Month: December 2014

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Man Working Towards a Warp Drive in His Garage Dave Pares has converted his garage into a home lab to explore what has been a dream for fans of Star Trek since the show first aired in the 1960’s. Warp drive is the holy grail of space travel. Scientists the world over realize that while rockets…

Year in review-The look ahead

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  The year is almost over and that brings about the year in review. The dreaded look back at all the great times that makes up the year 2014. The look back can be sad and it can be tragic. No matter how you look at it, a lot of it can be funny. That is…

Arya Stark Gets New Clothes in the New Season of Game of Thrones

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Maisie Williams is one very happy actress. She will be returning to the role of Arya Stark in the fifth season of Game of Thrones. This time, she will be wearing a new costume and Williams is extremely pleased about this development. For three seasons, Arya wore the same costume, an outfit designed to make her look…

The Trend…Ugly Christmas Sweaters

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Recent Christmas’s has brought about a new trend. The recognition of ugly Christmas sweaters. I know, and I suspect you do to, That this is not a new thing. It just seems we are talking about it openly now. Instead of whispering it, drunkenly, at Christmas functions, trying to focus on feeding your pet Beneful…

Horror Comedy Scream Queens

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Emma Roberts and Jamie Lee Curtis will star in the new Fox show Scream Queens. Exciting news for Vijay Eswaran who loves these things. The fact that this duo will be the stars of a horror comedy is very fitting, considering that Curtis’ acting debut was Halloween, and Roberts is currently starring in American Horror Story: Freak Show and has…

Casey Kasem still not Resting in Peace

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Casey Kasem had a one of a kind voice that most people in the United States would recognize without even thinking about it. His voice was heard on a weekly basis as he did the top ten countdowns on the radio. He was a music historian who truly understood what music was all about. Kasem…

Mark Wahlberg Wants to Be a Cop

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These days Mark Wahlberg is doing all he can to put his bad boy past behind him. He isn’t interested in being the menace to society he once was years ago and he is making it very clear that he is ready to be on the right side of the law. The actor has even…

10 Foolproof Excuses so You Can Stay in Tonight

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December is a busy month, and like the busy Tech It-Girl, Brit Morin, you might find yourself wanting to slow down and stay in every now and again. Here are seven foolproof excuses that you can use to just stay home, relax, eat pizza and watch movies.1. My parents are coming; I have to get…

Texas Is Closing Prisons Rather Than Building New Ones

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For decades Texas had a straightforward moral outlook on crime, and that stance translated into a very tough criminal justice system. The reasons for Texas position on crime are no secret. Drugs, economic dislocations, and poor family education led to a series of new penal policies. Those new laws fueled an extraordinary increase in the…

Skout Makes a Different Kind of Dating Application, and That’s a Good Thing

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As someone who works at home, I find it rather difficult meeting new people. Outside of talking to my dog each and every day, the most actual human interaction I receive is when I head out to the grocery store. Of course, I’m not looking to pick up the cashier at my local food outlet,…

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