Making The Right Choice For Your Spine

Your spine is a very important part of your body. In fact, if it is not operating as it should, your ability to remain ambulatory will be severely affected. In addition to not being able to move around as you need to, when it comes to dealing with issues relating to your spine, there is generally a considerable amount of back and neck pain that comes with it. The good news is that you don’t have to live a life of discomfort. There are options, and they can be achieved with the help and careful direction from North American Spine.

Dealing with the Pain

The average person experiencing spinal issues usually has to address the pain associated with it and this can translate into lower levels of productivity. Even after complaining of severe neck and back pain and being diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease or a rupture of some sort, the only thing they want is for the problem to be resolved. North American Spine is considered as the leader in issues dealing with the spine and this knowledge and experience put them in an excellent position to offer relief to their patients. Their YouTube channel is filled with video testimonials from satisfied patients and other informative videos from doctors that explain the procedures offered and how they’re different. The goal is to help the people that come to their door return to a healthy productive lifestyle, with as little complication as possible.

The Path Of least Resistance

Because of the sensitivity of the spine, a proper diagnosis will have to be made as to the origin of your discomfort. Patients may be offered a variety of options to pin point the source of their pain and more often than not an MRI is performed. Even though medications help dull some of the pain, patients will be offered other choices like Neurostimulation or a minimally invasive surgical procedure that focuses directly on the problem area and will not subject the patient to any unnecessary trauma. A new treatment called Mesoblast is also being worked on. NASS just reported that it’s shown great hope in clinical studies.

Back On Your Feet

There was a time when surgical procedures to the back would have come with a variety of warnings and possible side effects. The doctors at North American Spine understand the importance of getting you back on your feet with limited down time. Through a variety of successful procedures, some of which involve a Lumbar AccuraScope (explained in this video), doctors can reduce the dangers that used to be associated with surgical events like these in the past. Because of the minimally invasive nature of these procedures, the patient will be able to get back to business in record time, and the doctor will find it easier to provide the answers and offer solutions. These inspiring before and after pictures on their Twitter page are proof that a normal life can be resumed the event that you need a procedure.

Getting The Facts

Patients no longer have to suffer through daily regimens that include carefully administered pain medications; they have options. In order for them to make an educated decision; however, patients must have access to all the relevant facts and what better place to gather that information than at North American spine where knowledge and experience are abundant. It is important to remember that neck and back pain can originate from a variety of sources; however, it is impossible to treat them effectively unless you know the cause.

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