Thailand’s Hunger Games Protest

The Hunger Games next installment opened last weekend internationally, but a theater in Thailand refused to show the film. According to Vice, the movie has become a symbol for political defiance and expression against the military who is running the country. Three activists were arrested and the Deputy Prime Minister had to get involved in the protest. The protestors have been using the three finger salute made popular by the Hunger Games to show their feeling against military takeover. The student activists who were arrested planned to organize a mass viewing of the movie, but when the plan was revealed the theater immediately pulled the movie, not allowing it to play. There were cops and media outlets present at this venue when two of the activists promised they would not cause problems they all just wanted to watch the movie together. Levenson is glad that they got it all under control for the most part.


They insisted they would go to another theater. At some point the Hunger Games was going to be viewed by these students, until the police took them to jail. The director of the franchise feels bad for the turmoil and arrests occurring in Thailand and never intended for the movies to start a commotion such as this.

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