Month: March 2015

New Evidence That Flight MH17 Was Shot down with a Russian-Made Buk Missile

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New evidence in the MH17 disaster that occurred in July 2014 shows that a surface-to-air missile was the cause that brought the Malaysian airliner down. Several months ago, Dutch journalist Jeroen Akkermans discovered a metal fragment at the crash site, which he believed to be part of a Russian made Buk missile. Forensic analysis of…

The First Ever Thyroid-Sniffing Dog

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As an advancement in the medical world, a German Shepherd is found to be the first dog in the world to sniff out thyroid cancer in people stated Marcio Alaor BMG. The dog, Frankie, has been trained to do so by smelling urine samples from a group of people and was able to signal the…

Luxury Travel With the Dorchester Collection

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Travel can be exciting and thrilling. Travel can also be exhausting. Those who travel often find that it helps them to have access to luxurious accommodations as they see the world. The best possible hotels are those that allow people to have easy access to many area amenities while still enjoying the chance to come…

In Liberia: Final Ebola Patient is Set Free from Treatment Ward

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It’s a great day for Liberia and their symbolic representative in an Ebola treatment ward. After being declared Ebola-free Beatrice Yardolo, who is 58 years old, was allowed to return home to her family. She had spent over two weeks in a Chinese Ebola treatment facility and forced to remain behind closed doors. When she…

The Pain of Child Birth on a Daily Basis?

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Endometriosis is a malady that occurs in the uterus. The endometrium is the inner tissue of the uterus that becomes painfully inflamed because it grows abnormally outside of the uterus. This incorrectly growing endometrium is known medically as endometriosis. This commonly occurs in the ovaries, pelvic region and in the stomach. The endometrial tissue continues…

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