The Pearls’ in Igor Cornelsen Oysters’ were Brazilian Investments

Igor Cornelsen embraced the livelihood of becoming an investor in the Brazilian stock market with a passion. He kept an open mind that he could always learn more about investing, even if the information was considered a tidbit by other people.

Time and energy were devoted in researching which commercial and privately owned investment banks were operating in the world’s eighth largest economy. Then he studied how the investment world operated.

Igor Cornelsen developed basic strategic guidelines for buying, trading and investing in the Brazilian stock market.

He used his common sense and his skill of listening and socialized with the Brazilian people. Then he studied the laws of the Brazilian stock market, and the restrictions governing the use of foreign currency. He paid attention to the companies and the products that were being traded. He stayed informed about products and commodities that were popular and unpopular and the reasons why. Then he made note of which countries were trading partners. He constantly monitored the changes in the investors trading techniques and the stock they purchased. He saw how the profits increased and learned how to make a slow selling stock successful.

He recorded his findings of what worked and what didn’t work to his satisfaction and made the necessary adjustments. He spoke to other colleagues in the field of investing and listened to sound advice. Coupled with his own strategies and ingenuity he put his knowledge of making investments in motion.

Igor Cornelsen is a gentleman whose achievements’ have shown that hard work equals success. His formula is easy to follow and reaps many rewards. He often gave his close friends, acquaintances and colleagues advice.

His hard work of studying how the investment industry worked, enabled Igor Cornelsen to become a successful banker and a brilliant investor in the Brazilian stock market.

Dr. Rod Rohrich: Distinguished Cosmetic Surgeon, Professor, Author and Award Recipient

I’ve seen so many friends and even celebrities in the past year get plastic surgery. Although, I don’t  think I would get surgery I think it’s important for people to know about a qualifications in a surgeon they should look for.


Dr. Rod Rohrich, M.D., F.A.C.S is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon and the current chair of The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center’s Department of Plastic Surgery in Dallas, Texas. Rohrich also serves as academic professor and has been internationally recognized for his contributions in the field of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Rohrich holds several honors, including the Betty and Warren Woodward Chair in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Dr. Rohrich grew up in rural North Dakota and earned his undergraduate at North Dakota State University, graduating with honors, and his postgraduate degree at the University of North Dakota. In between, Rohrich received his medical degree from Baylor College, also graduating with honors. After completing residencies at The University of Michigan Medical Center, in both general surgery and plastic surgery, Rohrich continued his training in pediatric-plastic surgery at Oxford University, in England. Rohrich then completed a fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School in hand and microvascular surgery. Upon completing his education Rohrich joined the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center’s Division of Plastic Surgery, in Dallas, in 1986.

In addition to his chair position at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Rohrich is highly active in numerous organizations that seek to promote, regulate and advance cosmetic surgery techniques and physician education. Among other organizations, Rod has served as President of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Director of the American Board of Plastic Surgery and chairman of the Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium. Rohrich has served as a member on many boards for the American Board of Plastic Surgery Ethics Committee and the Oral Exam Committee.

Rohrich has participated in significant academic work in numerous areas of cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery, including landmark research papers in facial-fracture repair, body contouring and liposuction, injectable fillers, breast surgery, medical education and patient-safety initiatives. Dr. Rohrich has served as chair for dozens of national and international symposiums, delivering over 900 presentations on all aspects of cosmetic surgery.

In 2005 Dr. Rohrich was appointed to the position of editor-in-chief of the Journal of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, the official journal of the ASPS, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Rohrich has authored and coauthored more than 300 Medline-indexed publications, written 30 textbook chapters in cosmetic surgery, edited four plastic-surgery textbooks and had over 600 peer-reviewed articles published. Dr. Rohrich has also coauthored “Navigate Your Beauty: Smart and Safe Plastic Surgery Solutions,” an oriented guide for patients considering or seeking plastic surgery.

The Complete and Nutritious Dog Food is Beneful

Beneful knows that your dog is a treasured family member. You shop for his food as carefully as you shop for the rest of the family.
Beneful developed a vast menu for your dog. The gourmet and picky eater will enjoy the variety of meals. There are chicken, Lamb, Salmon, Pork and Beef blends to whet your dog’s palate.

Whether you are a veteran or a novice in the feeding of your remarkable companion, Beneful has come to your rescue. They removed all the confusion of selecting the correct foods for a puppy, an adult dog, an overweight dog and a pregnant female. There are suggestions on the package to aid you in, feeding your dog the correct amount of food. Directions on how to combine the wet and dry food is a bonus for you and your dog.

