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I took some business finance courses during undergrad for my electives and actually got pretty into it. So, I like to try and keep up to date on whats going on with the market, money tips and and trends and all that jazz. With that said, the other day I was just poking around to see what the industry was buzzing about with it being the start of the New Year and was so excited when I stumbled across an article from CNBC that featured Sam Tabar, one of class mates at Columbia. It seems as though Sam has done well for himself and had some really good 2015 investment pointers.

Sam was always interested in alternative investment options and after Columbia, I heard he took a job in the city with a firm that served pretty big time investment initiatives, hedge fund kind of stuff. From my courses in undergrad, I know that when it comes to hedge funds, one of the most important areas is investor relations. After all, in order for a hedge fund to be successful it must have an adequate number of investors who have money to invest and confidence in the fund’s ability to produce significant rates of return. While many companies sometimes spend little time on investor relations, others realize that having skilled people working in investor relations can pay off handsomely. Of the many people working in investor relations, perhaps none of them have been better at their craft than Sam Tabar.

With his extensive legal background and passion for finance, Sam Tabar has undoubtedly taken investor relations to new levels of success wherever he has been. As one of the key players with PMA Investment Advisors, he quickly showed what a difference he could make with investors. Put in charge of a hedge fund worth over $2 billion, Sam approached the challenge with the same amount of enthusiasm and confidence as he does anything else in his life. After spending hours and hours studying the fund and formulating a plan for success, Sam set out to attract as many investors as possible. Targeting a wide variety of individual investors as well as institutional ones, he was able to connect with investors in ways few others in investor relations ever have.

As a result of his excellent oral and written communication skills, Sam presented his firm with a list of well over 2,000 potential investors for the hedge fund. However, Sam did not stop there. In addition to the 2,000 investors he had spoken with, he created a second group of over 400 individuals that he felt were strong possibilities to be investors based upon their high net worth and interest in investing. Once PMA saw what Sam could do, he quickly climbed the ladder of success and was named Managing Director of Business Development. In this role, he played a large part in the day-to-day decision making at the firm, all the while continuing to do his work with investors.

One reason Sam is such a good communicator is his ability to speak multiple languages. Being fluent in English and French, he can also speak Japanese. Having been a world traveler, Sam has had the chance to interact with people of various backgrounds and cultures. This experience had proven to be of great help to him when developing strategic plans for hedge funds and meeting with potential investors. His ability to put people at ease, clearly explain their options and listen to their concerns while answering their questions makes Sam Tabar a person whose name is rapidly gaining recognition and respect within international finance circles.

Having such a command of communication, Sam knows all too well the key to bringing in new investors is gaining their trust and answering their questions. As he continues his dynamic career, Sam Tabar is one man whose name is sure to be known in the most influential financial firms worldwide.

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