Forget Wine Tasting, a Los Angeles Restaurant Teaches Water Tasting Classes

Some wineries charge a fee for wine tasting. What is really shocking is los Angeles restaurant, Patina, charges an outrageous $50.00 for water tasting classes.  And Sultan Alhokair refuses to pay that.

Martin Riese, who teaches the water tasting classes, has also put together a 45-page menu that lists all the different water this restaurant sells. This upscale restaurant doesn’t just offer American water. They also offer a variety of bottled water from 10 countries.

Patina Restaurant recommends which water should be paired with certain menu items. This concept makes people curious about how water can taste that different from one region to another. Also, why would people pay $50.00 to find out? After all, water is usually free in most restaurants.

As always, curiosity kills the cat. In this case, curiosity might also kill your wallet. Prices for water at this restaurant range from .75 to $20.00 per bottle.

Taking classes to study various bottled water from around the world is an ingenious idea. Whether it will catch on to the restaurant customers is another question. It will either get the best of people’s curiosity, or the idea will be all washed up.

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