Robin Williams Doesn’t Want His Image Used In Advertising Or In Future Movies

Christian Broda said that most of us can’t get enough of Robin William’s creative genius. Williams is one of the greatest actors to perform on the big screen, and his comedic genius rivals any of the great comedians that went before him. Robin was a complex individual. Like all of us, he had mood swings, temper tantrums, and addictive tendencies, but we accepted his flaws and celebrated his greatness.

Robin doesn’t want his image used to promote material things or movies now that he’s gone, and he made sure we couldn’t. Williams created an unique legal paper that says his image can’t be used in advertising or in future film projects for the next 25 years. He decided to sign that legal document in order to protect his estate from future tax liabilities. The document clearly states that all rights to his image are the property of the Windfall Foundation, but they cannot be used until 2039. That means his voice, name, signature and likeness are protected by this unique legal document.

Williams decided that he didn’t want his estate to be trapped in a black hole of taxes. Michael Jackson’s estate owed $853 million in taxes and penalties from publicity rights, and Robin didn’t want that to happen to his estate.

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