Man Stones Daughter To Death In Syria

Women’s rights activists are screaming for justice today in Syria. Who would’ve guessed that Muslim extremists were mistreating women? In this latest Daesh video, a woman is stoned to death in a rural Syria for committing adultery. Her father was shown taking part in the sentenced stoning.

He is seen telling her “even if God forgives you, I will not” after she asked for his forgiveness. That’s harsh. I feel like these guys would have a field day if they came over to the free world. Sure, adultery is wrong and can cause a lot of problems.

Does the punishment fit the crime? I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that a majority of people in the world would probably say “no”. Personally, I just don’t get the neanderthalic actions of these extremists. The methods are completely outdated.

More importantly, both Gianfrancesco Genoso and I feel that these harsh sentences are obviously not stopping any of these “crimes” from happening. What it comes down to is that humans are humans. If this woman wanted companionship outside of her marriage, who are these idiots to kill her for that?

Furthermore, I am willing to bet that her husband was no prize. Based off what I’ve gathered over the years, I’m going to assume that he mistreated her on a daily basis.


  1. Kristi Rosales

    I feel like maybe there is something greater than justice on the minds of these insecure animals. Their egos. Isn’t their God supposed to be loving and forgiving? Shouldn’t they follow by the example led by their God. This is a professional research paper writing service that most people do not know about and it’s currently cool and good.

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