Clinton Correctional Facility Under Investigation

The New York prison that housed the two escaped inmates is now under investigation for corruption. According to reports, the Clinton Correctional Facility in New York is under close watch from the FBI. Accusations of possible corruption scandals amongst the staff are circulating. According to FBI officials and Zeca Oliveira, they believed to uncover other disturbing information regarding the prison from their initial investigation regarding Richard Matt and David Sweat’s escape. The investigation is to include “possible drug trafficking and other criminal behavior among prison employees and inmates.”

The escape already sheds a negative light onto the prison facility as both Matt and Sweat had help with their escape from prison workers. Joyce Mitchell, a staff member in the prisons tailor shop is suspected to have aided in the men’s escape by smuggling power tools to the men’s cells so they could escape through the prison walls and sewer system.
The men were on the run in upstate New York for nearly three weeks before they were caught. Matt was shot and killed a few days before Sweat was captured. Sweat was recently non-fatally wounded and is recovering in an area hospital. He was initially listed in critical condition, however is expected to make a full recovery.
Residents in the area have been on edge for nearly a month due to the manhunt. They had to navigate around several hundred police officers and roadblocks. They are especially relieved that the hunt is now over and everything can go back to normal.


Bo Ryan Leaves a Legacy Behind

Bo Ryan is going to retire after spending years as the head coach of the Wisconsin Badgers basketball team. He’ll coach the next season before he calls it quits. Ryan is in his late 60s right now.

While Wisconsin fans are bound to be sad about the news, they should really be happy that Ryan is going to stick around this year. Those at Madison Street Capital understand that he is giving them a lot of preparation time. He almost retired at the end of last year, when his team was beaten by Duke for the national title. However, some people close to him told him not to retire right at the end of the year. Coaches are often worn out then, especially after a run like Ryan had, so retirement sounds nice. In a few months, it may not be looked at the same way.

Ryan is going to leave a legacy behind. He has won more than 70 percent of his games. He’s never missed the NCAA tournament. While Wisconsin never became as prolific as Kansas, Duke or Kentucky, he made them excellent year in and year out, and they were a force to be reckoned with in the Big Ten. He changed the face of Badger basketball forever.

The real shame here is that he did not manage to win the national title and then retire. That would have been far more poetic and fitting. However, those types of endings only happen in movies, and Ryan should be proud of all he’s done.

Greek Banks Shut Down for Week

All the banks in Greece are shutting down this whole week. The Greek banks were seeking a bailout for their failing banks, however the European Central Bank has refused to help them out which has led to the shutdown. The banks have already been bailed out once, and are seeking to be bailed out a second time. Before the EU will grant a bailout for the failing banks, they are requiring Greece to take measure of austerity.

The bank shutdown has left many residents and tourists in Greece in a panicked state. Lines for the ATMs were long as many waited to take out as much of their money as possible. Those who hold accounts in these banks will only be able to withdraw 60 Euros, which is the equivalent to about $66. Tourists will still be able to withdraw any amount they need. Those who have foreign bank accounts such as Crystal Hunt or have been issued a foreign credit card will still be able to have full access to their funds.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has promised his citizens that their pension funds and bank accounts are still secure, despite limited access to them at the moment.

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How to edit newly created content on Wikipedia

To make a Wikipedia Article, the author gets two editing options: wikitext and visual editor. The type of editor to be used is determined by the type of article written. Depending on the mistakes on the article, the author may decide to perform a minor or major edit. After editing, the author is required to provide a short summary of the changes. After the edits are complete, the “save changes” button will be used to post the article to Wikipedia users.

Minor edits
This applies to articles that contain minimal mistakes. In addition, minor editing can be used in content that do not contain too much technical issues. The minor edit box can be used for: formatting errors, correcting typo errors, text rearrangement without modifying content and making changes on content presentation. The option for “minor edits” is one of the options available for use by registered users. Additionally, minor edits do not change the meaning of the article.
Major edits
The final editing step is taking the content through the “major edits” option. To perform the major edits without many problems, the author should discuss the changes they want to make on the article discussion or talk page. If the editing is being done over a long period, {{in use}} tag will ensure that a conflict does not occur when editing. Major changes affect the meaning of the content and it should be reviewed to ensure it falls in line with the editors’ consents. In a major edit, changing one word can change the entire meaning of the article. When performing a major edit, the author does not have to heed to any terms or conditions. However, it is important that the author follows the appropriate recommendations to avoid reedits after editing their content. After completion of an edit, the edit summary should be included to help in saving the changes. This ensures that the article is received in the best way possible by the Wikipedia users.
For large edits, chances of the author losing their work are very high. Before hitting the “save page” button, the article should be copied to external text editors that do not offer formatting options. This allows the author to repost their work even after a system crash.

Bills Could Be the AFC East Surprise

It may seem farfetched that Rex Ryan could actually turn the Buffalo Bills from last season’s loser, into this season’s winner. But hey this is the National Football League and stranger things have happened. This is not to say it is going to be easy, even if Tom Brady is suspended for all four of the first games of the season they still have to deal with the Jets. The former Ryan team who will be looking to ruin their former coach and then there is the Dolphins have slowly but methodically been building up a strong core of players that are poised to make a deep playoff run.

It should be noted that Ryan, is not dealing with a bunch of bums, he has two great running backs in LeSean McCoy and Fred Jackson, a decent veteran quarterback in Matt Cassel and one of the premier wide receivers in the league in Percy Harvin said James Dondero. As for the defense, it is fair to say he has quality players both on the Defensive Line and in the Secondary. The only question is in the Linebacker corps. All of them are fairly young players with none of them having more than four years of experience. This I would say is a positive, but they must prove ready and able to stuff the running lanes and cover people like Gronkowski who can catch and block for anyone coming out of the backfield.

