The Pearls’ in Igor Cornelsen Oysters’ were Brazilian Investments

Igor Cornelsen embraced the livelihood of becoming an investor in the Brazilian stock market with a passion. He kept an open mind that he could always learn more about investing, even if the information was considered a tidbit by other people.

Time and energy were devoted in researching which commercial and privately owned investment banks were operating in the world’s eighth largest economy. Then he studied how the investment world operated.

Igor Cornelsen developed basic strategic guidelines for buying, trading and investing in the Brazilian stock market.

He used his common sense and his skill of listening and socialized with the Brazilian people. Then he studied the laws of the Brazilian stock market, and the restrictions governing the use of foreign currency. He paid attention to the companies and the products that were being traded. He stayed informed about products and commodities that were popular and unpopular and the reasons why. Then he made note of which countries were trading partners. He constantly monitored the changes in the investors trading techniques and the stock they purchased. He saw how the profits increased and learned how to make a slow selling stock successful.

He recorded his findings of what worked and what didn’t work to his satisfaction and made the necessary adjustments. He spoke to other colleagues in the field of investing and listened to sound advice. Coupled with his own strategies and ingenuity he put his knowledge of making investments in motion.

Igor Cornelsen is a gentleman whose achievements’ have shown that hard work equals success. His formula is easy to follow and reaps many rewards. He often gave his close friends, acquaintances and colleagues advice.

His hard work of studying how the investment industry worked, enabled Igor Cornelsen to become a successful banker and a brilliant investor in the Brazilian stock market.

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