Bruce Levenson moves from the oil industry to fronting a major sports team

Bruce Levenson has long been a popular and well respected member of many different organizations, his work in the oil and gas industries being the major area his efforts have been focused. In 2004, Levenson moved through the gears and joined the high flying world of professional sports when he became a partner and one of the best known faces of the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks.

Levenson made his personal fortune from very humble beginnings, the story of his rise to prominence began when the Washington DC native was studying for a law degree at American University. Whilst a student, Levenson had dabbled with a journalism career, but instead held firm to make his way out of law school with a full degree. Levenson and Ed Peskowitz worked in Levenson’s apartment to produce a newsletter that had its primary focus in the latest developments in the oil industry. The newsletter proved to be a success for the pair, who quickly found funding to purchase and found a number of other newsletters within the same field of industry, founding the database, the Oil Price Information Service only added to the number of subscribers the Levenson and Peskowitz had for their service. Eventually, United Communications Group was founded and has expanded to provide news and analysis for a variety of fields, including the mortgage, health care and telecommunications industries.

Bruce Levenson has also made his way into the public consciousness as a partner in the Atlanta Hawks LLC NBA franchise. Levenson and Peskowitz remains business partners in the NBA investment, which saw Levenson join the NBA Board of Governors as the Hawks representative soon after the purchase was made in 2004. Away from the business and sports worlds, Levenson is an active participant in the fight to keep the Holocaust in the minds of the US public. Levenson is a founding donor of the US Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C., as the museum benefits from the activities of Levenson on a regular basis as his mother is a Holocaust survivor.

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