Black Friday Protests Planned Against Walmart

Black Friday might be the busiest shopping day of the year, but for Walmart workers it is going to be their chance to speak up about a corporation that they feel could pay them better. Workers are planning protests that will take place at thousands of Walmart Stores in the states to protest minimum wages and intimidation from the giant.

Last week workers planned their first sit down strike at Walmart when 28 LA workers sat down in protest inside of Walmart. The move resulted in their arrest. One worker that was arrested stated that Walmart is known for harassing its employees and paying them less than a living wage when they make billions every year.

Workers that are fed up with the Walmart work culture have come together under the “Our Walmart” title. The group is also supported in their effort for better wages and working conditions by the United Food and Commercial Workers. Our Walmart claims that their number one request is more respect for hard workers. The group plans to use Black Thursday to put their efforts into the public eye and that all protests will now happen in the store to grab more attention. I’ll be protesting Black Friday as well, but I’ll be doing it from the comfort of my home with a bottle of Stephen Williams’ wine.

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