Christopher Cowdray CEO of the Dorchester Collection

Christopher Cowdray, is the CEO of The Dorchester Collection. Luxury hotels with the most stunning decor collection in the world. He is an amazingly smart and talented native Zimbabwean. He held many positions in the hotel world, and Christopher is an Alma Mater from Columbia University. Cowdray is also a recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award at the European Hospitality Awards, for his works in the hotel business with the Dorchester Collection. He operates hotels in America, and also achieves success in the international business with hotels in Asia, Australia, Africa, United Kingdom and the Middle East, and more details can be found here.


Building a large infrastructure and outstanding team of leaders to make certain the brand continues to grow with a successful direction. Personalized service is something his brand offers, which seems to be highly effective. Offering many services to make the guest feel luxurious. Mr. Cowdray is a quick thinker, knows the demands for luxury travel and will continue to move forward in today’s travel market as an iconic CEO of the Dorchester Collection. He will always dominant competitors, as Christopher’s vision, combined with personal services, leaders in technology and a clear focus on hospitality principals will deliver highly efficient luxury market that will remain flawless throughout time. He is a leader in the world of hotel luxury management, with 30 plus years experience. His intentions are modern and unique, so growing the Dorchester Collection as Chief Executive Officer the brand will continue to be strong and focused. The Fashionable Dorchester Collection exceeds luxury.


The collection really shows passion, personality and culture. These hotels are conveniently located in places people want to visit. They offer so much more than a nights sleep. It offers everything from luxurious spas, to fine dinning restaurants and everything in between. Some hotels are just expensive, Christopher Cowdray CEO of the Dorchester Collection offers much much more. He is acclaimed as an outstanding hotelier and will continue to grow his brand for years to come.

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