Enjoy Free Phone And Internet Through FreedomPop

Too many people today are having problems with their cell phone provider, or internet service provider. Sometimes, the internet service provider, and the cell phone service provider, are the same company. Many think they are saving money when they pay for two services on one bill, only to find out that they are overpaying. Instead of paying the high cost of phone services these days, why not just get it for free? FreedomPop is an innovative company, allowing many to receive free cell phone service, text messages, as well as high-speed internet services. One can also create a secure internet network in their own home.

For those who are looking to switch from their old phone company to FreedomPop, they can easily do so, and begin saving hundreds of dollars over the course of a year. Some will easily save as much as $1000 or more on their phone bill alone, not including the internet savings. Many are paying an average of $50 a month or more for internet bills, and about the same amount for their phone bills. Imagine being able to combine both cell phone and internet plans in one, and getting it for free? Many find it hard to believe that these services can be free of charge.

With FreedomPop, one can easily purchase a cell phone, or transfer over their current cell phone services to FreedomPop. Once the cell phone is transferred over, the customer can begin using the FreedomPop services, and begin making phone calls, as well as sending and receiving text messages. For those that need to get onto the internet, there are several ways to do so. One can easily set up a network in their home, and it has a router, which allows for several devices to connect to the internet. There is an internet that is free of charge, or for higher speeds, prices start as low as $5.

It’s easy to get speeds, starting at 8x’s faster than DSL, for a very low cost. Even with higher speeds, the price comparison to other companies is unbeatable. FreedomPop truly allows their customers to save a lot of money on internet services, as well as phone services. If a customer does not already have a phone, one can be purchased from FreedomPop, and they are the latest smart phones out there. Even hot spots that can travel with a customer, is available through FreedomPop, allowing high-speed internet, while on the go. You can find the FreedomPop app on iTunes or Google Play.

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