5-Year-Old with Leukemia Plays in an NBA Exhibition Game

A 5-year old boy with leukemia played with one of the best teams of the National Basketball Association, The Utah Jazz, in an intrasquad scrimmage game held on October 6.

JP Gibson, who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, inked a one-day contract with Jazz president Randy Rigby, for the annual pre-season exhibition game that their team held at EnergySolutions Arena.

According to the CBC News report, JP went to the event with his parents and his 2-year-old sister. Their family was warmly welcomed by the Jazz. Also at the game was Marnie Bennett, who flew in from Ottawa, and photographer Jon Diaz’s project, called “Anything Can Be”, which makes storybooks for kids with cancer about their wishes and dreams.

JP wore a team jersey with the number 1 on it, and played with the stars of the team until the end of the third quarter. The fans roared as the boy with cancer caught the ball from a pass, and dribbled it into the lane. Utah Jazz’s center, Rudy Gobert, then lifted the boy so he could dunk the ball. JP even slapped hands with some of the players.

CBS Sports journalist Zach Harper wrote, “It was a pretty cool moment for Gibson and the Jazz. Gibson is only 36,372 points away from tying Karl Malone for the franchise scoring record.”

A video of the game is now making rounds on the internet, and people have been reacting to it positively. Just look at this and tell me that you didn’t tear up!


  1. Kristi Rosales

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