Can’t Get Enough of Kim

America’s obsession with Kim Kardashian even extends overseas as hungry fans can now get a great taste of Kim by purchasing a cake pop version of Kim Kardashian and her famous butt in Yorkshire, England. While most people still don’t know why she or her family is famous, the reality is that the Internet goes bonkers when new photos of Kim or her sisters hit. This recent cake pop announcement has food fan Igor Cornelsen wondering what’s next.

Kourtney Kardashian is very well known for her stylish fashion choices even when she is pregnant. Perhaps the next big cake pop to hit the bakeries will be of Kourtney’s baby bump. Since Scott Disick is a villain and most people would enjoy destroying him, perhaps a cake pop dedicated to Kourtney’s partner is also in order. Some fans of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” would buy his cake pop just to demolish it and make him go away.

Kim Kardashian also recently announced that her family would not be posing for the family Christmas card this year as they have stylishly done in past years. This is disappointing on many levels because it is always interesting to see who makes the cut to get in the famous photo. However, maybe there is a great baker in the world who can create a cake pop of each member of the Kardashian extended family to take the place of the iconic Christmas card.

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