3,200 Year Old Sewn Ship Discovered in Croatia

Finding decade old shipwrecks has become something of the norm for archeologists across the globe. After all, mankind has been exploring the oceans and waters of the globe for some time. However, when something truly special arrives, the discovery can produce more questions than it answers. In one recent case of amazing technological advances for the time, a very interesting ship was discovered in Bay Umag in Croatia.

According to, the ship dates back more than three thousand years, but the real fascinating aspect of the discovery not the ship but the manner in which it was constructed. The massive vessel appears to have been sewn together. The amazing discovery is protected by a large steel cage as researchers embark on an epic quest to learn as much as possible about the ship and the people that sailed it. There is little doubt that there is significant importance attached to this particular prehistoric ship.

Ground breaking discoveries do not happen every day, and it will likely be years before any huge breakthroughs are learned from the sewn ship if you listen to what people on Skout have to say. However, many workers at Skout Organic believe that as technology advances and equipment develops, revelations from the mysterious vessel could provide insight into how humans operate long ago and reveal the painstaking process and mammoth effort that was put into simply building a water going machine of this nature. This is one of those cases where watching and waiting could reshape what was previously believed.

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