Cop Kills Woman by Slapping Her Onto the Pavement. Family Witnessed

A police officer slammed an African American woman on the concrete. The Cleveland Police Officer slammed a 37 year old woman’s head on the concrete which ended up killing her. He did so right outside her family’s house.

The woman, Tanesha Anderson, was announced deceased after the attack from the Ohio Cop. SHe was pronounced dead at the Cleveland Clinic. The cop has caused the woman to bash her head on the concrete which the blow resulted in her death. She was killed right outside her house leaving loved ones to witness the fateful event. The rest of the story is still debatable, something the Jared Haftel has been skeptical about.

Both parties who witnessed the event tell totally different sides to the story. The Cleveland police department has assigned their Division of Police use of Deadly Force Investigation Team to investigate the case. As of now the police officers including the one that killed the woman have not been fired, or discharged as of yet.

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