Beneful provides a puppy food that is made with real milk.
Healthy Smile is a dry dog food with benefits. While the dog is eating, he is crunching his way to having clean teeth and fresh breath.
Healthy Weight is great for dogs that are overweight and to maintain their normal weight. There is no loss of the flavor, taste and nutrients. The 10% less calories and apples works like a charm. The dogs love the taste.
The selections of the prepared and wet foods from the Heart Roasted, the Stews, the Chopped Blends and Medley’s are sensational. They are stocked with Wild Rice, Peas, Barley, Tomatoes, Green Beans, Potatoes and Carrots to accompany the meat stock. All of these selections have the same vitamins and nutrients as the dry dog food.

Your dog is not aware the choice’s you made for him are enriched with real vitamins.
Vitamin A will keep his vision clear, a healthy and a beautiful coat and maintain the correct operation of his reproductive organs.
Vitamin D is important for your dog to grow strong, healthy teeth and bones. The muscles and his nervous system will reap benefits as well.
Vitamin E is an antioxidant and will protect his hormones. Building strong cell membranes and their breathing properties are maintained.
Vitamin K causes the blood to clot while keeping the blood cells healthy.
Beneful has taken careful steps to make sure your dog enjoys all of his meals. But they want the owner to know that the nutritional value is present in his food.

Forget Wine Tasting, a Los Angeles Restaurant Teaches Water Tasting Classes

Some wineries charge a fee for wine tasting. What is really shocking is los Angeles restaurant, Patina, charges an outrageous $50.00 for water tasting classes.  And Sultan Alhokair refuses to pay that.

Martin Riese, who teaches the water tasting classes, has also put together a 45-page menu that lists all the different water this restaurant sells. This upscale restaurant doesn’t just offer American water. They also offer a variety of bottled water from 10 countries.

Patina Restaurant recommends which water should be paired with certain menu items. This concept makes people curious about how water can taste that different from one region to another. Also, why would people pay $50.00 to find out? After all, water is usually free in most restaurants.

As always, curiosity kills the cat. In this case, curiosity might also kill your wallet. Prices for water at this restaurant range from .75 to $20.00 per bottle.

Taking classes to study various bottled water from around the world is an ingenious idea. Whether it will catch on to the restaurant customers is another question. It will either get the best of people’s curiosity, or the idea will be all washed up.

Sam Tabar: Investor Relations Expert


I took some business finance courses during undergrad for my electives and actually got pretty into it. So, I like to try and keep up to date on whats going on with the market, money tips and and trends and all that jazz. With that said, the other day I was just poking around to see what the industry was buzzing about with it being the start of the New Year and was so excited when I stumbled across an article from CNBC that featured Sam Tabar, one of class mates at Columbia. It seems as though Sam has done well for himself and had some really good 2015 investment pointers.

Sam was always interested in alternative investment options and after Columbia, I heard he took a job in the city with a firm that served pretty big time investment initiatives, hedge fund kind of stuff. From my courses in undergrad, I know that when it comes to hedge funds, one of the most important areas is investor relations. After all, in order for a hedge fund to be successful it must have an adequate number of investors who have money to invest and confidence in the fund’s ability to produce significant rates of return. While many companies sometimes spend little time on investor relations, others realize that having skilled people working in investor relations can pay off handsomely. Of the many people working in investor relations, perhaps none of them have been better at their craft than Sam Tabar.

With his extensive legal background and passion for finance, Sam Tabar has undoubtedly taken investor relations to new levels of success wherever he has been. As one of the key players with PMA Investment Advisors, he quickly showed what a difference he could make with investors. Put in charge of a hedge fund worth over $2 billion, Sam approached the challenge with the same amount of enthusiasm and confidence as he does anything else in his life. After spending hours and hours studying the fund and formulating a plan for success, Sam set out to attract as many investors as possible. Targeting a wide variety of individual investors as well as institutional ones, he was able to connect with investors in ways few others in investor relations ever have.

As a result of his excellent oral and written communication skills, Sam presented his firm with a list of well over 2,000 potential investors for the hedge fund. However, Sam did not stop there. In addition to the 2,000 investors he had spoken with, he created a second group of over 400 individuals that he felt were strong possibilities to be investors based upon their high net worth and interest in investing. Once PMA saw what Sam could do, he quickly climbed the ladder of success and was named Managing Director of Business Development. In this role, he played a large part in the day-to-day decision making at the firm, all the while continuing to do his work with investors.

One reason Sam is such a good communicator is his ability to speak multiple languages. Being fluent in English and French, he can also speak Japanese. Having been a world traveler, Sam has had the chance to interact with people of various backgrounds and cultures. This experience had proven to be of great help to him when developing strategic plans for hedge funds and meeting with potential investors. His ability to put people at ease, clearly explain their options and listen to their concerns while answering their questions makes Sam Tabar a person whose name is rapidly gaining recognition and respect within international finance circles.

