Month: October 2014

Staying Home

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If even the threat of Ebola is going to be stopped, then those who have any kind of contact with people in Africa who have the disease need to listen to health officials and remain quarantined. The nurse seen in pictures at has not really listened to what doctors and nurses have told her.  For…

Single Women Are Getting Married on Their Own

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It’s hard to find someone who you want to spend the rest of your life with. There are countless romance novels, movies and TV shows revolving around woman’s hunt for the right guy who will sweep her off her feet. Well, some women have given up, or they have at least succumbed to the fact…

Starbucks No Longer Offering “Free Drinks” to Unsatisfied Customers

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Starbucks has announced this morning that they will no longer be handing out “free drink” coupons to customers that complain. Instead, they will attempt to remedy situations by giving unhappy patrons a $4.00 voucher on a plastic card. Starbucks claims that this will make it more difficult for people to counterfeit the paper vouchers they…

Man Stones Daughter To Death In Syria

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Women’s rights activists are screaming for justice today in Syria. Who would’ve guessed that Muslim extremists were mistreating women? In this latest Daesh video, a woman is stoned to death in a rural Syria for committing adultery. Her father was shown taking part in the sentenced stoning. He is seen telling her “even if God…

An Invisible Umbrella That Keeps You Dry

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It just hit me that my last few posts have been of the morbid variety, so it’s time to report on something a little more lighthearted. For those looking to upgrade their umbrella, a new invention has garnered attention recently on Kickstarter that completely changes our understanding of the traditional fabric canopy. Raising $36,000 and…

Rethinking Patient Care in the Face of Ebola

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With one Ebola patient walking out of a Texas hospital without a bat of the eye, the medical world is analyzing their mistake when it comes to patient history. Where the patient clearly marked their travels on a questionnaire, the medical staff simply overlooked the information. With more Ebola cases popping up across the globe,…

5-Year-Old with Leukemia Plays in an NBA Exhibition Game

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A 5-year old boy with leukemia played with one of the best teams of the National Basketball Association, The Utah Jazz, in an intrasquad scrimmage game held on October 6. JP Gibson, who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, inked a one-day contract with Jazz president Randy Rigby, for the annual pre-season exhibition game that…

Why Wal-Mart is a horrible place to work

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Effective January 1st 2015, employees who work less than 30 hours per week at Wal-Mart will no longer have health insurance. The company is claiming that higher health care costs will still hurt Wal-Mart to the tune of $170 million for the fiscal year. Wal-Mart has a long history of treating their employees poorly. We…

Cop With Stage 4 Breast Cancer Honored With Pink Police Car

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October is breast cancer awareness month, and the Orlando Police Department took that to a new level today when honoring Officer Karen Long. Currently, she’s battling stage 4 breast cancer, and is still an active duty police officer.   Me and Jared Haftel will just be over here, trying not to tear up too much…

Monitoring Software: The Key to the Lock

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With as much talk as there is about security online and the increasing possibility of getting hacked and exposed, you would think people would be a little more discreet. Even for people who don’t have much to hide, the fact that anything shared using modern technological tools is “out there” forever should cause some concern….

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