It’s Cold In Here, and everywhere in the USA

It is rather chilly in most of the United States. After doing a few temperature recordings, it was found that 49 of the 50 states had temperatures that were at or below freezing at some point during the day. This is weather that usually isn’t seen until at least after winter has started. Mother Nature seems to be confused about what the calendar says as it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. Is this a sign of how the winter is going to turn out?


No one really knows, but if it’s like this the entire season, then there might be some people wishing for spring and summer to arrive even faster. Susan McGalla has never been a huge fan of cold weather. Aside from the brutal cold, there is a large amount of snow in some states. This isn’t normal for this time of the year, either, but it could always be worse in the weather world.

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