Having such a command of communication, Sam knows all too well the key to bringing in new investors is gaining their trust and answering their questions. As he continues his dynamic career, Sam Tabar is one man whose name is sure to be known in the most influential financial firms worldwide.

Christopher Cowdray CEO of the Dorchester Collection

Christopher Cowdray, is the CEO of The Dorchester Collection. Luxury hotels with the most stunning decor collection in the world. He is an amazingly smart and talented native Zimbabwean. He held many positions in the hotel world, and Christopher is an Alma Mater from Columbia University. Cowdray is also a recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award at the European Hospitality Awards, for his works in the hotel business with the Dorchester Collection. He operates hotels in America, and also achieves success in the international business with hotels in Asia, Australia, Africa, United Kingdom and the Middle East, and more details can be found here.


Building a large infrastructure and outstanding team of leaders to make certain the brand continues to grow with a successful direction. Personalized service is something his brand offers, which seems to be highly effective. Offering many services to make the guest feel luxurious. Mr. Cowdray is a quick thinker, knows the demands for luxury travel and will continue to move forward in today’s travel market as an iconic CEO of the Dorchester Collection. He will always dominant competitors, as Christopher’s vision, combined with personal services, leaders in technology and a clear focus on hospitality principals will deliver highly efficient luxury market that will remain flawless throughout time. He is a leader in the world of hotel luxury management, with 30 plus years experience. His intentions are modern and unique, so growing the Dorchester Collection as Chief Executive Officer the brand will continue to be strong and focused. The Fashionable Dorchester Collection exceeds luxury.


The collection really shows passion, personality and culture. These hotels are conveniently located in places people want to visit. They offer so much more than a nights sleep. It offers everything from luxurious spas, to fine dinning restaurants and everything in between. Some hotels are just expensive, Christopher Cowdray CEO of the Dorchester Collection offers much much more. He is acclaimed as an outstanding hotelier and will continue to grow his brand for years to come.

Vijay Eswaran: Entrepreneur, Writer and More

Vijay Eswaran is a highly successful entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker. He is best known for being the executive chairman of QI Group, a developer of Quest Internatinal University Perak and for his motivational writings and speeches.

Life and career

Eswaran was born in 1960 in Perang, Malaysia. His father worked for the Malaysian government Ministry of labor, which required the family to move around the country quite a bit when Eswaran was a child. His mother was a teacher.

He went abroad for college, earning a degree at the London School of Economics and then later earning an MBA from Southern Illinois University in the United States in 1986.

In his twenties, Eswaran worked at a variety of jobs such as construction laborer and taxi driver.

QI Group

Eswaran co-founded QI Group in 1998. The company is based in Hong Kong and sells products in a number of countries. QI Group uses an e-commerce business model and sells various products ranging from luxury goods to health and wellness training programs. The business has been very successful and Eswaran’s name appears frequently on lists of the richest business people in Asia.

Quest International University Perak

Eswaran has been key to developing Quest International University Perak in Malaysia. This is a joint venture between QI Group and the Malaysian Government founded in 2011 and is located in Eswaran’s native state of Perak.

The university is thriving and has an enrollment of around 1,000 students.

Philosophy, Writing and Philantrhopy

Eswaran has founded several charitable groups – one named after his father – and has given away a great deal of money to various charitable causes. Forbes magazine in Asia has recognized his philanthropic work.

He has written widely on his positive philosophies regarding business and life. His first book was published in 2005 and is titled In the Sphere of Silence. Vijay Eswaran starts each day with an hour of silence and believes in the power of positive thinking in daily life. He has sold many books and is highly sought after as a motivational speaker.

Eswaran has spoken on the importance of Malaysian students mastering English so that they are more employable abroad. He has worked to make education in English speaking and writing more available to students living in rural and undeveloped areas in Malaysia.

Yet Another Milestone for North American Spine

I saw this story on Becker’s Spine Review about North American Spine and decided to do my own little review on this American healthcare company, which celebrated its sixth anniversary this January. It is well-known all over the United States for providing a range of innovative medical procedures. One of them is the AccuraScope® procedure, an innovative spine surgery that is far less invasive and expensive than traditional spine surgery. Board-certified physicians employed by North American Spine have performed more than 8,000 of these procedures over the years.

Many noted doctors, including Dr. Darren Schuhmacher, have expressed enthusiasm about the success of North American Spine. According to these eminent doctors, the staff of North American Spine have been both innovative and effective in their treatment of chronic back pain. But doctors are not the only ones who have praised North American Spine and their AccuraScope® procedure.

