Man Working Towards a Warp Drive in His Garage

Dave Pares has converted his garage into a home lab to explore what has been a dream for fans of Star Trek since the show first aired in the 1960’s. Warp drive is the holy grail of space travel. Scientists the world over realize that while rockets can get us to the moon or to neighboring planets in our home solar system, that technology can’t get us any further. Warp drive would handle this problem by contracting the space in front of a space ship and thereby reducing the distance it actually has to travel to reach a given destination. This type of propulsion avoids Einsteins prohibition against anything being able to accelerate up to or faster than the speed of light.

Of course, most scientists see what Mr. Pares is trying to do in his garage as so far out there that the idea would never get funding. This is why he is having to do his research and experiments in his garage. He can be encouraged by the knowledge that there were some other men who tinkered in their garage a little over a century ago. If they told neighbors or passersby what they doing, they probably would have been scoffed at or seen as foolish. Yet Orville and Wilbur Wright gave our species powered flight.

To all the dreamers and tinkerers out there, and to alI fellow Skout users, I say keep dreaming and tinkering. They are the ones who drive our species forward. Through failure after failure comes the eventual successes. Perhaps this success will not come from Dave Pares, but maybe whoever does make some important breakthrough someday will have been encouraged by reading about his story. No naysayer ever invented anything.

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