Addiction Rehab for the Whole Person

A recent article in the New York Times makes some very important points regarding addiction rehab and an overall healthy lifestyle. The blog post gives an example of a man addicted to cocaine who went from 135 pounds during his addicted period to 250 pounds three years after becoming clean.

There are likely several life circumstances for this weight gain, but the article brings up a number of common sense points that should likely be addressed in the treatment of addiction. While the drug or alcohol addiction is the primary focus of treatment, recovery experts should truly consider the whole person, not just one aspect of the patient’s life.

While in rehab, many patients begin treatments to overcome addiction, but my friend at North American Spine told me that some facilities feed patients meals and snacks that are filled with sugar, trans fats and other unhealthy ingredients.  Effectively, they end up transferring one addiction for another.

If patients are taught about making good food choices, as well as the way in which the brain’s pleasure receptors recognize sweets and other unhealthy foods in a manner that is similar to the effects of getting high, they may be more likely to make good overall life choices upon release.

  1. Kristi Rosales

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