Staying Home

If even the threat of Ebola is going to be stopped, then those who have any kind of contact with people in Africa who have the disease need to listen to health officials and remain quarantined.

The nurse seen in pictures at has not really listened to what doctors and nurses have told her.  For most people, they wouldn’t want to stay in their home if they only had a cold or a minor illness, apart from my friend Marnie, she’s always extra careful.

However, this is a nurse who has been in contact with those who have Ebola. Even if she doesn’t have the disease or shows no signs of the disease, who is to say that the virus isn’t living in her body and just hasn’t developed yet? All she has to do is stay home for a short time until the quarantine is over.

  1. Kristi Rosales

    If this is how everyone acts after they come back from the Ebola stricken area, then the chances of the disease spreading here will likely increase. She has decided to leave her home. There are many things that paper writing services can do to enable them to work out the cure.

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