Month: November 2014

Thailand’s Hunger Games Protest

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The Hunger Games next installment opened last weekend internationally, but a theater in Thailand refused to show the film. According to Vice, the movie has become a symbol for political defiance and expression against the military who is running the country. Three activists were arrested and the Deputy Prime Minister had to get involved in…

Snow Causing Problems in Buffalo

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Snow is a unique and fun treat as winter comes rolling in, but for many it can be a hazard. We all love snow to happen once in a while but when it get to a point that it is unbearable, people are likely to start having second thoughts. It is normal for people to…

FSU Shooter Fatally Shot After Injuring Three Others

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The Strozier Library on the FSU campus was packed with over 300 students at 12:15 am Thursday morning when Myron May, a 2005 Florida State University graduate shot and wounded three people. Armed with a semi-automatic .380 handgun, May reloaded his firearm once, but never got past security barriers in the library’s lobby. Webcams inside…

Black Friday Protests Planned Against Walmart

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Black Friday might be the busiest shopping day of the year, but for Walmart workers it is going to be their chance to speak up about a corporation that they feel could pay them better. Workers are planning protests that will take place at thousands of Walmart Stores in the states to protest minimum wages…

New Prehistoric Whale Genus Identified in New Zealand

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I love whales. Like, I really love whales. Gianfrancesco Genoso can attest to that. So when he sent me this news story from New Zealand I had to share it with the world. Scientists at the University of Otago have described a new genus of prehistoric whale in New Zealand. It’s called Tohoraata, which means…

It’s Cold In Here, and everywhere in the USA

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It is rather chilly in most of the United States. After doing a few temperature recordings, it was found that 49 of the 50 states had temperatures that were at or below freezing at some point during the day. This is weather that usually isn’t seen until at least after winter has started. Mother Nature…

Colorado Spends a Million of the Marijuana Taxes

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Libertarians have long spoke about making Marijuana completely legal. The most common argument towards the movement was that the money that could be made from taxes of Marijuana sales would be available to fund many government programs. Now that several states have deregulation of the drug, with some states voting for out-right legalization, the verdicts…

Move Over, Mustache

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Why so much vitriol about the mustache? Why has this once proud symbol of masculinity fallen out of favor? It’s because many modern women do not think it’s sexy. In fact they think it’s creepy. A recent article in Jezebel postulates. Why mustaches have not made the comeback the beard has is mystifying to many….

Cop Kills Woman by Slapping Her Onto the Pavement. Family Witnessed

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A police officer slammed an African American woman on the concrete. The Cleveland Police Officer slammed a 37 year old woman’s head on the concrete which ended up killing her. He did so right outside her family’s house. The woman, Tanesha Anderson, was announced deceased after the attack from the Ohio Cop. SHe was pronounced…

Pope Francis Looks Outside the Box Once Again

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Pope Francis has always had a passion to help the poor and his latest project proves that once again. Pope Francis wants three showers to be installed in St. Peter’s Square to help the homeless, which my friend Jared Haftel can’t stop talking about. According to the reports on CNN, the construction is to begin…

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