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José Borghi of Mullen Lowe Brasil

Jose Borghi is one of the two great minds behind Mullen Lowe, a very successful Brazilian advertising agency. Borghi along with Erh Ray began this company after he had had enough of being employed. With the little savings they had, they started BorghiErh. Years later, Borghi was to buy out Ray’s shares, leaving the total ownership of the company to Borghi. That was back in the year 2006. At this point, Borghi renamed the company to Borghi Lowe. However, Ray continued to serve with him as a president of the company. The company has grown to be one of the most reputable advertising agency in the nation. It has since changed name to Mullen Lowe and was in the recent past acquired by Lowe & Partners and Mullen Group on

Early Life

Jose Borghi is a Brazillian entrepreneur born in the town of Presidente Prudente. As a young fellow, Borghi had a very close relationship with his sister. In his high school days, his sister decided to give him a treat to the Castro Neves Theatre to watch a compilation of ads that had received Lions awards. His sister knew that this step would help him in making a decision when choosing a career path. No one knew that years later, Borghi himself would take the Lions awards in Cannes almost every year.


Borghi has a solid education background supporting his career. He attended Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas (PUC), Sao Paulo. He studied and graduated with a degree in Advertising.

Jose Borghi’s Career

The trip to Castro Neves shaped Borghi’s career. He was destined to pursue advertising and excel at it. After graduating, he was employed at Standard Ogilvy, a pioneer for the Brazilian marketing and advertising industry. He was to work with some of the top advertising companies in the country including Talent, Leo Burnett, DM9 and FCB, before leaving to start a company of his own.

Early Life and Career



Todd Lubar’s career began in 1995 when he joined real estate. With his passion for humanity and desire to continually pursue new ideas in real estate, Todd decided to focus on real estate and finance as a career. He was initially a loan adviser for Crestar Mortgage Corporation. In that firm, he acquired knowledge on Mortgage Banking. He also learned to develop work relationships with the agents of real estate, financial managers, and insurance agents. Those people are now great entrepreneurial networks for Todd. In 1999, Lubar acquired an executive position at Legacy Financial Group. The position enabled him to grow his lending business in the loans and broker department. He lent outside investors and mortgage banks in the state.



Banking Institutions



In 2002, Todd’s focus shifted to Legendary Properties LLC, a firm he established for residential development. His focus and capitalization in real estate contributed to the enormous progress of buying, reforming, trading and profiting on over 200 transactions. The profits came from one unit to multi-family units. Through these projects, Todd developed relationships with experts in building businesses. This led to the timely manufacture of high-quality products. The high-quality products significantly contributed to friendly working relationships with big banking institutions. The banking institutions lent up to over 20$million.



Formation of Legendary Financial LLC



In 2002, Todd Lubar launched Charter Funding. This was an affiliate of the Financial Corporation of Magnus Financial. It was the largest private mortgage firm in the U.S. Through Magnus Corporation, Todd expanded his lending business due to broad access to resources like wealth and programs. With his more than twelve years experience, Lubar acquired a niche of clientele leading to the establishment of Legendary Financial LLC, a partner of Legendary Properties. Legendary Financial LLC granted loans to private and public firms. With his leadership, Todd employed the liquidity of Legendary Properties with his funds in helping market borrowers who could not afford the interest rates of lending institutions. Todd’s participation in more than 7,000 transactions enabled him to analyze risks involved with loan processing and granting. He based his decisions on market trends and conditions.

As a lender, Equities First allows lending in a completely different fashion than most other lenders. Their team is highly skilled in lending out capital with their team of highly-experienced individuals and 14 years of operating experience. Equities First provides many other loans which normal lenders would not normally provide to their borrowers.

First of all, Equities First is a global lender; places for which they lend include: (US, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, and Switzerland). As a lender, they specialize in making loans based on stock as collateral to individuals and business around the world. For individuals whom are looking to obtain a loan based on the stocks which they own, it can be very difficult for them to do so through a local bank or credit union. That is why these individuals choose equities first for the capital that they need.

One example of a company whom borrowed from Equities First is a company that was looking to fund clean energy projects in India. With a great management team in place, it was a simple decision for Equities First to make a loan in favor of the Australian company. The funds mean more research and development into clean energy technologies in the engineering field, as well as iron-making technologies.

Stocks change in value, so borrowers are allowed to walk away from the loan if they are no longer able to pay it due to market fluctuations which are too extreme. Interest rates are also relatively low, at 3-4%. Furthermore, there are no restrictions on the stock-based loans which are provided to individuals. Instead of being forced to use the loan for specific purposes, borrowers of stock-based loans are able to use the funds in any way that they would like. These are all very significant advantages for borrowers whom might need extra cash.

Equities First has provided $1.4 Billion in loans to individuals throughout the world. It’s many offices give the company a global exposure, meaning that people are able to benefit from the loans whom would not normally be able to do so.

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The Atlanta Hawks were once owned by a large group of owners, and Bruce Levenson came from that group to own the team outright. He has ensured the Hawks were in the best position to win, and he helped create a winning culture in Atlanta that pervades even now. The team has not been all that successful in the past, and this PR News article explains how Bruce has brought the team to a level of success.

