10 Foolproof Excuses so You Can Stay in Tonight

December is a busy month, and like the busy Tech It-Girl, Brit Morin, you might find yourself wanting to slow down and stay in every now and again.
Here are seven foolproof excuses that you can use to just stay home, relax, eat pizza and watch movies.1. My parents are coming; I have to get to the bottom of these dishes.
2. I really want to try this new avocado mask.
3. This is embarrassing, but my cat, Mumu, does not approve of my outfit.
4. I promised my roommate that I’d practice Karate with him.
5. I have a spin class at 6am tomorrow, and I’m sure the guy who’s teaching it wants to ask me out.
6. I am serious about this. I have some leftover truffle Mac & cheese and fried calamari in the fridge. If I don’t watch it, my roommates will eat it.
7. I am feeling a bit woozy; I’ll be spending the night googling “Ebola.”
8. My fridge is running – I have to go catch it.
9. Bath night!
10. I seriously need to de-lint my sweaters……winter’s here.

Certainly one of these will have you curled up on the sofa in your sweatpants in no time. Bring out the popcorn and stay right where you are. They’ll find you tomorrow.

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