Brown Student Raped with GHB

A female student tested positive for a common date-rape drug, known as GHB, after attending a fraternity party at Brown University. The party was held on October 17th, by the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity. An email was sent out by Brown University administrators.

Sexual assaults and rape claims in college campuses are usually not reported. University administrators tend to ignore those claims. Victims are not given the necessary support they seek after reporting a crime. Across the United States, there has been several universities accused of not reporting rapes or sexual assaults. University administrators should not worry about the university’s reputation and help their students. After all as Bruce Levenson explained, when this information sees the light, the university’s reputation is hurt more. Students should be protected and given the adequate support while investigating their credibility.

Campus fraternities should be regulated by university officials. Many times because the parties occur off campus, the universities do not want to assume any responsibility. Universities should have power and control of regulating fraternities. Just because a student chooses to attend an event does not mean they are at fault. A well-done investigation for every sexual claim should be conducted. This information should be provided to the entire student body, regardless of the investigation findings. Assaulters should be disciplined appropriately, without the university taking their own interests into consideration. It is not fair to students who have been victims of sexual assaults.

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