#1: The Atlanta Hawks In A New Area

The team has entered a new era that is far more successful, and they will make the playoffs every year going forward as they make changes to their internal systems. They have hired the best of the best from the best franchises, and they are ensuring they may maintain their success even in the face of a stronger eastern conference.

#2: The Hawks Play In A Lovely Arena

The Philips Arena experience is a lovely place to watch a basketball game, and the fan experience is one that was improved by Bruce and his business plan. There are several different changes in Philips Arena that Bruce insisted on, and he helped make the arena more welcoming to the public. He helped ensure tickets in the stadium were sold at fair prices, and he wanted to ensure the city would embrace the team.

#3: The Team Is Winning At A Higher Rate

The Atlanta Hawks are winning more, are more valuable and more successful than they have ever been. Bruce sold the team for over $800 million because he built it into the best team in the division, and his work is evident at every game.

The Atlanta Hawks have become a power in the eastern conference because of Bruce’s business plan. He helped make the team into a stronger force in the NBA.

Source: Wikipedia

The 2016 Presidential Election is going to go down in history as a pivotal moment for the lives of people all around the globe. The election was hotly contested and it featured some of the most dramatic and cartoonish theatrics on that we have ever seen in major politics. In fact, the election was so out there that billionaire investor George Soros had to re-enter the political arena to help get the political machine back on track.

George Soros may not be a household name but he’s quietly been one of the most important players in politics for at least the past two decades. Soros was instrumental in his help to fund Al Gore’s race against George W. Bush back in 2004 and he’s been a leader for progressives and Democrats at all over the country ever since. Soros, an investor who has earned billions through his work, stands as a sort of icon: a Democrat who works within the political machine after making his money outside of it.

For the 2016 election it seemed to be of the utmost importance to almost every reasonable progressive that Donald Trump be stopped. Well, George Soros put his money where his mouth is. Soros would end up committing close to $25 million in campaign funding to Hillary Clinton and a slew of other Democratic candidates and progressive causes. If that number sounds ridiculously high — it isn’t. Soros has already earned close to $25 billion in investments.

Seeing Soros leap back into the political ring was simultaneously surprising and expected. Soros is one of the most strong backboned Democrats in the game and his long relationship to Hillary Clinton well documented. Clinton and Soros go back for nearly 25 years as they’ve championed many of the same causes throughout their progressive careers. Soros, who is 85 years old, has become a Democratic icon while simultaneously becoming enemy #1 to conservatives everywhere. Soros earned the ire of Donald Trump himself which makes it pretty clear that Soros is probably on the right side of things. Soros’ return to politics shows just how high the stakes have become in American politics.

Eric Pulier is an individual of many names, titles, as well as talents. With over two decades of experience within the technological and business industry, Eric Pulier has not only become an innovator as well as a businessman, but has also become a philanthropist, an author, and even a family man. Eric Pulier has always believed that his accomplishments and that revenue that he makes should be used to help others also grow and have similar accomplishments. Eric Pulier believes that even the most basic luxury in the United States should no longer be a luxury, but should be a right for individuals all over the world. One of the topics that Eric Pulier is the most interested in solving is the complex issue of healthcare. Eric Pulier believes that there should be universal healthcare that would benefit individuals that are located in even the most impoverished regions around the world.

With over two decades of experience, Eric Pulier has developed or has helped to create over 15 successful startup companies that currently generate hundreds of millions of dollars on an annual basis. Despite his large income, Eric Pulier believes that success is not defined by money. Eric Pulier believes that success is something that is experienced after failure. Eric Pulier believes that for an individual to be truly successful, they first have to experience failure within the industry. Despite his success, Eric Pulier believes that his triumph over failure is what shaped him to who he is and what he has done in present day.

Eric Pulier is an innovative businessman who is sought after by businesses and by the public sectors all over the world. What Eric Pulier does is marketable because it is something that benefits every individual. Eric Pulier is currently focused on providing information to even the most rural area around the world about complex issues that are not researched. With many websites and companies that are in support on what Eric Pulier does, this influential individual has truly been able to make the world a better place which has earned him both respect as well as recognition.

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Indigenous members of society deserve to have their stories told. There are numerous artists, visionaries and activists within these communities that achieve amazing things every day. Yet the best resource for free education to the world remains woefully incomplete regarding their histories. Wikipedia is well-known for maintaining and sharing a massive data base of knowledge. Researching its pages is a simple way for students, researchers and the everyday reader to learn about countries, companies and individuals. Unfortunately, the website contains very little information about indigenous groups and the people from these cultures making a difference in the world.

The problem may lie in the lack of access many Native Americans have to the Internet. Rural residents and those living on tribal lands often do not have broadband access and are unable to document the achievements of their tribal members or of their ancestors. Wikipedia page creation relies solely on the interest and knowledge of people to contribute stories and bios for the site. When the ones with the best information are unable to communicate the information is lost.

