The Trend…Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Recent Christmas’s has brought about a new trend. The recognition of ugly Christmas sweaters. I know, and I suspect you do to, That this is not a new thing. It just seems we are talking about it openly now. Instead of whispering it, drunkenly, at Christmas functions, trying to focus on feeding your pet Beneful and keep from openly loling. The wobbly point and and laugh is now “cool”.

My Father had a great one, he wore with pride, not knowing in the slightest it was considered ugly. It was dark blue wool with gray stripes, in the center were deer and trees that looked like they were made out of Legos. I cherished this sweater for years, however I was forbade from ever wearing it to Christmas parties. It’s premediated disapearance took years to finally accomplish. I’m not sure how it was finally committed, I just know I don’t own it anymore, and nobody seems to know what I’m talking about.

This gentleman here will soon suffer the same fate, left forever wondering where his beloved treasure has gone. They even now have parties completely dedicated to the ugly sweater. It’s not about who made the best dip or brought the best booze. It’s about who can look the stupidest. Maybe it came down from the three wise men. Every portrayal I’ve seen of these fine fellows, shows a lack of fashion sense.

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