In Liberia: Final Ebola Patient is Set Free from Treatment Ward

It’s a great day for Liberia and their symbolic representative in an Ebola treatment ward. After being declared Ebola-free Beatrice Yardolo, who is 58 years old, was allowed to return home to her family. She had spent over two weeks in a Chinese Ebola treatment facility and forced to remain behind closed doors.

When she saw her husband again, she was seen dancing and singing in front of her admiring husband (who cried from the overwhelmingly joyful experience). He told ABC News that his happiness was what caused a sense of overwhelm that lead to the tears.

The story of the Yardolo family has been widely publicized. Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG says the family ended catching the deadly virus from their son who was working for the victims’ recovery unit in an Ebola treatment clinic. Unfortunately, Marcos Assi had to report that three of their children passed away in January and February due to the virus. When Yardolo’s foster daughter finally died, she decided to have herself checkout for symptoms. When she checked into a treatment facility, she had no idea she would spend so long in “virtual captivity.” However, she has admitted that her life was saved a result of receiving treatment.

Her children were crying for her to stay, according to Yardolo, but she knew that she had to make a difficult, but correct choice. Africans are rejoicing for the country of Liberia today and treating it as a sign of coming out of the valley of Ebola’s devastation.

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