There Is No Better Place For Wine Than A Bomb Shelter

Recently, the Founder and CEO of The Antique Wine Company, took a trip to seek out a new storage facility for their private client’s wine reserves. You would think a company such as AWC would keep their most precious wines secure, but this new solution takes the meaning to a whole new level. You see we are not talking about a regular bomb shelter that people had built during the cold war. Stephen decided to go look at a military shelter, not just any shelter but one that used to hold 1,000 pound bombs. This place is known as the London City Bond Facility.

The new London City Bond Facility was built by the Ministry of Defense before the Second World War. It was used to store 1,000 pound bombs in a series of 18 vaults, with concrete walls more than a meter thick. Apart from the extra thick walls , each vault was made vibration and UV light proof, and if that was not enough, they were covered with soil to provide more protection. The specifications for each vault have made them perfect to store fine wine. Now that the Ministry of Defense does not need them, they are serving a better purpose in life by keeping really expensive bottles of wine safe and tasty.

The Antique Wine Company has always worked hard to deliver a great service for their customers. If they do indeed decide to start storing their wine bottles in these vaults, the customer can rest assure that their fine wines will be safe and properly kept. Customers who decide to store their bottles at the new London City Bond facility will also get the privilege of visiting the facility every year, if they wish to do so. The vast grounds and green surroundings might just make this facility the best wine cellar in the world, and we have to thank Stephen Williams of The Antique Wine Company for introducing us to this marvelous place.

For more information on Stephen Williams and The Antique Wine Company, you can visit their blog and Twitter page.

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