Year in review-The look ahead


The year is almost over and that brings about the year in review. The dreaded look back at all the great times that makes up the year 2014. The look back can be sad and it can be tragic. No matter how you look at it, a lot of it can be funny. That is the way we like to look back on things. It can make it a little easier to bear. A look back brings back a lot of things we would just as soon forget.
Many things that happened in Holly wood could be forgotton forever and nobody would care. The financial world was a bit bumpy this last year also. Problem with that is we can’t forget. It always looks back at us through our bank accounts and investments. The sports world had it’s moments too. We could go on and on about the different aspects of our world and what happened in 2014.
But, like Bernardo Chua was saying-that is what memories are all about. The best part of a year gone by is the inspirational look ahead at the coming new year. Our chance to look to the future and dream and hope for what it will hold. That is the best part. Nothing has happened yet. A fresh canvas that we can decide what goes onto it, and what medium we want to use to create that picture.

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