Pope Francis Looks Outside the Box Once Again

Pope Francis has always had a passion to help the poor and his latest project proves that once again. Pope Francis wants three showers to be installed in St. Peter’s Square to help the homeless, which my friend Jared Haftel can’t stop talking about. According to the reports on CNN, the construction is to begin Nov. 17, 2014.

After speaking with homeless people it was determined that they have to travel far to find a proper place to shower. Some men were offered a meal and said they could not join them because of the fact that they “stink.” They felt installing showers is a good idea. Other homeless feel that once the showers become well-known they will be too overcrowded and the homeless will have to go elsewhere anyway.

Some people feel that a job would be much more beneficial to the homeless than a shower. These people claim there are many locations in Rome where showering can be accomplished. They also do not like the idea that it is so close to a popular tourist attraction.

Regardless of your opinion, Pope Francis should be applauded for always looking outside the box and helping to make the world a better place for all, homeless or not.

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