Mark Ahn’s Guide to Successful Business Leadership in 2015

Mark Ahn has leadership experience in the subjects of military, business, academia. In an article originally published by PR Newswire, Ahn recently expressed his advice to those hoping to succeed in business leadership this year.

Mark Ahn believes that learning from the older, wiser crowd is invaluable. He says that it is important to not just listen to the latest trends in business, but to listen to the words of elder, wise businessmen whose advice has likely been a direct result of their successes and failures.

In addition, Ahn knows the importance of leading with integrity. He knows the crucial role that integrity plays in a moral code, and he knows that a lack of integrity devalues a business.

Anyone with any type of leadership experience knows that good judgment and good leadership go together. Mark Ahn advises businessmen and women to lead with good judgement, regardless of the fear or struggles they might face as a result. A true leader who leads people with good judgment is one who always exercises courage and morality, regardless of the situation.

The saying “Actions speak louder than words”, may be cliche’, but it’s truth remains nonetheless. If a business owner or manager cannot live in the same way that they ask their employees to be, how can they expect their employees to take them seriously? Instead of just telling employees what they should do, Mark Ahn advises that managers show employees what to do by leading with example.

To be humble is so important in a position of leadership. While boldness is definitely a necessary quality, a business manager should never think so highly of himself that he refuses to listen to his employees. Without good employees, a business cannot succeed. An employee often has a perspective of the company that a manager may never see. If a manager is too arrogant to listen to an employee, his company could be severely impacted as a result.

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