Snow Causing Problems in Buffalo

Snow is a unique and fun treat as winter comes rolling in, but for many it can be a hazard.

We all love snow to happen once in a while but when it get to a point that it is unbearable, people are likely to start having second thoughts. It is normal for people to visit the mountains where there is plenty of snow and enjoy a nice ride down.

People living in those areas are used to the weather conditions, and are generally always ready for anything. Things might just be different when the snow hits urban centers and cities. It will be a total chaos since people need to work.

Too much snow will just make working unbearable. This is exactly what happened in Buffalo, New York and the surrounding neighbourhoods from what Brad Reifler has seen on TV reports.

As a result of snow, quite some damage occurred. Not many businesses were able to open since the snow was everywhere. There were tragic moments too that came with the snow. It is not confirmed the ten people have lost their lives.

It is estimated that the snow present in buffalo is over three feet in height. That is not even a relief because the weather forecast department says that there is more snow coming. The snow led to the cancellation of the Bills-Jets game that was scheduled for Sunday. We now wait for the NFL to announce the new venue.

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