Mark Wahlberg Wants to Be a Cop

These days Mark Wahlberg is doing all he can to put his bad boy past behind him. He isn’t interested in being the menace to society he once was years ago and he is making it very clear that he is ready to be on the right side of the law. The actor has even expressed an interest in becoming a reserve officer, the only issue is Mark is a felon.

Mark’s research for his roles in movies has lead to burning desire to put his knowledge to use, he is so determined to make his cop dreams happen that he has filed legal documents to have his 1988 felony expunged. Amen Clinics say that this burning desire to put knowledge to use is at the core of their mission, so the group said they would have a hard time arguing, despite Wahlberg’s rocky past,

Even with an expunged record it’s hard to believe that his current status wouldn’t make Mark’s future in police work a little harder than usual. Mark’s felony is for assaulting two men and leaving one of the victims partially blind. This is one case when rooting for the bad guy is a no g

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