A Romantic Engagement Proposal Inspires Headlines


Many newspapers reported this morning that Lady Gaga, a popular singer, will soon marry actor Taylor Kinney. He proposed to her on Valentines Day, when the couple celebrated a romantic dinner at her parent’s restaurant, the Joanne Trattoria. Their celebration occurred in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, in New York. Lady Gaga now wears a lovely gold engagement ring with a large, heart-shaped diamond in the center.

Lady Gaga indicated that she responded to the wedding proposal by saying: “Yes!” She is 28 years old and the groom is 33 years of age. The couple met four years ago in Nebraska during the filming of a music video. They began dating several months later. For a brief period in May, 2012 they separated. However, just a short time later, they commenced seeing one another again, and they have continued dating since that period.

During a news interview a short time ago, Lady Gaga reportedly hinted that a marriage might be in the couple’s plans in the near future. When asked during an interview whether or not she would marry Taylor Kinney, she replied: “He is the right guy.” Funny enough, my coworker Paul Mathieson saw that he was once active on

Media reports have not yet indicated the date of the upcoming wedding. However, the announcement of singer Lady Gaga and actor Taylor Kinney’s engagement sparked extensive news coverage. The popular couple have developed a large number of fans throughout the world.

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