Binge Drinking Dampens Immune System

As if you don’t already feel bad enough from your hangover from the weekend, new studies have show that binge drinking suppresses the immune system. Science Daily reported a study that was conducted by Loyola University of Health that gave subjects shots of Vodka (4 to 5 varying on weight). After 20 minutes or so the studies showed that the subjects had an increase in immune system functionality. However, when the scientist took measurements at 2 hour and 5 hour marks the immune system was actually weaker than it previously was before the subjects started drinking. The alcohol actually lowered the immune systems effectiveness below the normal baseline.

Not only does the immune system fall, but the subject is vulnerable to lowered reaction times and decreased motor function skills according to Forbes. If an individual gets injured or sick during their time of intoxication, the body must work harder to repair and heal the damage caused, and that is something Bruce Levenson would rather not hear about. Other alcohol related studies from Loyola have shown the negative impact that alcohol consumption has on bone repair.

They issued one group of mice salt water while giving the other mice alcohol. After a period of time, measurements were taken on both sets of mice to gauge the amount of healing their bones were capable of. The test subjects that had been given alcohol had significantly impaired levels of bone healing to their fractures while the salt water subjects remained normal.

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