Starbucks No Longer Offering “Free Drinks” to Unsatisfied Customers

Starbucks has announced this morning that they will no longer be handing out “free drink” coupons to customers that complain. Instead, they will attempt to remedy situations by giving unhappy patrons a $4.00 voucher on a plastic card. Starbucks claims that this will make it more difficult for people to counterfeit the paper vouchers they were previously using. They are also hoping if a patron is not limited to one free drink, they may end up purchasing more if they are given a dollar amount.

Looking at this from a business aspect, I can completely understand why Starbucks would make this change. We all remember the crazy $60.00 “free drink” order that made headlines in July. Frequent orders of that magnitude could run a company out of business. I think it is a great marketing ploy as well. If I were handed $4.00 to spend on a drink, I would definitely be more apt to purchase something else to go with it.

I feel that Starbucks offers so many other amazing attributes to the community, however, that I hope loyal patrons will look past this new policy. Starbucks offers excellent benefits (or so I hear from Marnie Bennett…I’ve never worked there) and education opportunities to their employees and a pretty impressive rewards program for loyal customers.

  1. Kristi Rosales

    I think we should support Starbucks in this policy change and recognize them for the excellent job that they continue to do. I am sure that this is going to bring some backlash from the Starbucks community. This is very ridiculous to buy essays for less from these writers from what is being said.

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