Skout Makes a Different Kind of Dating Application, and That’s a Good Thing

As someone who works at home, I find it rather difficult meeting new people. Outside of talking to my dog each and every day, the most actual human interaction I receive is when I head out to the grocery store. Of course, I’m not looking to pick up the cashier at my local food outlet, so I really don’t have much of an option when it comes to finding someone to potentially date. This is exactly why I decided to check out Skout. While there are other dating applications out there, many of which I experimented with, I really found that this one offered the very best services available to me, all without me having to deal with odd individuals, which is the case with many other dating applications.  Not to mention that Skout is available on practically every platform.

With the Skout dating application, I am able to instantly download and install the app right onto my mobile phone. It’s not like Facebook, which makes finding new people surprisingly difficult. I don’t need to wake up and check my Internet connection every day just to see who might have called me or sent me a message, and I don’t have to deal with paying large monthly fees just to find someone else who I might like. While I’d like to find someone to potentially date, or hang out with on the holidays, I’m not in the “need to find someone right now or else mode”, which is what I normally equate to individuals who are on the pay-for services.

With Skout, I do not need to worry about interacting with people who are a hundred miles away, thanks to the interactivity with the iPhone’s GPS system. On some of the other dating websites out there I’ve had this exactly kind of problem. I’ll receive a message from someone who I’m rather attracted to, but the major problem here is they live two hours away. I’m not really interested in getting into a long distance relationship when I first meet someone. With the help of the Skout application, it can search out for people who are all nearby me, so this is not an issue. Plus, with the way the application works with other social media platforms, I know the person is real. Far too many times, when looking at someone’s profile with a different dating service, I would have the feeling that they really were not an actual person at all. Thanks to the social media connection feature of Skout, this worry is removed as well.

Instead of having to read through page after page of profile information, I can simply find someone who is interested and message them right away. This makes it quick and easy and actually rather fun. I have a much greater success rate at meeting with other individuals here than with actually attempting to send a message through the larger, bulkier services. All of this has made it extremely fun for communicating with other people, and when you add Fuse it’s just awesome. Plus, when I am out, working at a local coffee shop, I am able to simply see who else is out and then ask if they would like to grab a cup of coffee as well, all thanks to the great Skout application.  Like-minded people who adore to explore, are definitely going to love an app that provides an instant connection with several people in your area.

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