Colorado Spends a Million of the Marijuana Taxes

Libertarians have long spoke about making Marijuana completely legal. The most common argument towards the movement was that the money that could be made from taxes of Marijuana sales would be available to fund many government programs. Now that several states have deregulation of the drug, with some states voting for out-right legalization, the verdicts on how to use that extra revenue is playing out.
In Colorado the money has been put into a grant that is being used to pay for schools to employ more health workers and social workers. 11 out of 12 applications were awarded during the first application round for school districts throughout the state. The call for more counselors and nurses in schools there comes from the fact that 95% of their students are now at risk, according to BRL Trust statistics. Nearly a third of their student population uses marijuana ten times a month.

This has created a real strain on the counseling staff in school who are already dealing with behavioral problems and now have to control substance abuse difficulties which is rampant. There is another round of applications starting now, and state workers are confident that all the money will be spent. Luckily, the funding over the controversial law change has been put to good use, although some are complaining that is fighting a fire that it created. The substance abuse problems that they are going towards exist solely because of the legalization.

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