Bruce Jenner Involved in Fatal Car Accident, Cooperating with Police


Bruce Jenner, former Olympian and realty TV star, was involved in a fatal car accident over the weekend. According to reports, Jenner was driving in Malibu around noon when he rear-ended a vehicle that had come to a stop. That car was pushed into oncoming traffic where it was hit by another vehicle.

One person was killed at eight other people were injured in the accident. According to sources, A Toyota Prius may have stopped or slow down suddenly, causing a white Lexus to hit the vehicle. Jenner’s vehicle then hit the Lexus, which careened into oncoming traffic and was hit by a Hummer SUV.

According to the reports that my coworker Marcio Alaor BMG shared with me,  Jenner is cooperating fully with the investigation. He took a field sobriety test which he passed, the gave blood for further testing at a local hospital. Jenner maintains he was not drinking at the time of the accident, and that he was not using his cell phone. Police have now collected phone logs for each person involved in the accident to see if cell phones played a role in the accident.

According to sources, paparazzi where following Jenner, but there is nothing to indicate he was trying to outrun them, and police believe they were not a factor in the accident.

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