Medical studies have proven AccuraScope® to be one of the most effective and innovative treatment procedures for chronic back pain. They have also shown that this procedure has an 82% success rate. Moreover, this procedure has been shown to save thousands of dollars – it does so by decreasing the number of required medical visits and eliminating the need of many medications.

People who work at North American Spine are the best experts in their field. They have completed degrees in Interventional Pain Management, Neurosurgery, and Orthopedic Spine Surgery. They are extremely skilled with cutting-edge diagnostic tools and have compassion for their patients. Because of such skillful personnel, North American Spine has attracted many high-profile clients.

One of these high-profile clients is Larry Gatlin, a successful country music singer and songwriter. His band was very famous during the 1970s and 1980s. He chose North American Spine to treat a chronic leg pain that has plagued him for more than forty years. He called the services of North American Spine “a miracle in my life”. Their services are indeed like a miracle. Their main procedure – AccuraScope – is typically performed in less than 45 minutes, even though it is extremely effective and highly innovative.

This story was originally reported on PR Newswire under the title “North American Spine™ Celebrates 6 Years of Patient Care“.

Bruce Levenson moves from the oil industry to fronting a major sports team

Bruce Levenson has long been a popular and well respected member of many different organizations, his work in the oil and gas industries being the major area his efforts have been focused. In 2004, Levenson moved through the gears and joined the high flying world of professional sports when he became a partner and one of the best known faces of the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks.

Levenson made his personal fortune from very humble beginnings, the story of his rise to prominence began when the Washington DC native was studying for a law degree at American University. Whilst a student, Levenson had dabbled with a journalism career, but instead held firm to make his way out of law school with a full degree. Levenson and Ed Peskowitz worked in Levenson’s apartment to produce a newsletter that had its primary focus in the latest developments in the oil industry. The newsletter proved to be a success for the pair, who quickly found funding to purchase and found a number of other newsletters within the same field of industry, founding the database, the Oil Price Information Service only added to the number of subscribers the Levenson and Peskowitz had for their service. Eventually, United Communications Group was founded and has expanded to provide news and analysis for a variety of fields, including the mortgage, health care and telecommunications industries.

Bruce Levenson has also made his way into the public consciousness as a partner in the Atlanta Hawks LLC NBA franchise. Levenson and Peskowitz remains business partners in the NBA investment, which saw Levenson join the NBA Board of Governors as the Hawks representative soon after the purchase was made in 2004. Away from the business and sports worlds, Levenson is an active participant in the fight to keep the Holocaust in the minds of the US public. Levenson is a founding donor of the US Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C., as the museum benefits from the activities of Levenson on a regular basis as his mother is a Holocaust survivor.

BRL Trust

BRL Trust is an investment firm based out of Sao Paulo, although it handles international clients and business professionals. The services provided are many, so an individual looking to expand their portfolio is able to utilize these different investment opportunities and take advantage of the services provided by them in order to ensure they receive the best information possible.

BRL Trust provides fiduciary services. This includes investment opportunities for individuals that ensures the investment is both safe and reliable. This way, a person’s money is safe when they make the investment. While there are others that do have greater risk, BRL Trust only offers investments that have the highest potential success rate in order to both maximize the return on investment and to also provide peace of mind for individuals who are looking for an investment opportunity that is safe.

Beyond this, there is a fund administration. This is authorized by the CVM in order to act as a fund manager. There are times when the investor is not able to spend the necessary time monitoring and maintaining their account. When this is the case, the fund administration is able to manage the account, with the BRL Trust investment team participating in the structured transactions. This way, the account holder is able to go through what sort of ideas they have for the account and where they want it to go. They can then give the investment company either free reigns to make investments the company sees fits in the ideal of the individual, or the person can simply give a small amount of leeway, so fewer risks are taken and only the most promising investments are taken. This is all right in line with the controlling and custody of funds. A person should never feel as if their money is at risk. This is where BRL Trust excels. The company excels and provides all customers with solutions that secure all of their assets while controlling the services involved with the investment funds.

On top of the other services provided, BRL Trust also offers an asset management service. This offers up everyone from individual customers to corporations with a germinating investment solution that is designed to specifically fit their needs. After all, the needs of a large corporation is going to be different from the needs of an individual investor. With BRL Trust, it is possible to receive only the very specific financial assessments that work with the requirements. Lastly, asset underwriting is also available. This is a service that deals in capital marketing and looks for the very best investment option for any qualified investor, not to mention it also considers the risk in the profile as well. Some individuals or corporations might not want to look into this service while others are going to find that it is very important to use this sort of service. Regardless though, BRL Trust is there to help any investor and their needs.

The international company of BRL Trust is there to provide financial advice and investment opportunities for those people and companies who are looking to grow their companies. This way, they are able to do anything they desire and push their wealth outward. As an international company, it provides investors with opportunities they might not normally receive on their own.