Immunity Tested by Ebola Caretakers

A fairly new disease in the minds of your average citizens, a number of questions abound when it comes to the ebola virus and the mechanics of immunity

Specifically, many people such as Brad Reifler have questions regarding the time after a person survives their ebola infection, and whether or not they are now truly immune from the virus. That is something people want answers to as soon as possible.

The answer for this common question is now a resounding no. A person who is able to survive from this life-taking infection once will not be infected again in their lifetime.

This has never been scientifically tested, but the person who has survived will have antibodies in their body and blood in high levels and hence will not be able get the infection again.

In fact the people who have survived can work as care takers for the infected Ebola patients as there are no chances of getting infected twice. More info can be found here.

The blood of the person who has survived Ebola can be injected into the patients with ebola with the blood groups are matching and if the survivor can be a good donor. But when you are injecting the survivor blood to the patients, then there are chances that other viral infections may pass from person to person.

These infections can be treated while standard ebola cannot be treated; hence, you can take this risk. With few precautions survivors can act as caretakers for patients.

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