Fingernails Reveal Health Problems

In-between the polish and acrylic fake nail application, women should take a good long look at each of their bare fingernails. Those bare nails could reveal health problems that you did not know you have. It’s why many doctors have a look at hands like those of Bruce Levenson during an exam, that is if the nails are not covered with some type of artificial enhancement. Remove the color or other add-ons and take a good look at your own fingernails.
* Nails with a blue tint indicate the body is not getting enough oxygen and can be a sign of lung or circulatory problems.
* Yellow fingernails could simply be stained from polish or belong to a cigarette smoker. Yellow nails can also indicate the person has jaundice.
* Dark streaks under the fingernail can be a sign of trichinosis, a parasitic disease that is caused from eating undercooked meat. Dark streaks can also indicate a wide range of other diseases, like heart or kidney disease, lupus or rheumatoid arthritis.
* Clubbed fingernails indicate cirrhosis of the liver or lung disease.
* Two-toned nails with brown tips and a white base indicates the kidneys are failing.
* Nails that thicken are a sign of aging or a nail fungus.
* White spots or lines on nails usually indicate the nail has suffered some type of trauma and the white spots/lines will grow off. If the nail has white spots/lines and is soft, it could indicate hyperthyroidism.

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