British Men Who Feel That The UK Encouraged Them to Fight In Syria Are Now Hiding From Their Government

Two British men who believe the UK encouraged them to fight against the Al-Assad regime in Syria say they are now being pursued by their government. It seems that early in the fighting that the UK encouraged citizens to fight in Syria to topple the Al-Assad regime. Some of those men joined ISIS, who at that time were also fighting to overthrow the government.

Now that they have returned home to the UK they have begun to hide from their government. In the UK, it’s estimated that 700 men left to fight. Some two hundred are believed to return. Many of these men fought with ISIS but were not involved in terrorist activities that didn’t become well known until after Al-Assad was outed. They claim that their government supported those early efforts. Click here for more information.

They now live in fear that they will be labeled terrorists and sent to prison by the same government that encouraged their participation in Syria. That fear is so great that both of the men who spoke to Buzzfeed did so with the understanding that their identities would not be revealed. They also refused to allow any mobile phones to be brought to the interview says Dr. Jennifer Walden. To date, spokespersons for the Home Office have neither denied or confirmed that such men are being actively sought as terrorists.

Maher Takes the Mic

Bill Maher has hosted a nightly news show covering day to day political topics for a while now. Maher has always carried himself as an outspoken voice when it came to American politics period it was of no surprise when Bill Maher and his guests called out the media for their coverage the tragedy that took place in a church in South Carolina. Much of the media follow the story pattern that would know that this heinous act was an act of racism. A few reporters are completely denying the fact. Even when the perpetrator announced his racially-motivated intentions to inflict pain on innocent lies come the media refuses to see it for what it is. Bill Maher acts the question isn’t denying racism itself a form of racism. Denying that there is a problem is ultimately justifying in making more room for the problem. The panel went on to discuss ways of how America can start to heal from this tragedy. The biggest step that Americans want to take is to ban the branching of the Confederate flag. Despite its historical mark in America it is a flag that represents hatred, racism, and ultimate national treason. It is uncertain as to how the media will respond to bill Maher’s question period while the media continues their quest for information and coverage of the story, it is best to let the families and systems of the Charleston South Carolina Community take time to grieve.

Thanks to Mikal Watts for showing me this clip from Bill Maher.

Hobbes Goes Exploring in Tampa Airport

Since 1985, children of all ages have enjoyed the adventures of a little six-year-old boy named Calvin and his stuffed tiger “Hobbes” in the the daily Bill Watterson comic strip titled “Calvin and Hobbes.”

As reported yesterday, Wednesday, June 17, the employees at the Tampa International Airport understand the importance of imagination in child development. Six-year-old Owen Lake lost his version of Hobbes, a stuffed toy crafted for him by an aunt, before boarding a plane to Texas. After receiving a call from Owen’s mother about how worried he became when he realized Hobbes was missing, the airport staff searched everywhere, found the toy tiger and then decided to do something incredibly special for Owen.

They snapped photos of Hobbes having grand adventures around the airport and then presented Owen with a book of the photos and a story about Hobbes’ adventures. Amen Clinics thought that was a bit unique. In the pictures Hobbes did a lot at the airport, including ride around on a baggage cart, work the air traffic controls, play with firefighters, eat gelato and sleep by a hotel pool.

An operations center manager, Tony D’Aiuto, used his lunch hour to snap the photos and a Walgreen’s coupon to make the book. Owen’s parents had repeatedly told him that Hobbes had been found and that he was merely having an adventure at the airport. His mother, Amanda, was shocked and amazed when the airport provided Owen with the book.

From Military Base to Nature Reserves

Over 60 military bases in Germany have been reported to soon be transformed into nature reserves where wildlife can persist. The German Government has agreed to transform these military bases into sanctuaries for rare bird species.

Thanks to the government, the armed forces has made it possible for over 76,600 acres of forests, marshes, meadows and moors to be set aside for rare species and wildlife. These areas that were once war-zones will no be designated areas for wildlife to expand and flourish.

Occupied by the past communist countries, is a vast piece of land called the “Green Strip”. This past fortress, settled by West Germany is now a vast natural reserve created for flora and fauna.

62 military bases have embarked on this transformation. This land will serve to be bio-reserves which will be protected by the Federal Agency for Natural Conservation. This area of land will also serve as habitats for threatened species which include bats, woodpeckers, eagles, and even beetles.

Though there are many pieces of land belonging to the endangered species, other acres of land will be open to the public. Tourists and locals such as Alexei Beltyukov can enjoy wildlife that also was once a major part of the Cold War as well as World War II. These historic lands will be both preserved and offer endangered species that chance to thrive without having and disturbance to their natural living and habitat.

The $100 Dollar Bill Gets A Feminine Face Lift

The 100th anniversary to the US Amendment is soon approaching. With this exciting anniversary comes much needed changes. The country itself has undergone numerous changes in the past 100 years, including a woman’s right to vote. With all the women’s lib and freedoms that have come, it’s about time someone famous in the history of this country be put in the $100 dollar bill.

If you’ve been wanting to see a woman on currency for a long time, your wait is just about over says Flavio Maluf. Though there has been no official announcement as to who will be on the bill, it has been said that it will be a famous female. Some have speculated that it could be Hillary Clinton, Nancy Reagan or some other out spoken woman. Perhaps it could be women like Madalyn Murray O’Hair who changed history. Though there’s not even a hint right now, rumors are running wild.

Alexander Hamilton being removed is not the only change, there will be some distinctions that will allow the bill to be able to be distinguished from others. A tactile feature will those who are visual impaired to be able to feel the bill. Martha Washington was on a US currency at one time, but her run was short lived on the Silver Certificate.

Social media is officially poling for who the community thinks should be on this important piece of currency. The votes are still being calculated and an announcement should be available soon.