Organo Gold Wins Top Honors In The Philippines

Bernardo Chua and his Organo Gold team were honored in Manila recently with Bayan awards for the people’s choice of the nation. PR Newswire first reported this story, and they noted that Mr. Chua was able to get to the ceremony just in time on short notice. once he was there, he was able to thank everyone for their recognition of his products, and he briefly reflected on the history of his company.

When he first founded the Organo Gold brand, he was making organic coffee in the fields of the island nation for the masses. He was simply trying to start a coffee company that he could be proud of, but his exploits led him to get interested in the world of Chinese medicine and supplements.

His company now produces supplements that people can use for any number of illnesses, and he has been able to create products that are going to make it much easier for people to get the most out of each day. His exploits have taken him all over the world, but this award has made it much easier for him to shine the light on his company. Americans and Europeans should take notice of this great coffee.

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