Yet Another Milestone for North American Spine

I saw this story on Becker’s Spine Review about North American Spine and decided to do my own little review on this American healthcare company, which celebrated its sixth anniversary this January. It is well-known all over the United States for providing a range of innovative medical procedures. One of them is the AccuraScope® procedure, an innovative spine surgery that is far less invasive and expensive than traditional spine surgery. Board-certified physicians employed by North American Spine have performed more than 8,000 of these procedures over the years.

Many noted doctors, including Dr. Darren Schuhmacher, have expressed enthusiasm about the success of North American Spine. According to these eminent doctors, the staff of North American Spine have been both innovative and effective in their treatment of chronic back pain. But doctors are not the only ones who have praised North American Spine and their AccuraScope® procedure.

Medical studies have proven AccuraScope® to be one of the most effective and innovative treatment procedures for chronic back pain. They have also shown that this procedure has an 82% success rate. Moreover, this procedure has been shown to save thousands of dollars – it does so by decreasing the number of required medical visits and eliminating the need of many medications.

People who work at North American Spine are the best experts in their field. They have completed degrees in Interventional Pain Management, Neurosurgery, and Orthopedic Spine Surgery. They are extremely skilled with cutting-edge diagnostic tools and have compassion for their patients. Because of such skillful personnel, North American Spine has attracted many high-profile clients.

One of these high-profile clients is Larry Gatlin, a successful country music singer and songwriter. His band was very famous during the 1970s and 1980s. He chose North American Spine to treat a chronic leg pain that has plagued him for more than forty years. He called the services of North American Spine “a miracle in my life”. Their services are indeed like a miracle. Their main procedure – AccuraScope – is typically performed in less than 45 minutes, even though it is extremely effective and highly innovative.

This story was originally reported on PR Newswire under the title “North American Spine™ Celebrates 6 Years of Patient Care“.

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