Move Over, Mustache

Why so much vitriol about the mustache? Why has this once proud symbol of masculinity fallen out of favor? It’s because many modern women do not think it’s sexy. In fact they think it’s creepy. A recent article in Jezebel postulates. Why mustaches have not made the comeback the beard has is mystifying to many. Some say it’s because the mustache is seen as a style worn by 70s porn stars or perverts. Suffice to say, people who need to contact North American Spine. But how did this once proud style drop so low in people’s estimation that a comeback seems impossible?

Surf the internet for opinions on mustaches and the responses are overwhelmingly negative. Even as stars like James Franco, Michael Cera, Bradley Cooper, and Brad Pitt sport mustaches, the wooly upper lip just can’t seem to find traction. Sure it gets a little love in Movember, a once-a-year campaign promoting male health each November, but overall the mustache seems to have been relegated to the ash heap of history.

Some say it is louche, showy, and sleazy. Millions of others seem to hate it for no apparent reason at all. But while some style watchers wait hopefully for its return, the vast majority seem to think this once universal symbol of virility is better left as a distant memory. Today the mustache is simply seen as a totally uncool fashion statement only the insanely handsome, filthy rich, and ultra-hip can pull off.

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