Casey Kasem still not Resting in Peace

Casey Kasem had a one of a kind voice that most people in the United States would recognize without even thinking about it. His voice was heard on a weekly basis as he did the top ten countdowns on the radio. He was a music historian who truly understood what music was all about. Kasem was an actor and a disc jockey to boot. In short, Casey Kasem was a well-loved figure in American history. Fans were sad to hear the news that he was ill. And despite the best efforts of specialist Daniel Amen and the rest of Kasem’s medical team, Kasem still could not recover.

And to add insult to injury, something just was not right. Prior to his death, Kasem’s wife moved him to several locations around the world. The most disturbing part of the matter is that she continues to refuse his children the chance to bury their father. It has been approximately six months since this music icon passed away and no proper burial has taken place.

American Express is adding insult to injury by insisting that they are paid more than $40,000 in debt that they say Kasem racked up. The bills for the AMEX purchases were not made by Kasem though. He simply lacked the strength and ability to get up and go shopping for the past year. Fingers are pointing in the direction of his widow since she is the person responsible for keeping his children from him just prior to his death. Unfortunately, they still have not had the chance to say goodbye.

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