The First Ever Thyroid-Sniffing Dog

As an advancement in the medical world, a German Shepherd is found to be the first dog in the world to sniff out thyroid cancer in people stated Marcio Alaor BMG. The dog, Frankie, has been trained to do so by smelling urine samples from a group of people and was able to signal the officials correctly with 30 positive samples for that kind of cancer. He only missed 4 of them, although that does give him a 88% success rate which is great.

According to an article found on reddit and written by, Frankie is the first dog to be able to detect thyroid cancer, and when he doesn’t detect it he immediately turns away from the sample. Even if he isn’t at 100% yet, being able to detect many of the thyroid cancer patients as positive is a tremendous start. This gives scientists and dog trainers hope that there can be others like Frankie, as their noses as much more sensitive compared to the human nose.

Dogs are trained to find a variety of things from TNT, to bombs, and even various kinds of diseases. More than ever dogs are becoming such a viable resource to the medical field (and law enforcement) that it is a wonder what they will learn to do next. The partnership with human and dog is one of the oldest in history, and it’s great that we have found a way to communicate.

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