Dying 9-Year-Old Wishes For Cards For His Birthday


Bubby Everson’s, from Graham, Washington, 9th birthday is coming up soon. While most little boys wish for toys, big parties, or a new gaming system, Bubby’s wish is simple- he wants mail. According to his parents, Brandi and Thomas, Bubby loves receiving mail, especially stickers. Whenever they get a piece of junk mail in their box they give it to an excited Bubby.According to this year Bubby’s parents are asking for help, for anyone to send Bubby a letter or card for his birthday since this may be his last one. Bubby suffers from Cytomegalovirus, which is fatal for some. At his young age, Bubby already suffers from scoliosis and wears casts on his feet when he is not in his wheelchair. According to, He has also received cochlear implants to help him hear better and has epilepsy, autism, and cerebral palsy. According to Brandi and Thomas, a bad day can consist of Bubby having up to 10 seizures.

Bubby’s birthday is February 11th. His parents have opened a PO box for the mail they are hoping Bubby will receive. If you have a few minutes in your day, please stop and pick up a card or stickers for Bubby. While it may be a small act to you, this is an amazing present for an excited little boy. The address to send the mail to is:

Bubby Everson
PO BOX 1142
Graham, Washington 98338

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