

Robin doesn’t want his image used to promote material things or movies now that he’s gone, and he made sure we couldn’t. Williams created an unique legal paper that says his image can’t be used in advertising or in future film projects for the next 25 years. He decided to sign that legal document in order to protect his estate from future tax liabilities. The document clearly states that all rights to his image are the property of the Windfall Foundation, but they cannot be used until 2039. That means his voice, name, signature and likeness are protected by this unique legal document.

Williams decided that he didn’t want his estate to be trapped in a black hole of taxes. Michael Jackson’s estate owed $853 million in taxes and penalties from publicity rights, and Robin didn’t want that to happen to his estate.