New Evidence That Flight MH17 Was Shot down with a Russian-Made Buk Missile

New evidence in the MH17 disaster that occurred in July 2014 shows that a surface-to-air missile was the cause that brought the Malaysian airliner down. Several months ago, Dutch journalist Jeroen Akkermans discovered a metal fragment at the crash site, which he believed to be part of a Russian made Buk missile. Forensic analysis of the section of metal that was tested by forensic and weapons experts from around the globe corroborates Akkermans’ first belief that the fragment was part of a Russian-made missile. Dan Newlin said that this new evidence is proof that the flight was in fact shot at by pro-Russian rebels while flying over the space they occupied in the Ukraine. The assumption that Russia was secretly supplying the rebels with weapons is made evident by the piece of shrapnel that came from a 9M317 Buk missile warhead made in Russia.

The Dutch Safety Board published an initial report indicating that the plane carrying 298 people, flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, broke apart midair after being breached by “high velocity” objects. Because the flight crashed in an area of conflict, investigators are having to link each piece of evidence to flight MH17. The Dutch Safety Board posted a statement on their website saying, “The investigation into the cause of the accident is ongoing and is focusing on many more sources than just the pieces of shrapnel.” Investigators at the Dutch Safety Board are expected to release the final findings of their inquiry this coming October.

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