This is an issue that is not unique to Native Americans. Latinos, women and many others are underrepresented for no other reason than because the majority of the contributors are statistically white males. All contributions are free, are welcome and help to create a more diverse base of knowledge. It is not just artists, geographical information and history that is needed. The site is open for anyone, and any business, to express who they are to the entire world.

It can seem overwhelming to face the idea of learning how to make a Wikipedia page alone, but this is not a reason to avoid contributing. Companies like Get Your Wiki have skilled editors that assist their clients to create a Wiki page as professional and informative as the best already on the website. It is the perfect opportunity to tell the story of an ancestor, create a complete online bio for an artist or any business professional or to even profile a company to help draw more attention to its services. It is a wonderful way to have a permanent online presence for the world to read, learn and enjoy.

The Kabbalah is a form of teaching in the Jewish religion that a lot of individuals have taken upon themselves to learn. It allows them to grow spiritually and investigate new paths within their own trusted religion. If you are interested in learning the Kabbalah, it can sometimes be difficult to teach yourself on your own. This is why so many individuals have chosen to visit the Kabbalah Centre in their area, since this is a wonderful outlet for you to utilize in order to learn more about this amazing spiritual path.


The Kabbalah Centre has been one of the top outlets for individuals who are interested in learning more about the Kabbalah. The Kabbalah is an ancient Jewish practice that teaches peace and well-being to individuals who are interested in implementing this in their own lives. If this sounds like something that would interest you, it might be a good idea for you to begin learning it at your own pace. Instead of attempting to learn it on your own, it is important that you visit the Kabbalah Centre so that you are able to learn it from trained professionals who are able to teach everything to you in a more experienced manner.


Another wonderful benefit to visiting the Kabbalah Centre when compared to trying to learn it on your own is that you will be surrounded by other individuals who share the same spiritual goals as you do. This is something you will find to be incredibly beneficial when it comes to mingling and connecting with others in your area who have the same beliefs as you and your loved ones. The Kabbalah Center is specifically open for people of all ages and types, so you can be new to this particular practice or experienced, and you will fit right in. This is a great option for all types of individuals who would like to grow spiritually in their very own religion without necessarily learning everything on their own. You can feel connected to a group of individuals very much like yourself in order to learn the Kabbalah more easily.

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Are you researching lawyers and law firms in Brazil? Want to find one of the best business or corporate litigation lawyers in Brazil? If you are on the lookout for a competent business orcorporate litigation lawyer in Brazil, consider Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho.

There are several factors to consider when trying to enlist the services of a lawyer. One of the most important issues to take into consideration is lawyer’s experience in the field. You will want to hire someone who has a great deal of experience representing clients in the same type of case you are dealing with.

Next, reputation of the lawyer or law firm matters a lot. It is important to choose a law firm or lawyer who has a great reputation in the legal community and among clients.

Costs and law firm contracts are also issues that may influence your decision when you are trying to find the best business litigation lawyer. If you do not have a large budget for paying legal fees, you may be able to set up a payment with the attorney. In such a lawsuit, you may do well to compare lawyer or attorneys according to experience and reputation, and then reduce your list by choosing the legal adviser with the most suitable payment plan and billing method from among law firms you believe are suitable for the job.

Ricardo Tosto is a high-profile attorney who represents popular companies, multinational businesses, high-networth individuals and the government sector. He is well versed in a wide variety of legal matters pertaining to business and corporate litigation and strives to get the best possible outcome for his clients.

Ricardo Tosto has practiced business and corporate law for more than 22 years and has helped numerous clients resolve their legal matters. He is well respected by both clients and peers. As a skilled business litigator, Ricardo Tosto is well equipped to deal with small legal issues like formulating contracts as well as big and intricate cases like breach of contracts and many other situations.

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Eric Pulier has long been sitting at the forefront of the technological industry, having started gaining experience in this field back when he was still in elementary school. Back then, he was already learning to program computers and focused heavily on entrepreneurial ideas. Today, Eric is also an avid public speaker and writer, sharing his knowledge with others to help spread the success to as many people as he can.

Even as a child, Eric Pulier has started focusing seriously on his interests in technology and business. Not only was he programming and learning to build computers, which he did by the time he made it to high school, but he also started up his own online database company while he was still in school. This was just the beginning of his entrepreneurial efforts, however, he wanted to gain more knowledge and experience before testing out his ideas, which is why he went to study at Harvard University.

Today, Eric Pulier is a highly sought after expert in technology and company start ups, and he has managed to land positions on a handful of different company boards as an advisor. This includes the likes of Soa Software, Logic Library, and US Interactive. Spanning Eric’s entire career, he has managed to found more than a dozen companies of his own, including People Doing Things, Digital Evolution, ServiceMesh, Akana, and several more, all of which have added to his impressive list of successful businesses.

One of Eric’s defining characteristics today is his passion for philanthropy. Not only has he been involved in various different worthwhile causes over the course of his career, but he actively contributes and donates to charities and other non-profit organizations today. IF that wasn’t enough, Eric regularly makes large contributions to the Starbright Foundation for sick children, and is a standing member with the Clinton Global Initiatives. As long as Eric has knowledge and success to share, he will continue to spread his good will to help people around the globe.

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